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Past News | March 2010

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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March 2010

    Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Increasing Conflict and Unexpected Guests
Posted by: Riadora -- 5:19 AM EST
Conflicts continued in Kinung earlier tonight when Shaman who were visiting the town were confronted by MiHi. She demonstrated some magic on one member of the audience after he threw a rock and a shoving match between herself and a barbarian ensued. The debate continued with the Buyian minister becoming involved and MiHi declaring both her, and the Shaman to be aiding Mupa. Once tempers settled some, and, after some prodding, MiHi began to explain where she was from before Mayor Cheyn joined her.

The Mayor and MiHi had a discussion with the remaining guests regarding the Shaman conflict before more shaman, including Councilor Izabella, and a representative from the Buya Ministry, Triantos, were asked to leave. Cheyn retired for the evening after promising information about a public forum in the near future. Despite attempts to calm the situation down, tempers were still high and some went as far as setting parts of the town on fire. While order was restored quickly, and the fires put out by onlookers, an unexpected guest made his way to Kinung for tea. Captain Kirriin, with newly acquired senior deckhands Aquairus and Wreckinghand, with aid from Musoyen and Dolo, arrived in Kinung to have tea and drinks with MiHi.

MiHi showed the Captain around Kinung and, once in the tavern, he told tales of killing sea witches and saving his ship. The Captain and MiHi eventually sought entertainment in the Muse Garden where muses Skum and Loxie performed before Captain Kirriin and his new crew joined in on the performances. After a long night of chasing treasure, tea sipping, and dancing the Captain returned to his ship and MiHi returned to Kinung.

Mayor Cheyn has declared, in a posting on Chronicles of the Winds, that the town meeting will be held soon. ((March 31st, 11 pm est, 8 pm pst))


    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NexusTK Newsletter: The Gogoon Island
Posted by: Musoyen -- 5:24 PM EST
Today mug sent out a newsletter to all registered players and to those who are subscribed to the mailzine. It is an in depth guide as to what you can soon expect to see as Gogoon is released.

The heroes of the Kingdom of Winds shall experience new adventures as a mysterious archipelago is explored across the sea. Embark upon the Hanseong and join Captain Kirriin and his crew of seadogs as they depart to the vast and dangerous areas around the island of Gogoon.

Property of Rahiti Gogoon, patriarch of Gogoon family, this beautiful retreat is also home of Maata tribe and hazardous native creatures yet unseen by the citizens of the three kingdoms. From rhinos to overgrown pigeons, the Gogoon Island reserve mysteries that will take skill and wisdom to unveil all the secrets the isle hides.
After months of hard work and dedication, Mug is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Gogoon Island. A combination of quests, hunting zones, countless items and scenery the like of which Nexus has never seen before.
There have been whispers on the winds and assurances from above, so now it is with great pride that Mug can finally bring Gogoon and its unique inhabitants to the community of Nexus: a tropical paradise where not all is as it seems, with many inhabitants in need of the players’ aid, cunning and resources in order to survive a very real impending menace.
Enjoy the scenery and exploration as the island brings places and features not yet seen in the history of the winds. Are you ready for new quests? Come venture the lands of Gogoon and hear about the different stories that wait for you.

The history of Gogoon
Waves lapped around Rahiti's ankles as he gazed out to sea; far upon the horizon the fleeting silhouette of The Hanseong could be seen with her sails at full mast and an entourage of sea gulls swarming in her wake.
For some time now the pirates had been coming to Gogoon, they'd always kept to their own island in the past, but recently things had changed, and as the village elder squinted at the ever smaller ship in the distance.... he realized that even greater change was on the way.

He turned and walked along the beach, small creatures skittered out of his path and sea grasses swayed to the rhythm of the waves, this was a paradise.. his paradise.

His family had founded it long ago and while it wasn't grand by any standards, the village had grown into a community founded on hard work and good living.

He gazed proudly upon his home, the wood and vine fashioned huts were simple yet handsome in appearance, daubed with the symbols of tradition and the trappings of each member who dwelled within.

As Rahiti got closer to the village he could make out the noises of daily life in the distance, Aiata the village chef could be heard banging a pot to announce that it was lunch, while from an isolated hut the whirring of Heimana's spirit rattle rang out as she engaged in another of her ceremonies. In the distance he was sure he could hear his daughter Didyme squabbling with her brother Eumolpus, followed by a sharp scolding from his wife Orama.

He smiled as he saw Yaqub sneak away from his post, doubtless to some tryst with the chieftain's daughter Temanava. Of course if chief Tahiki ever found out that one of his guards was consorting with his daughter, he would be furious.

It seemed like any other day within the village of Gogoon and yet there was an undercurrent of worry in the faces of the people, an unspoken concern which Rahiti knew from experience to be the specter of change.

The pirates hadn't been what people so often expected; these weren't mean brutes or thuggish seadogs, and instead they had been honest and helpful. Providing news of foreign lands and even helping to trade goods and supplies with the village. Rahiti smiled as he tossed a strange green stone up in the air. He'd never heard of an "amber" before; the captain had gifted it to him, told him it had come from "Koguryo".

That was when the wheels of change began to move in earnest; curiosity had come to Gogoon for the first time in many years, and now everyone was interested as to what the Hanseong might sail back with next. Such is the reason why an agreement had been made between the village and the pirates. For the first time since the island was founded, visitors would be allowed to come to Gogoon. They had not reached this agreement lightly, for several nights Rahiti had argued with chief Tahaki about how the island needed help in order to survive, but Tahaki would always counter that the island had enough problems of its own without more strangers walking around.

Certainly Gogoon had it's trouble, children were told if they didn't sleep at night then the evil warlord from the nearby island would get them. Rahiti knew this to be no tale, and it was common knowledge that the village relied on local mercenaries and pirates to protect it from invasion. Lately though, the Warlord's minions had been growing in strength and although it was rumored that he still slept in an endless slumber, the black smoke and rumbling in the night from the nearby island, weighed heavily upon the villagers' minds.

As he passed through the gate of the village palisade, Rahiti Gogoon knew that change was a part of life for these villagers. Many were refugees who'd been orphaned by the tyranny that went on at the neighboring islands, and they were strong and resilient and they worked hard by day and danced long through the night.

They'd made their home here, through adversity and sadness and were scared of the world beyond their shores, a world that had only held pain and suffering for them in the past. Some of the older generation still recalled the devastation caused from the last time that the Warlord awoke.

He took one last look back into a now empty horizon.

Now the world was coming to them. Perhaps this would be a change for the best.

Features included in the new update..

  • 7 unique, aesthetically pleasing and entirely new huntable areas

  • 50+ new quests for the community to get involved with, expanding upon the new areas and inhabitants within Gogoon

  • 100+ new items, adding a greater level of depth and functionality

  • New interactive merchants

  • New areas with unique graphics and dozens of immersive stories to unveil

  • Brand new musical symphonies unique to the isle of Gogoon

  • A revamped creation system that allows players to experience many new recipes

  • New crafting abilities for Woodcutters, Food preps, Cooks, Miners, Farmers, Smelters, Weavers and Gemmers

  • An upcoming redesigned group tab, now featuring a mana bar

    Wow! Amazing! Soon we will all get to experience all of this and even more. Mug has surpassed my expectations and I am sure many others. As I said before, if you see mug, be sure to throw him a quick thank you or good job.

    Hope to see you all on the island of Gogoon very soon!


  • Kinung and Shaman - Potential Conflict?
    Posted by: Riadora -- 3:20 AM EST
    Earlier tonight, MiHi entered the Valley of the Mudang and the hostilities between the Shaman and herself intensified. Words were exchanged and, after a heated discussion, MiHi was eventually thrown out the Valley. This dispute originated over a visit from Mayor Cheyn and MiHi to the Shaman, and the subsequent visit the Shaman paid to the couple's wedding. While the argument continued, Elder Humma suggested a meeting between himself and Mayor Cheyn. Cheyn then made his way with the Kinung Councilors to discuss the possibility of peace between MiHi, Kinung, and the Shaman. However, after tensions mounted and words became heated, the Mayor and councilors were once again asked to leave.

    The community discussed some of the dispute between MiHi and the Shaman at Eastern Koguryo. With the community taking both Cheyn (and by virtue MiHi's) and the Shaman's sides, this debate seems long from settled. Clear differences seem to have been foraged between Kinung and the Shaman after tonight's events, but as to what can be expected next, it is anyone's guess.

    Also, I will be joining the Nexus Atlas staff as a reporter, and I look forward to writing for all of you.


        Saturday, March 27, 2010

    New Kruna items available
    Posted by: Vini -- 6:06 PM EST
    A huge list of new items has been added to Nexus yesterday through the Kruna shop. This update could be considered one of the biggest updates for the shop, since it added over 250 new items, through out the many color combinations. Here's the new graphics that were released to Nexus as of yesterday evening:

  • Head accessories:
    Bunny muffs = 16 colors
    Baby chick = 15 colors
    Pinwheel = 8 colors

  • Wigs (head accessories):
    Dainty bonnet = 13 colors
    Fluffed feather = 23 colors
    Ethereal twist = 26 colors
    Chopsticks = 20 colors
    Tousled cut = 22 colors
    Hair cap = 11 colors
    Ethereal tie = 22 colors
    Baeja Knob = 20 colors

  • Coats:
    Dainty dress = 7 colors
    Ethereal gown = 26 colors
    Dangui coat = 12 colors
    Dapper suit = 5 colors
    Ethereal garb = 22 colors
    Baeja coat = 13 colors

    In addition to the dozens of Spring graphics, a few older bunny ears have been brought back to celebrate easter next week.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 30, Moon 11~

  •     Friday, March 26, 2010

    Server reset today!
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 2:31 PM EST
    Today mug did a few updates which should hold everyone over until his big release which should be very soon! Many players were asking for something to hold them over and mug answered their calls with the latest reset. He has been working extremely hard so if you happen to see mug sometime this week be sure to throw him a compliment, he deserves it!

    With the stars aligned just right, the wisdom star has come into effect and there is a 25% bonus in experience. This will last until Monday, in which the astronomer's believe the wisdom star will become dull and pass once again.

    Easter event is here with a strange quickly passing Wisdom Star.

    Workings for new area:
    Fixed the Silver thread issue, Gateway, typos, minor bugs with the new quest, new items, new merchants, and 2 more quest added.

    Item Shop:
    New Easter and Spring items will be out sometime today.


    Also with Easter Reset, a few items from the Easter events tagged along for the ride.

    Be wary, citizens, for these costumes will eventually be confiscated, and all of the mystical eggs will all eventually be collected. Hurry and begin collecting as soon as possible!

    This is what you look like when dressed in a suit.

    This is what you look like when dancing in a suit.

    Time to play that game when you were a kid, its Easter Egg Hunt Time.

    Information about the Eggs
    Honey-filled eggs :: Whirl-wind
    Creme-filled eggs :: Desperate attack
    White chocolate eggs :: Invoke
    Fruit-filled eggs :: Harden body

    From the desk of,

    Ever wonder what boredom does to some....
    Posted by: AkiKan -- 3:01 AM EST
    Well last night I was standing around Princesss and she had a Golden lantern, so I turned mine, then my Gakusei Aquairus turned his on. We started to light up the East gate of Kugnae. But that wasn't helping the boredom go away. So I saged for people to show up at the East gate with their lanterns.

    So people started coming slowly but surely we had a big group of people. But when you're in the town it can really mess with you eyes. So we decided to let it stay dark for those who were sleeping at the Eastern gate. We all went to the Lotus Dojo, The Monk event room.

    We had the same people from the gate and a few more show up. We started to play with our lights again. This time we had LiShen turn on and off the lights to see how it would look in each setting. Finally we found out that if you have it on low the lighting is just right.

    Here is what we ended up doing tonight

    From the desk of,

    Special thanks to everyone spent boredom time with me.

    Aquairus, Druce, Falke, Koking, LiShen, Maeji, Maya, Menel, Primordial, Princesss, Xellos, and Yoza

        Thursday, March 25, 2010

    Daily Pics for March
    Posted by: DailyPics -- 12:00 AM EST
    Hello to all the readers of Nexus Atlas.

    It's March already. I want to see anything that has to do with luck, green, gold. Anything that has to do with the month of March and St. Patty's.

    When you send it include the following in the email:

    Do not cut or edit the image, you may black out your stats and items, but do not crop or edit it anywhere that affects the left side of the main image.

    Submitted By:
    Title of your Daily pic entry:
    A short description of whats going on, or what took place:

    If this isn't included in the email then I won't know who its from and that means it won't be posted.
    So make sure that's in the email.

    Please send your pics me. Just click the name below and send them there.

    Daily Pics

    Signing off,
    This is Daily Pics reporting from the Photo Lab.

        Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    New Primogen of Silla
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 9:09 PM EST

    This evening, Aesir announced over sage that he will be leaving the kingdoms indefinitely, and in his place, he has selected none other than BooMeR to be his successor and lead Silla. Thank you Aesir for all the work you have done to help Silla thrive, and the staff at NA hope for only the best in whatever venture you seek to pursue next. As well, good luck to the one and only BooMeR on leading the Silla clan. We know you'll do a wonderful job as well!


    The Captain of the Hanseong
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 7:34 PM EST

    Just who exactly is Kirriin? Not much is known about him, and we are only open to speculate about him and his ship. Captain Kirriin made his presence known a few days ago when his ship hit landfall near Dae shore. Currently we know that the Hanseong (Kirriin's ship) is stuck in Koguryo and his brother, Bartolomeo, is a carpenter and he is working on fixing the ship.

    Some players said they saw Kirriin walk from Dae shore to Hausson, then he entered Oceana to view the Navy ports. Could he be finding ways or tools to fix his ship, or is there something more going on that we haven't realized? Tynelle told us that there is a possibility of a new type of wood called Kapur wood and perhaps a new type of food that can be farmed.

    We need to find out more about this figure first before we can begin to make any judgements. If anyone has any information on something we might have missed, feel free to contact Vini or myself with the information.


    Island of Wonder?
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:57 AM EST
    When community first heard of the massive ship in northern Dae shore, one unknown witness was able to see and draw a picture of Kirriin while another claimed he heard something about an "island of wonder".

    Hearing about this supposed island, it makes me wonder: will it be the same place we saw in the newsletter years ago? Here’s a copy of the images from the newsletter from October 2005. Compare them with the image above to the left and see if the patterns don’t seem similar to the ones below.

    Without confirming or not if these pictures have anything to do with the island area coming up, Mug informed Nexus Atlas that he feels there is still more to add to the area and may release it a week later. Mug also mentioned about a new newsletter that he's workin on and shall be sent to subscribed emails soon. While we wait for the newsletter, he was really nice to share with Nexus Atlas other intriguing screenshots of what is to come with the new area.

    Time shall tell if these two sets of images are connected or not.

    ~Vini Normad’or~
    ~Hyul 30, Moon 9~

    New (or old) Phoenix Primogen
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 3:19 AM EST

    Recently, the lovely Aubrey stepped down from her position as Primogen of the Phoenix clan and has chosen Kyas to be her successor. I am sure Kyas needs no introduction, as she has already led the Phoenix clan successfully three times before.

    I wish you, Kyas, the best of luck. I also would like to thank Aubrey for her work she has dedicated to the Phoenix clan.

    Special thanks to Amaroq for reporting this information to NA!


        Friday, March 19, 2010

    Posted by: Musoyen -- 3:35 PM EST
    In light of the recent reset, people quickly discovered there was a new server visible on the Heroe's list. Currently there is no known way to access this new server - perhaps we need to wait until next week.

    Here's the copy of the post from Dream Weaver's with the details of today's reset:

  • Lucky has vanished!

    Workings for new area:
    You can see the first sneak peek on Nexus Atlas today with more to come (also posted on Whispering winds). I have added another set of hunting caves, more new crafting abilities, 10 new quest and other minor fixes and additions.

    Bug fix:
    Minor bug fixed with YongSang


  • Who's Captain Kirriin?
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:20 AM EST
    Is it possible to exist good pirates? The community is about to find out as a new crew of buccaneers is sailing towards Koguryo again. With information posted on Whispering Winds today it seems quite obvious that the massive ship that docked in northwest of Dae shore on 4th Moon of Hyul 29 (feb. 25th) is a pirate vessel.

    Here's a copy of the post made by GM Mug on Nexus official site:

  • Pirates... The more you try to get rid of them, the more they appear. It looks like the crews of Bluestone and ChenLee are not the only ones that dwell in the seas of Koguryian coasts. A new pirate ship has been spotted at the northern area of Dae Shore: The Hanseong.

    Led by Captain Kirriin, this crew of pirates is not to be feared like the other’s we’re used to. These pirates are not thieves, murderers or smugglers. They’re simply adventurers of the seas, looking for hidden treasures and unexplored riches of the world.

    We did find out a little more about Kirriin, who only likes to be called “Captain”, it seems he tries to deny that he is a pirate. He thinks of himself more as a sailor, an adventurer and a challenging game is his favorite sport. He thinks his crew is the best and he despises what pirates like Bluestone does. He and his crew fought many battles against other pirates and because of that and getting shipwrecked a few times, 'The Hanseong' is a bit worse for wear. However, the ship is still capable of taking him and his crew from their lands, up the coasts of Han and to the shores of Ilbon.

    Although he seems to be harsh with his crew, he does respect them very much. His younger brother, Bartolomeo, always takes the brunt of the Captains temper. The Captain refuses to believe that the sea monsters keep causing the damage to the ship and that Bartolomeo is just a bit lazy. Don’t worry though Bartolomeo gets away with rude comments back to his brother. Kirriin is a calm person and normally doesn't lose his temper, but he values loyalty too much. If one of his crew were to betray him, they would be punished.

    It has been said that Captain Kirriin plans to make landfall again shortly and visit the lands before returning to sail his ship, The Hanseong, back out to sea. We are unsure how long he will be staying so keep an eye out for his presence.

    Not much is known besides that about Kirriin and why he will take port in Koguryo, but he should be arriving anytime soon. If anyone is able to obtain pictures of him, please email them to any Nexus Atlas reporter.

    For those who are more curious about The Hanseong, Mug was kind enough to share exclusive pictures that you can only find available through here at Nexus Atlas. The sneak peek he promised through Dream Weaver's board is finally here: enjoy!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 30, Moon 9~

  •     Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    Happy St. Patrick's Day
    Posted by: AkiKan -- 10:39 AM EST

    From the desk of,

        Monday, March 15, 2010

    New (or old) Merchant elder
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 10:30 AM EST

    Last night, the ruby queen herself, LeAnnder, decided to step down from leading the merchant path. In her place, she has chosen Beilek to be elder once again.

    Thank you LeAnnder for all your work you have done for the merchant path, and congratulations to Beilek on becoming the Merchant elder once again.

    As well, thank you Miroshi for notifying NA of the shift in power.


        Monday, March 8, 2010

    Lucky event walkthrough
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 3:43 PM EST
    1) Go to the SANHAE SMITH and say 'Lucky'. The smith will ask if you want to make a net to capture this Lucky fellow, because he makes nice items.

    Say yes.

    He'll tell you he needs 5,000 coins and 4 items. He won't tell you the item's names, but he gives you four clues.

    The items are:
    - Wooden sabre (buy from any town smith for 1 coin)
    - Wheat (farm from gardens using a basic sickle)
    - Noodles (made by chefs)
    - Wolf pelt (kill wolves in town rabbit caves)

    Bring these to him, obtain the "Lucky net." You can purchase or borrow a Lucky net in order to skip this step, if you wish.

    2) Once you have it, find Lucky! This can take a few tries, as he will trick you. It is a random spawn so you can ride a horse around till you see him. You don't have to have your Lucky net equipped.

    Find Lucky and swing at him until you get a pop-up, and hope that you catch him! If you are a mage or poet, zapping Lucky works just as well as swinging your Lucky net. (He can be found in most places; all towns, Mythic, Wilderness)[Vale, Woodlands rumored]

    Continually insist that he tell you about the pot of gold: do not let him go, and do not give him any coins!

    3) He will tell you about the Lucky pick, which you can now obtain from Thane, in the Wilderness (where you purchase regular picks). Click Thane, select Buy, Lucky pick (costs 2k). Buy a couple of them because they break!

    4) Walk around the mining fields until you find the Pot of gold! This can be frustrating, as you will find empty pots of gold (your Lucky pick will break!) or Useless coal.

    But keep trying, you will eventually find the true Pot of gold and obtain one of the following items upon "opening" it:..

    Golden Baloom Lucky Baloom
    Golden Lantern Luck Lantern

    Golden fan

    You'll also get a Legend Mark,


    Note from the desk of,

    Adding more images for Musoyen when I come across them. If you find any new ones that aren't on here, tell Musoyen or myself.

    Server reset, Monday, March 8, 2010
    Posted by: Musoyen -- 2:16 PM EST
    The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

    Lucky is back! Find him and maybe you will get his Kettle of Gold!
    (Please keep in mind you can only get the Kettle of Gold once per character.)

    The Wealth packages and new clovers for your head will be in the item shop later today.
    Currently put in last years Lucky packages for short time only.

    Workings for new area:
    Right now I have added 7 new hunting areas (still adding at least one more before release) all new monsters and many of the caves are 4 level caves (meaning level 1,2,3, and 4) and a few are tiered caves (as you go up through the maps the monsters get more difficult and the level of who can enter changes). Over 80 new merchants, hundreds of new maps and items, over 45 new quests (still adding more), there are new ways to use your pirate coins and new things to craft (Cooking, Food prep, Woodcutting, Mining, Farming, Smelting, Carpentry, Weaving). I am looking to release on the 25th of March if everything goes as planned (so far so good).

    Other things working on:
    I am currently working on changing the group tab to remove the bad graphics and add in mana bar. I am currently in the testing phase of this and hope it will come out same time as the new area.

    I am still working on the Sa rogue spell and will continue to work on it till I can come up with a good fix.

    A Peace Offering Wedding
    Posted by: AkiKan -- 12:00 AM EST
    This morning when I woke up and walked out of my house I found this message had been placed on my door held by an axe. As I read it I thought it was just spam mail, so I was going to throw it away. As I was going to, a loud pounding was at my door. It turned out to be the Bride-to-be, Charlene. She said, "Oh good you got my letter." I said "Yes I did, thanks for ruining my front door, you're paying for the repairs." She laughed and broke down the door with a single kick from her big black boots, "There now there is no door to repair." I looked at her and asked her what she wanted. She told me that the marriage will act as a peace offering between the two wilderness paths that live close to each other; the Barbarians and the Rangers. They used to be a close knit batch of friends till the Blood War broke them apart. Ever since then they have been at each other's necks. But this is were it gets exciting, the love between the two was forbidden love! A Barbarian marrying a Ranger, that would be the talk of the town! With the paths fighting, what a scandal! It's a modern Romeo and Juliet story.

    I'll leave my readers there, you can find out all about it during the wedding. Which will be taking place Sunday the 13th 8PM EST, located at the Barbarian Cave Wilderness (45/20). You would be wise to be on your best behavior when you step foot in the the wedding room. Act up and you may lose a limb, maybe even your life!

    Here is the letter that was attached to my door.

    So you wish to know how my lover Sitliths and I met and fell in love, eh? Well gather round.. And I shall tell ye' the tale.

    It all started many Hyuls ago. I was out in the Wilderness searching for something... or someone... I heard of a tale like no others. This thing.. it was stronger than the mightiest Dragon and quicker than the fastest rabbit.. It has more stealth than a tiger... More cunning than a fox.. But what it looks like or where it lives .. is unknown ... very few have run into this creature.. those who have seen it.. haven't ever returned..

    I was following a trail of fresh tracks. These tracks, I have never seen before, so I went off following them. I followed them for many Moons. One night I decided to make a small camp and cooked a fresh meal for myself, I heard a noise coming from behind me, in the bushes. Out of reflex, I grabbed my dagger from my side and threw it into the bush. I heard a strange noise so I stood up and wielding my Axe. I placed it on my shoulder and looking at the bush. "Who's there? I know my dagger hit you ! I can see. You better come out and show ye self before doom comes to you." A figure appeared from out of the bushes. "Come closer. I want to see ye' face. I said come closer NOW! "I aimed my axe towards the figure. When I did this, he came forward. I saw a strange masked man. " I am a Ranger on a hunt. I mean you no harm." I grunted, "What is your name Ranger? " Snobbishly he said" That is for me to know and you to wonder dear Barbarian." I then remembered the dagger that I threw at him. I placed my axe down to the ground. When I did so, I checked my other leg to take out another dagger, just in case. "Let me tend to that wound on ye' leg. I doubt you want to be limping with all these wild animals out here." I walked over to him, keeping a close eye on his actions. I reached for the dagger and pulled it out. I took a pouch of water from my side and rinsed his wound out. Finally, I placed a piece of ginseng and seaweed upon his wound and wrapped it with some fine cloth.

    After that was done, we ate a meal. He thanked me and disappeared.. Over the next few Hyuls , we kept running into each other more and more often. We soon came to learn that we were after the same creature, so, of course, we teamed up together. I learned that his name was Sitliths and he learned that mine was Charlene.. And as the time passed, we started to fall for each other.. But..... one day a brother of mine... and a brother of his saw us together. Our paths started to fight and argue more and more, trying to banish us from each other.. But we didn't care. We have fallen in love and care what no other thinks. So here we are today. Our wedding coming soon and we want all to know of our Union and invite anyone and everyone to come.. Keep ya ear out for when it will be, cause it shall be soon.

    And oh.. for that creature we were tracking.... Sitliths captured it...and so have I..

    -= Charlene Kriaza =-
         -=- Mistress of Death -=-
           ~*~ Bride to be of Sitliths ~*~

    Oh, she and her fiance showed up at my door the next day, for wedding photos so here they are. I'll add more when the wedding day comes.

    From the desk of,

    Edited by
    AllyGator who has no desk

        Thursday, March 4, 2010

    New Elder of the Do's
    Posted by: AkiKan -- 8:37 PM EST
    Today Elder Geen has step down and has passed his Eldership to the new Elder Charmie.

    Elder Charmie

    Good luck to you and to your path.

    From the desk of,