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Past News | December 2017

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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December 2017

    Sunday, December 31, 2017

Retrospective 2017
Posted by: Vini -- 7:00 PM EST
We are back with the Retrospective of the year in Nexus TK, after a long break. The last one was in 2013, in 2016 which was very good year for Nexus I started writing one, but never finished or published it, but now I'm very happy to announce the 2017 edition of this traditional recap of the main news of our beloved realm.

This was a great year for the Kingdoms of the Winds, one of the best of the decade and with a many possibilities and expectations for what is to arrive next. Against all odds the game continues expanding and re-inventing itself, with new features and stories that are compelling, engaging and full of surprises. If you haven't been around the whole year, read below to catch up and if you have, enjoy this recap made especially for those who liked having retrospective posts in the past.

  • Default login location changed from clan halls to inns/subpath circles.
  • New peasants gained option of choosing old tutorial system, going to Tangun or skipping both
  • New Patch adds new options to swap F1 & shift+F1 and ands orb/spell target share toggle option.
  • Kingdoms and Wilderness servers been merged into one; events and games server were merged as well
  • Belladonna stepped down from 4th primogen term and appointed Guotie as primogen of Forsaken
  • Muses gained ability summon goat mounts
  • RebelMagic stepped down from Destiny clan to Kalique, who continues as current primogen
  • Reanalla passed the leadership of SanSin clan to Chikage, who also continues as current primogen

  • Free to play extended to level 98 and minimum level to trade exp for stats was changed to 99
  • Group exp distribution was adjusted, in an attempt to fight off leeching, but made many regular hunters unhappy
  • Keep a copy of sent mail been added
  • Group member HP/Mana status bars became visible each group member
  • Valentine's Event had community helping the star-crossed lovers BingSu and SuBing tie the knot
  • Minor quests were limited to 1 per 12 hours, previously it had been in per 21 hours and they now give daily coins
  • Default portrait pictures have been fixed
  • Runai stepped down after years and appointed Maevalia as new elder of Geomancers, she continues as current Elder

  • Game Patch made Unregistered characters have green names on status profile
  • New balancer mantles were introduced and can reduce stats by 25%, 50% or 75%
  • Merchant Huntyr passed away, community made multiple homages to the lost friend
  • Door stepped down from Silla and appointed Arkanis as new primogen

  • Some controversy was brought up about who is the mother of Sutsang, the Princess of Nagnang; King ChaeRi has not addressed the situation and her identity is still a mystery
  • Sam San trial changed to require 5 wins in each carnage, instead of 15, and total of 60 carnage wins of any combination
  • Snow Fury battle game was added permanently
  • Sea Nymph was summoned by Oceana clan to help cleanse the kingdom waters
  • Temporary Orb was added to help Il san people to complete culture trial faster, by allowing them to conclude that trial at Expert instead of master; such option is no longer available
  • Neji stepped down from Nagnang Army and appointed Ferro as Nagnang General
  • Sparticus has been elected Phoenix primogen

  • Sea Nymph announced that she was successful in cleansing the waters with the help of the community
  • Group exp. distribution was adjusted again
  • Exp of some Gogoon caves like Bird 3 and Turtle 3 have been adjusted
  • First Tri-Kingdom Relay Race was held; Koguryo won
  • A Bug with Valentine's event had to have the event re-introduced

  • After years opposing the Nagnang Royalty, Blight turned himself him after the attack that lead to Hawkmori's escape years ago and was given a trial; Blight was sentenced to death, but in an act of mercy King ChaeRi pardoned his enemy and won the respect of Forsaken Clan; Blight begged forgiveness and pledged his loyalty to the King then posted a huge letter explaining his motives
  • A Fair was held at Nagnang Fairgrounds
  • Mini quest for heart pendant necklace was temporary re-introduced
  • More adjustments to Gogoon caves
  • Alilana Grande item was introduced to daily coins rewards - it boosts your experience rate and Crafting success rate by 2x for 8 hours
  • Nagnang Defenders ceremony held

  • Nexus 19th Anniversary celebration was held; YeoAhHopBeunze wisdom clothes were discovered; wisdom star held
  • A minor quest run was held allowing people to do 50 quests per day, but only 2 would give daily coins
  • Further group exp. distribution was done to favor lower stat players
  • Soldiers of Malgalod attacked the three-kingdoms lead by a spirit who possessed Shaman Koohwen's body; Koohwen was captured questioned and neutralized
  • PyroAce stepped down and appointed Vini to be new leader of Chongun, Vini continues as current elder
  • Owym also stepped down from eldership, appointing Sarphendon to lead the Do, Sarphendon continues as current elder
  • The season of new elders closed this month with Reikai stepping down and appointing Sayako to lead Shamans; Sayako had then to step down from Buya Minister and appointed Junes to be the Head of IMB; both continue on their roles currently
  • The last of the leadership changes of the month was at Forsaken clan, Guotie stepped down after 6 months leading the clan and appointed Sieo to lead The Forsaken

  • Iron Hands Dungeon was made available for a re-run in slightly different form, but the goal to free Asmodis continued and the weapon prizes too
  • Diviners held Festival of Truth
  • Audio stepped down from Viper Clan and appointed Beulah to lead the clan; Beulah continues as current Primogen
  • Ecnor stepped down from Enigma clan and appointed Eggs as Primogen
  • LostWind stepped down and gave leadership of Barbarians back to Skogul; she continues as current Elder
  • After 4 months leading Nagnang Army, Ferro stepped down and appointed Thameus as new Nagnang General; Thameus continues as current General

  • Reset was done to implement features to test first of raid caves which was described as a new hunting form for clans, armies, ministries and subpaths to adventure
  • Mayor Teikari posted a plea for help to find some missing townspeople of Kinung; a scouting mission led by Chonguns and Rangers searched through Kinung and found they were kidnapped by ogres and taken as slaves to the forest west of wilderness
  • Ogre hordes attacked Kinung
  • New hunting area called Logging Campground was found (first raid cave), community was able to fight back the ogres kidnapping humans and that attacked Kinung
  • After community started attacking the ogresí campground they stroke back and took over Tangun; community fought back but wasn't able to contain all ogres and the leader of the ogre horde, Cazell, has declared victory in conquering Tangun
  • The following day after Tangun was taken a Chongun mission was held to liberate the town from Ogre forces
  • Cazell led then attacks to Koguryo and Buya showing his face for the first time in Nexus history, messages were intercepted from ogres, which showed Cazell was communicating with Pirates of Xiou crew (former Bluestone crew)
  • After two consecutive battle losses, ogres invade Nagnang Palace and while were being fought off, they kidnapped Princess Sutsang; the community joined forces and next day found where Sutsang was being held: the mining Pirate Island (water jewel quest); a huge battle against ogres and pirates was held and Cazell was found conspiring with Torus; Princess Sutsang was thrown in the abyss, but was saved by Providence that emerged after Arkanis jumped to save the Princess; with their leverage gone Torus escaped and Cazell tried to fight his way out but was defeated by community; he promised revenge one day
  • Lizette stepped down from Alizarin clan and appointed Dee as new leader; Dee continues as current Primogen
  • Lost Kingdom clan elected Bread as their new Primogen
  • Eggs stepped down from Enigma clan after a month and appointed ShadoMagic to lead the clan; ShadoMagi continues as current Primogen
  • Kittie stepped down from Rangers and appointed Kose as their new leader; Kose continues as current Ranger Elder
  • TheSavior stepped down from Oceana and appointed IcePixy as new leader of the clan; IcePixy continues as current Oceana Primogen

  • After the attacks of the ogres Nagnang General Thameus ordered the Nagnang Guard to occupy Kinung town and was claiming it would be annexed to Nagnang kingdom by force and tried to remove Mayor Teikari by force; Councilors of Kinung like JooChan, Mihi and Omyer were opposing that and the Chonguns stepped in to defend the freedom of choice of Kinung citizens; situation created a tension between two allied forces that were on edge of going to war
  • As the tensions between Nagnang Guard and the Chongunate raised to the limit, it escalated to another level as Queen Lasahn of Buya called out King ChaeRi of Nagnang for him allowing his General to do that; tensions grew up to getting King M'hul involved and tension between kingdoms left them at brink of war; a tri-kingdom summit was held at Kinung organized by Mayor Teikari and the three royals committed to non-interference in the free town
  • Koguryo Defender ceremony was held
  • Halloween Event brought the opportunity to collect costumes and donate them to prove adoration for an animal; a new area south of Nagnang was opened with Nagnang shore, Nagnang Farms and Nagnang Haunted House where the spooked ghosts were this year
  • After 6 months Arkanis stepped down and appointed Toxick as new primogen of Silla clan; Toxick continues as current Primogen
  • LinuxKiddy stepped down from Tiger clan and appointed Shadowlands as their new primogen; she continues as the current one
  • After years leading K'urimja clan, Hira stepped down and appointed IceDFire as their new leader; IceDFire continues as current primogen

  • A wounded man called Ottong came from a small town in Shilla asking for help, their town had been attacked by undead corpes called Kangsee/Gangshi
  • Koguryo Crypts, Wilderness Graveyard, Buya Catacombs and Nagnang Burial Ground also started seeing Kangsee emerge from the graves
  • Community was able to venture through Nagnang Gorge, pass through Pae River and visited Changmu, a town in calamity state that was forsaken by Shilla King and left to their own fate; their main event of the year called Hangawi Festival had been a disaster due to monsters
  • Community helped investigate who stole the burial records of Changmu Cemetery and gave to a necromancer; although some people worked to empower the mysterious necromancer, majority of the community worked to weaken the necromancer and the Kangsee were gone
  • Moon daggers, silver talismans and other event items were introduced with event that have huge participation of subpaths
  • A Privateer's crew has shipwrecked near Nagnang shores and since their captain decided to stay in the ship (and died) the rest of their crew was asking for community help to gather wood to fix their ship and grab the loose turkey that they were taking as merchandise to Han; Thanksgiving event introduced possibility to reward others with experience tokens, but that was removed afterwards due to abuse of a few people
  • After 7 months Sparticus stepped down and appointed Bloodangl to be the new leader of Phoenix clan; Bloodangl continues as current Primogen
  • Savannah also stepped down from Heavens clan and gave the reigns of Primogen to her husband Sadiq who continues as current Primogen
  • After 4 months Sieo stepped down from Forsaken clan and appointed Wulfie to be their new leader; Wulfie continues as current primogen

  • A new legend was discovered on Legend scroll bought from the libraries, mentions the story of Samjok-o, a three-legged bird that is linked to the foundation of Koguryo and the myth of Jumong's birth (founder of Koguryo)
  • Royal Santa's Cause event (formerly Santa Mhul event) was held once more this year
  • Winter Wonderland event was made available again, a re-run is available for everyone, including those who have done it last year and an expansion to the event was promised
  • After 7 years leading the Druids, Foxfire has stepped down and appointed Jisong as the new elder of the subpath; Jisong obviously continues as current Druid elder since this shift occurred 4 days ago

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 92, Moon 12~

  •     Friday, December 29, 2017

    Winter Wonderland Repost
    Posted by: Ferro -- 12:43 AM EST
    The following is a repost of last year's Winter Wonderland walkthrough. It should still be accurate. Without further ado, here it is.

    We received a reset, bringing an all-new winter wonderland with it. To access it, go to any inn and wait in one in the beds. In a short while, you will be warped to the Winter Wonderland. We will keep you posted as the wonderland is explored.

    So far people have been able to obtain three new legend marks from the event (two sets):

    The way to obtain them is described on the walk-through below. Here's a list of the quests available:
    Living Gift Quest
    BingSu's Quest
    Disgrunted disbeliever's Quest
    Librarian Lancin's Quest
    SuBing's Quest
    Mr Cold Bones' Quest
    Lonely Baker's Quest

    Living Gift Quest

    1) Go to Delightful Tent and enter it ((72,18) on the main map).

    2) Inside, go to (8, 12) and click Living Gift. Click through all the dialogues and you will receive 5 Special Gifts.

    3) Go out and find other players to give the gifts to. Face them and use the gift to give it away. Give away all of them. Note: give at least one gift to the Jellypod if you want the other legend mark.

    4) Return to Living Gift and click through all the dialogue. You will receive a legend mark saying "Dreamed of joy and wonder (Hyul 84, Fall)". Note: you will have the option of receiving the legend mark "Dreamed of sorrow and discord (Hyul 84, Fall)" instead if you gave at least one gift to the Jellypod.

    Reward: - OR -

    BingSu's Quest

    1) Go to BingSu's Warm Tent and enter it ((49,18) on the main map).

    2) Click BingSu. Click through all the dialogue and agree to help. BingSu will ask for 5 Holiday Cloths.

    3) Go to Wonderland Caverns and collect 5 Holiday Cloths from the mobs inside.

    4) Return to BingSu and click through the dialogue again to receive a Northern Sparkle. It is some kind of mantle.

    Disgrunted disbeliever's Quest

    1) Go to Unhappy Tent and enter it ((15,36) on the main map).

    2) Click Disgrunted disbeliever. Click through all the dialogue and tell them to come with you. You will receive a Disbeliever's hat.

    3) Go to Northern Lights and enter it ((61,5) on the main map).

    4) Walk around until you get a popup(A time sensitive popup that only pops up at 1/3/5/7/9/11 in game time. Also can't be given when on a mount.) and click through all the dialogue. The stairs seem to a good area to get it. You will receive a Staff of Ice. It appears to be a 2-handed staff that you can wield.


    Librarian Lancin's Quest

    1) Go to Polar Reads and enter it ((68,44) on the main map).

    2) Click Librarian Lancin. Click through all the dialogue.

    3) Gather 5 Snowflakes, 5 Snow angels, 5 Blue stardrops, 5 Red stardrops, 5 Yellow stardrops, 5 Green Stardrops, and 5 Purple stardrops. These can be found all over the main map, either on the floor or from item drops.

    4) Return to Librarian Lancin and click through all the dialogue again. You will receive a Wonderland mantle.


    SuBing's Quest

    1) Go to Polar Reads and enter it ((68,44) on the main map).

    2) Go to (18, 8) and click SuBing. Click through all the dialogue and agree to help. You will receive a Detailed Dress requirements.

    3) Go to Wonderland Caverns and enter it ((19,43) on the main map). Walk to (15, 10). Kill the targetable plants in the vicinity and collect 5 Starlights from them.

    4) Go to Home of the White Witch and enter it ((76,61) on the main map). Go to (13, 7) and say tamed winds. Click through all the dialogue and agree to help. You will receive Super Hot Cocoa. Go to (40, 11) on the main map. You will receive Grin Dye. Return to the White Witch and say tamed winds. Click through the dialogue. You will receive a Tamed wind.

    5) Find a Fern branch somewhere on the main map, and go to Tiny house and enter it ((121,29) on the main map; use the path at (117,33) to get into the valley). Click Small Wonder inside. Click through all the dialogue to receive a Fern extract.

    6) Go to (107, 56) on the main map. Walk to (96, 36). Walk up to a Sugarplum faerie. Click them. You will receive a Sugar plum. Do this 3 times so you will have 3 Sugar plums.

    7) Go to Fine Smithings and enter it ((65,51) on the main map). Click Tink Pae and buy a Steel wire.

    8) Go to Fancy Stitch and enter it ((50,44) on the main map). Click ShiShi. Click through all the dialogues. Go to Toasty Eats and enter it ((53,51) on the main map). Click Canolly and buy a Hot cocoa. Return to ShiShi and click through all the dialogues again. You will receive ShiShi's note.

    9) Return to SuBing and click through all the dialogues. You will receive Outfit specifications.

    10) Return to ShiShi and click through all the dialogues. Go to Toasty Eats and enter it ((53,51) on the main map). Click Canolly and buy a Hot cocoa. Return to ShiShi and click through all the dialogues again.

    11) Return after 30 minutes to receive a Wonderland suit or Wonderland coat.

    Mr Cold Bones' Quest

    1) Go to Cozy Abode and enter it ((17,7) on the main map).

    2) Click Mr Cold Bones. Click through all the dialogues and agree to help.

    3) Gather a Santa's hat, Santa's mittens, Santa's boots, and Santa's suit. These can be found all over the main map, either on the floor or from item drops.

    4) Return to Mr Cold Bones. Click through all the dialogues. You will receive a legend mark saying "Brought warmth to Cold Bones (Hyul 84, Fall)".


    Lonely Baker's Quest

    1) Go to Icy House and enter it ((9,61) on the main map).

    2) Walk to (8,8) and click Lonely baker. Click through all the dialogues. You will receive a Bakers Net.

    3) Wield the Bakers Net and kill 5 Gingerbread men with the Bakers Net on the main map.

    4) Return to Lonely baker. Click through all the dialogues. You will receive a Bakers cake, which restores full vita/mana and can be used once a day.

    There is an expansion for the event coming soon. It is unknown when.
    This post has been updated from the original one in 2016, with new images and information (added by Vini), so use this one moving forward.

        Wednesday, December 27, 2017

    The longest Eldership has come to an end & the New Elder of Druids
    Posted by: Vini -- 9:50 PM EST
    Today was a historic day for Nexus as this was the day in which ended the longest eldership of the realm. Today was the day when Elder Foxfire chose to step down after 61 hyuls ((7 years and almost 9 months)) leading their subpath. This a historic day as Foxfire was the elder that endured for longest in the position and not just that, she served actively until the last day.

    Now, during her well-earned retirement Foxfire chose to appoint Jisong to be the new leader of the path. Jisong has served as guide twice, first one was back around Yuri 50-70's and second one began couple years ago and continues now in a new shape during his eldership. " I want to thank Foxfire for her incredible devotion to the Druid family during some of the most trying times of the kingdoms. And I hope that I can continue the Druid traditions alive and well", said Elder Jisong.

    Nexus Atlas congratulates Elder Jisong on his new position and thanks Foxfire the amazing service she provided to Druids and Nexus community overall through these years.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 92, Moon 12~

        Sunday, December 24, 2017

    Wisdom Star and Last Chance Santa
    Posted by: Loxie -- 12:09 PM EST
    Last Chance Santa!
    Alilolelotte posted last week about a Bonus Santa Mhul. The snowman will appear at East Kugnae at 5pm pst/8pm est on 12/28. It will only last two hours.

    There was a reset this morning for the Wisdom Star. Wony also posted a message at the end of the announcement to enjoy it, as it may be our last.

    I wonder if it depends on whether or not this one is abused, as the last ones have, or if they've decided to send it away regardless?

        Friday, December 15, 2017

    Royal Santas' Cause - event is starting soon!
    Posted by: Vini -- 6:00 PM EST

    In 1 hour starts again the traditional yearly "Royal Santa's Cause" promoted by the royals of Koguryo, Buya and Nagnang. Although most of the community is well-aware of how these four days of charity works, here is a short guide for the new people:

    Royal Santa's Cause Event:
  • 12/15 - 6:00pm pst - 10:00pm pst (9:00pm est - 1:00am est) - Friday
  • 12/16 - 3:00pm pst - 7:00pm pst (6:00pm est - 10:00pm est) - Saturday
  • 12/17 - 4:00pm pst - 8:00pm pst (7:00pm est - 11:00pm est) - Sunday
    During the times announced, the Royals of the three kingdoms get together in a Holiday Workshop and share gifts with citizens that gather around and come to greet them. Each person ((character)) can only get a present per year and the contents of what is inside the gift boxes are completely random.

    To reach the workshop make sure you have two empty spots in your inventory then talk to the snowmen located close to the kingdoms gates and enter the holidays celebration area (((only available to registered characters)). Such area consists of three rooms. First is the Cold Snowy Maze, where people must walk through narrow corridors and sometimes be greeted by ministry members, soldiers, clan and subpath members who volunteer their time to wish happiness to others. Next, they cross a long field called Frozen Walk and then reach the Holiday Workshop where they can meet with the royals and be awarded a free gift.

    This tradition began years ago as an event organized by Koguryo Ministry known as "Santa Mhul", inspired by celebrations done at the lands far to the west. With the growing popularity of the event it became larger and now is officially held by not just King M'hul, but also by Queen Lasahn of Buya and King ChaeRi of Nagnang as well. The Royal Santa's cause is an event that symbolizes ability to understand and share the feelings of another. The holidays season happens during the Winter Solstice, when the days have less hours of sunlight, to remind us about the importance of empathy even in the darkest hours of humanity. It is a time to let generosity reign and let greed fade aside. If you get a gift that you don't need, a person next to you may be needing it. If you can't give back to the generosity to the Royals during this event, pay it forward.

    Please remember that people are biologically hardwired to perform their best when they are happy. People who are happy, positive and optimistic are more energetic, experience less stress, have less anxiety, can remain calm in high pressure situations, recover from illness faster and live longer. Happiness is contagious, so spread happiness today!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 92, Moon 8~

  • Santa Mhul starts today!
    Posted by: Loxie -- 3:30 PM EST
    What can you expect when participating in Santa Mhul? Here's the lowdown -

    First you'll need to be registered. You can participate on as many characters as you have registered, across however many accounts.

    All gifts are random and can be just about anything. Some items gained from Santa Mhul in the past have been unsigned royal pardons (erases a previous crime), sun armors, zibong rings, and sevenleaf swords. Unfortunately the most likely outcome is less exciting - 95 weapons, star staff, and assorted things you probably have no interest in. If you do get something and you don't know what it is, research the value before you accept a trade for it. Especially in the case of zibong rings.

    These rings are the Bae ring (75 poet), Gi ring (75 mage), Hea ring (warrior 75), Kwong ring (45 rogue), Min ring (75 rogue), Shen ring (Poet 45), Wing ring (45 warrior), and Zhiyuan ring (45 mage).

    After the server reset the snowmen at each of the gates will whisk you away to the santa mhul maze. Run through the end (may want to bring a horse), thank the Royals attending, and open the present you received!

    The event today starts at 6pm PST/9pm EST.

        Monday, December 11, 2017

    Winter Kruna Release!
    Posted by: IcePixy -- 8:06 PM EST
    Early this morning Covergirl surprised us with this winter's fabulous collection!! Literally dozens of various colors, outfits, hair pieces and more to create your perfect Holiday Outfit!

    Don't forget your boots if you purchase a Winter Skirt/Suit and check out CoverGirl's post below as well!

    BOARD TITLE: Item Shop Announcements
    FROM: CoverGirl DATE: 12/11
    SUBJECT: Winter Update

    Hello Kingdoms~

    It is cold! I hope you didn't get a cold, even though I caught one... cough cough

    I know you've been waiting for our winter collection and now the Item Shop is updated. Please find your warm cozy outfits for this winter so you won't catch a cold in the caves out there while you are hunting and adventuring.

    Also we need nice outfits for the upcoming Christmas parties, right? I put Gongju gowns and Waangja garbs, which were very popular last year, and I added some new colors this year. I know some of you like darker colors instead pink :) so I tried to find dark but still nice stylish colors. I hope you like these new colors.

    On your request list, our beautiful long Gathered locks is on top. Here we go~ I put all the Gathered locks with some new colors so please find your favorite colors, and don't send me same request over and over again haha :)

    Thank you for those who always love and support the Item Shop, and I will do my best to keep up with your love!


    Usable Items: (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    In-complete list of what the Winter Gifts Package Offers:

    *Chuba Packages
    *Winter Outfits
    *Starry Gowns/Robes
    *Star Wings
    *Frosty Buddy

    In-complete list of what the Gift Sleigh Package Offers:

    *Winter Fox Mounts
    *Cloud Mounts
    *Rudolph Sleigh Mount
    *Bobcat Mounts
    *Festive Dragon Mount
    *Holiday Earmuff Cap

    In-complete list of what the Santa's Bag Package Offers:

    * Special Holiday Package = Santa hat / Santa Skirt / Santa Coat
    * Peabird Mount Package
    * Peabird Tail Package
    * Atiqik Package
    * Warmers Package
    * Bell Wings Package
    * Archangel Wings Package
    * Frosty Buddy (pet)
    * Rudolph Buddy (pet)

    In-complete list of what the Santa Gift Box Package Offers:

    * Holiday Care Package
    * Scarf Package = (2 items - Various mix & matched colors)
    * Festive pet package
    * Santa Bear Package
    * Santa shimui package

    Weapons: (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    Mounts: (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    Face: (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    Head: (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    Coats: (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    Shoes: (pass the cursor over the image to see Item Details)

    We thank CoverGirl for her efforts this season especially in light of her cold! We hope she feels better in time to meet Santa.

    Also, a huge thank you to everyone that has helped compile the kruna package info!


    Hyul 92, 8th Moon, 8th Sun

    Santa Mhul is this week!
    Posted by: Loxie -- 12:31 PM EST
    It seems like in the hustle and bustle of events the schedule for Santa Mhul was overlooked. Here it is:

    12/15 - 6:00pm pst - 10:00pm pst (9:00pm est - 1:00am est) - Friday

    12/16 - 3:00pm pst - 7:00pm pst (6:00pm est - 10:00pm est) - Saturday

    12/17 - 4:00pm pst - 8:00pm pst (7:00pm est - 11:00pm est) - Sunday

    May the odds be ever in your favor!

        Sunday, December 10, 2017

    Legend of Samjok-o
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:56 PM EST
    There seems to be a new legend on the libraries Legend scroll. Today Arkanis found some of the scrolls laying around on Kugnae West gate and when he opened it, noticed a new legend available with the title "Samjok-o". The legend was posted by a person called Yondung, who signed it as "Spirit Guide". To buy a Legend go to any kingdom library and purchase them for 2,000.

    Check out the copy of the legend post available at the scroll:

    BOARD TITLE: Legend
    FROM: Yondung DATE: 8/9
    SUBJECT: Samjok-o
    Scholars and historians have unfolded some old legends of a celestial black bird known as Samjok-o. The Samjok-o or "Sam-Jok-Oh" is a three-legged crow with golden wings. It is believed to be the only creature in all existence that can enter and reside in the Sun because of its black feathers, while a turtle lived in the moon. Due to its unique powers, Samjok-o was revered by ancient tribes as the one divine being that connects the heavens and the earth. The power of Samjok-o is believed to superior to both Dragons and phoenixes.

    Those legends intertwine with the stories of the foundation of Koguryo, as some believed that Jumong's mother was impregnated by sunlight and gave birth to an egg. Some people believed back then that Jumong had been born with the power of Samjok-o or the protection of it. While the legends show little evidence of its existence, the writings of multiple sources and symbols of the three-legged bird found at Jumong's Tomb can prove otherwise.

    - Yondung
    - Spirit Guide

    Very little is known about the three legged bird and very little could be found about it. So far, we could find the image of the 3 legged bird in Kugnae Tower arena battle rooms. Same symbol can also be found on Bringer Arena from Carnage of Riches.

    As the legend suggest, the legend of the Samjok-o connects with the story of how Jumong was born. For those who don't know about Jumong, he was the father of King Yuri and probably father of Sagu too. He was King M'hul grandfather. So far it is not known where Jumong's tomb is located, but if anyone knows, it is probably MuHyul.

    There isn't much known about Yondung. That's the only mention we could find of him/her. It's the third time the Kingdoms of the Winds hears from a Spirit Guide since the early days. First one was Eldridge who appeared just before the Shattering and disappeared around Yuri 70. Then second one was Abu, who appeared around Hyul 30 and turned out to be a villainous one, who Mug sacrificed to save us from. Now after 60 Hyuls another Spirit Guide seems to be sharing legends of the kingdoms again. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Only time will tell.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 92, Moon 8~

        Saturday, December 9, 2017

    New NA staff and Thanksgiving event "Easter Eggs"
    Posted by: Frenya -- 11:14 PM EST

    I am very happy to announce that I have joined the Nexus Atlas news team as reporter and resident cartographer. These lands are always changing and new areas are always being discovered, I will do my very best to get these places mapped out accurately for ya. Maps are the core of Nexus Atlas after all.

    In addition to that exciting news here are some fun "Easter Eggs" that were hidden in the recent/current Thanksgiving event with the privateers.

  • Quartermaster Blanchet says "we're going to need a bigger boat" a subtle reference to the movie Jaws, by chief Brody.

  • First Mate Gousqueton says "the mooncake is a lie" a twist on the popular phrase "the cake is a lie" from the game 'Portal'.

  • The Sailing Master Primaud has quite a few depending on how you answer him when he asks where he is. He will say either "I had a feeling we were not in Shilla anymore" or "Our home is the sea and there's no place like home" both Wizard of Oz references.

  • The Sailing Master also says "This is your fault. I'm going to kill you. All the mooncake is gone" as well as "You don't even care, do you?" some fun Portal 2 (video game) references.

  • Boatswain Mazin says "I hope they die of dysentery" hmm this one feels like a vague reference to the game Oregon Trail "You have died of dysentery"or perhaps I am way off in looking for Easter Eggs.

    Also, for those of you who noticed the name of the privateers is bolded and underlined? Well, that's because their names also hide easter eggs too. Blanchet, Gousqueton, Primaud and Mazin are names inspired by Planchet, Mousqueton, Grimaud and Bazin (shifting the first letter of each name) who were servants of the Musketeers in the novel by Alexandre Dumas. Mursketeers -> privateers, get the reference?

    Were you able to find more? Let us know!

    Till next time,


  •     Friday, December 1, 2017

    Server Reset - Halloween Event Ends
    Posted by: Vini -- 8:41 AM EST
    Earlier this morning the Nexus servers were reset and removed both versions of Halloween event:
  • the trick or treat + costume collection quest
  • Kangsee from cemeteries + Changmu Town + Turtle Shell Cave

    This means that people can no longer enter Nagnang Haunted House nor visit the Road to Shilla anymore. However, the outside area of Nagnang Haunted House remained, as well as the Nagnang Gorge and Pae River. Hopefully they might end up becoming permanent additions.

    Also, it seems that Thanksgiving message now sends a thankful note instead of the token. Which has same spirit of thanking a person, but without the exp part.
    BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
    FROM: NexusTK DATE: 12/1
    SUBJECT: Quick Reset - Dec. 1st, 2017

    - Trick or Treat and Halloween event closed. (Some event item will be removed later on)

    - Thankful token has been replaced with Thankful note. Thankful note does not give out Exp. (Please see Wony's Rambling Thoughts post #178

    The Thanksgiving quests continue available so people who are aiming to become legendary turkey hunters 500+ can still work on their caged turkeys for a while longer.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 92, Moon 5~