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Past News | August 2011

Past News
Did you miss that important news story? Do you want to read what happened while you were on vacation. Here's where to get that info!

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August 2011

    Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shift in Power
Posted by: Loxie -- 2:17 AM EST
The beautiful Shawnee stepped down as Alizarin in favor of the not so pretty, but equally deserving Sloepoke. Congratulations and thank you to Shawnee for your service!

    Friday, August 26, 2011

-Stuffs hair in a mining hat.-
Posted by: Loxie -- 10:15 PM EST
Good news! Lost Mines returns! Today Kru posted on their website:

Lost Mines Event Coming Soon

On Sept. 1st, the Lost Mines will open once again. Venture into the mines to discover new maps and quests. Face familiar monsters like the Leeches that will drop old rare items along with new items.

I think I can lead us all in a cheer for Kru. HUZZAH!

    Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Server reset
Posted by: Loxie -- 5:20 PM EST
Server Reset - August 23, 2011

Minor updates for:
* Tiger clan
* Dharma clan
* Enigma clan
* Muse subpath
* Phoenix clan
* Shaman subpath
* Geomancer subpath
* Silla clan
* Carnage system

    Monday, August 22, 2011

The Diviners are at it again!
Posted by: Loxie -- 10:06 PM EST
They've received some strange Augury Visions, like the one posted by SMKuru on CotW:

"Terrible! I see something very, very horrible!
I do not see a single ray of light, nothing but dark skies around.
Everything, darkness, unable to see, only able to hear.
Balance of the earth may be lost every creature would die."

But that's not all! One of those silly Shaman have been talking to spirits again!

BeffyCabeza wrote on meeting with Kyushin:

"Kyushin spoke that our world weakens and their strengthens. That the containments will not hold for long. They will begin to break the veil between the Spiritual Realm and the Mortal Realms.
He spoke that visages may be deciving and intentions may be deceiving as well.
I asked how the holes in the Veil may be sealed, he responded that we should begin to look into that.
Those within the Shaman path, adhere to the warnings of the Spirits.
It seems the Divine are not the only ones with warnings of a dire future."

How exciting! What do you suppose the Gods have in store for us?

Rumor has it...
Posted by: Guldar -- 4:57 PM EST

Rumors have been circulating recently of yet another shift in power. A certain band of rogues who live to the south of Koguryo, rumored to be Spies, have a new Premier. Allegedly, Premier Newsox has retired and named Scud his replacement. Neither party has been available for comment.

Good luck to that mysterious band of rogues and their new leader.

--The Ursine Ronin

    Friday, August 19, 2011

Interview with Teragg
Posted by: Loxie -- 2:33 PM EST
Teragg, the first response of several potential interviews, kindly agreed to meet with me to discuss the Justice Department. Overall he seemed very hopeful on the direction of the Justice Department and where it's headed. Several community members offered up questions, and here is how he answered.

Q: How long have you been Judge and Head Judge?
A: Four years, give or take.

Q: In that time what sort of experience have you gained?
A: I have learned through experience to recognize intent and circumstances. I've handled so many cases that I have a better ability to compare, to be uniform, and to be as fair as I can. I like to think I learn something new each day. This applies to any judge.

Q: How often do Judges burn out?
A: Not often, but it is the usual reason for leaving. Like any position dealing with problems as your chief duty and folks hurting others, jailing, when necessary, takes a toll.

Q: What are some of the biggest issues you've had in the Justice Department?
A: When I took over the public perception of Justice, equality in dealing with cases, uniformity in defining crimes, fair administration of justice, and public understanding of laws were all areas that needed to be addressed.

Q: What are some improvements you've had in the Justice Department?
A: All of the above. Vini began these goals and I think I was able to complete them. Please keep in mind it is an ever changing job to some degree. I still strive to maintain and improve each of them.

Q: The Justice Department gets a lot of flak for being corrupt, lazy and unnecessary. How do you suppose things would be without the Justice Department?
A: Without players as Judges you would still have them but they would be Archons. Justice is necessary because it's like any game where you have rules. You need to enforce them. If you don't, what is the point of having them?

Q: How many people do you believe actually abuse the Justice system and how many do you believe genuinely need help from it?
A: I believe everyone benefits from the help, whether or not they actually need it themselves. I think only a small percentage actually abuse the system.

Q: Why aren't there more Judges and why can't the community nominate them?
A: I have one Judge pending for training and another I will add. In reality the caseload now, and I'm not sure why, is much lower and the response time is excellent. (That's a good thing) I want a few more Judges to maintain and ensure that it stays that way. But recruiting and adding a judge is no easy matter. As for community nominations I accept sincere ones. But, often, I cannot determine that sincerity. As far as "voting" goes, a member of the community who makes fair decisions doesn't always please everyone. One who makes popular decisions does. We are not, for the most part, about popular decisions here. Thus, I'm careful about who I consider.

Q: Could you explain the process to become a Judge?
A: Either I know a person from years of playing this game or I have observed and seen them in the community. I have read the posts they make, actions they perform or people suggested to me by Judges, Primogens and Elders. I then discreetly ask around about them. If I hear nothing negative, I approach them.
Once they consider my offer I submit it. Kru does a background check and gives a yes or no. Then they enter a period of training. I sometimes allow experienced judges to do the basic nuts and bolts training but I train the "theory" part myself. When I feel they're ready they then become judges.

Q: What about the issue with biased judges?
A: Standard rules are in place to prevent the appearance of corruption. I monitor all cases to some degree and observe rulings to keep an eye on corruption. I trust my judges to not be biased. If complaints are received I check them out. I won't have corruption exist in my court.

Q: Why aren't random Judges chosen that know nothing about the Nexus community?
A: They MUST know the game. How could a judge knowing nothing understand a boss theft, scam, or why sire inflames people? I can list so many examples of why knowledge is critical.

Q: How is the importance of a case decided? What determines if someone is jailed or not? Why does it seem like well-known people get warnings and unknown ones get jailed?
A: When a person comes through that door below and into my court I don't care about stats, clan, path, or positions. Simply put they are a player. Sometimes an unknown character is just someone on an alt doing their more serious crimes, but that doesn't make it more or less important.

By the same token we only work with PROOF and a broken law. Some, I stress SOME, of the more experienced players can read between the lines of laws. There are criteria to be followed in any court case. Experienced players know better how to approach but not cross the line. Younger players don't.

If by importance you mean what judge takes a case, or why do we jump some cases for others? I have set criteria in place. Judges may pass on a case if they know the people well, are friends, clanmates, etc. and I recommend they do so. Do I feel them inadequate to handle? No. However, someone will holler bias. As Head Judge I take all cases involving judges, elders, primos, tutors, etc. Again, for the same reason.

Skipping cases other then above reason? Yes, a theft case can be more important, time wise. We try to get item back asap. Harassment in some cases? Yes, we want to stop it as soon as we can. Profanity? The ss isn't going anywhere.

Q: What determines if someone is jailed or not?
A: I'll try to explain but please remember one thing. We are not like IRL courts. We do not have to prove to juries. We usually get screenshots. They are visual evidence, pictures of the crime. Sometimes we check logs for thefts. We already have the proof and we know a law is broken. Now the difference between us and a npc is we bring them into court, we hear the defendant's side and we consider their intent. We consider the circumstances and attitude of the person in court, as best we can. We consider what records we have of past visits to court.

The job of a good judge is to put all that together and reach a fair decision. May I give an example? A person arrives at a gate to continue an argument and has a long string of insults including inserting profanity several times and ignores requests to stop from passersby. In a second scenario, two people are fighting in whispers and the same illegal word is said once. So we have the same crime committed and the same profanity used. Only the intent, circumstances, and severity is different. How can you blanket punish both at the same time? So yeah, one may be jailed while the other is warned while the crime is fairly equal.

Q: How do you keep your sanity with this community?
A: I have always wanted to help this game and community and I like to think I still am. I get whispers of thanks from some folk and for some others I'm able to right a wrong. Each of these brightens my day and overshadows any other reasons for anger or insanity.

Q: Why is Bailiff a cat?
A: Tradition. He was a cat before me and I'll fight to keep him one. Plus, I like cats. (Clearly DavidJM's reign of kitty terror is going strong!)

Q: What is the strangest crime ever committed?
A: Wow? Strangest? Hmmm. I honestly can't answer that. I can think of some "worst" ones, but don't want to give ideas. Some are extremely innovative. Some go out of their way to hurt another. Those always are memorable.

Q: What is your opinion on the witty comments on the scum board? What purpose do you believe they serve and when are they (or aren't they) appropriate?
A: Hehe, just answered this not long ago. We never like to jail but sometimes we get crimes where we are left shaking our heads. We have no outlet for that. The frustration can mount and after one particularly frustrating jailing I posted a remark. I was whispered separate responses of "Lol, tooo funny","I laughed! I will read more often now.", and "But that embarrasses the person". Then it hit me. I found a way to have the public more aware of what folks, and the judges, are doing, the work we do, and enjoy a chuckle.

It was not the original intent but it worked. If they are embarrassed then it is yet another deterrent to not break the law. It's a win/win situation, so I inject them now and then.
Which ones? They determine that from frustrating to incredulous.

Q: What are some changes you made to improve Justice?
A: In no order, I created the ISmileHere fund with the help of mug. Far too often I would jail for theft and then tell the victim "I have jailed the guy, but sorry can't get your stuff." You have no idea the frustration from that, not only from me but any judge.

Now, supported by the community, we can restore most items to folks. We can't do the really expensive items as some are out of sight these days, but we do pretty well. I also fought hard for the clan theft law and use of log checks, and to change theft law to include dropping items. I created the Observers Program to allow all to come to court, watch us, and see us work. They can hear our words and it removes the "cloud of secrecy" about Justice. If you think we're corrupt then come and observe.

Q: Any message you'd like to share?
A: I'd like to share two things. The game has rules established by Kru and we enforce them. You agree to them when you come here, so abide by them and the game is trouble free for you. Agree with them or not, but abide by them or don't play.

Second, I welcome the chance to discuss with all at any time. I may not agree with you and we may only agree to disagree, but I will still discuss them.

    Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Shift in Shaman Leadership
Posted by: Guldar -- 10:05 AM EST
Last night, in a ritual unveiling the Shaman Middle Realm to the public, Shaman Elder Humma perished. The path being without an Elder, Sul'Sah BeffyCabeza has returned to the post for a second term. My condolances go out to the Shaman for their loss, and to BeffyCabeza for being saddled with the mantle of leadership once again.

--The Ursine Ronin

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Covenant Clan Unlocked
Posted by: Guldar -- 11:27 PM EST
Tonight the lockdown of the Covenant Clan is over, as they have elected a new Primogen. Visionary Lauz has been chosen to lead the Covenant Clan of Nagnang out of this time of turmoil. Best of luck to Covenant Clan on its road to the future.

--The Ursine Ronin

"General" News
Posted by: Guldar -- 5:00 PM EST

It seems we missed yet another transfer of power from the Buyan Empire. General Killeh of the Buyan Imperial Army has retired, to be succeeded by the newly appointed General Lindy.

We hope Killeh will enjoy her retirement, and wish good fortune on the BIA and its new leader. Thank you to Aurons for bringing this news brief to our attention.

--The Ursine Ronin

    Saturday, August 6, 2011

Divine Leadership
Posted by: Guldar -- 2:58 AM EST
Tonight there has been yet another shift in the reigns of power in the Nexus. Oracle Clarrissa has retired as Elder of the Divine Order, and has chosen Visionary ColdPrincess as her successor. A sincere thanks is given to Clarrissa for her service, and our deepest condolances go out to the new Elder.

This news brief has been brought to you by the letters:

G, U, L, D, A, R, and the number 587.

--The Ursine Ronin

    Friday, August 5, 2011

New (sort of..) Lost Kingdom Primogen!
Posted by: Loxie -- 11:52 PM EST
Today Magura stepped down as Primogen and handed the reigns back to Warik. This is Warik's second (possibly third) time serving as Lost Kingdom Primogen. Congratulations and welcome back to the job!

Thank you to Magura for serving your clan for almost a year.

Magura and Warik

New Mounts!
Posted by: Loxie -- 10:37 PM EST

According to Teragg, if you're the lucky finder of a Momma mount you too could have one of the brand new mounts running around the kingdoms. These mounts come in tidy little packages called "Random Mount Package". Inside you can find fox, scorpion, chicken, pig, wolf and ox mounts of various colors.

Note: Some community members tell me I was given incorrect information and that these mounts actually cost the low, low price of your immortal Kruna soul (or 595 Kruna) in the item shop. Be sure to check around the markets for these.

Thank you to Odile for modeling the Chik'n and Pig mounts and to Skruffy for modeling the wolf mount. On the left Ox we have Dokara and the right ox is Viscidious.

Changes in Leadership
Posted by: Guldar -- 5:31 PM EST
The Viper Clan of Nagnang has retired a Primogen as Hitoshura has stepped down. In his place, Diarmuid AndriA has stepped up to the plate.

Congratulations are in order for the retiree, and our sincerest condolances go out to the new Primogen!

Thank you to Lauz for bringing this to our attention.

--The Ursine Ronin

Server Reset - August 5, 2011
Posted by: Guldar -- 5:18 PM EST
Today the Nexus Servers were reset for the following changes, as posted by GM Stein on the Dreamweaver board.


* Itemshop has been updated; Kruna will be given out later today in the amount of 300 for auto-renewal and 200 for regular registered. We are giving 200/200 to compensate for the house server downtime we experienced last week

* Poet Sa San group heal spell will no longer restore the stats of ghosts who are grouped

* Clarified some carnage sages

* People may now collect prizes for winning carnage events once every 6 hours instead of once every 24 hours

* Other minor bug fixes


Looks like the Kru staff is listening a little bit, and maybe now the Carnage Staff can host some more Riches Carnages!

--The Ursine Ronin

    Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Client Patch
Posted by: Guldar -- 3:20 PM EST

Today the Nexus Servers were reset for a Client Patch, as posted by GM Stein. Here is the information posted on Dreamweaver.
*** If you are running Windows Vista/7, make sure to run NexusTK as administrator (by right clicking the shortcut and selecting the option) for this patch ***

* Added additional screenshot triggers to accomodate players without a scroll lock button: Use Ctrl+Shift+3 to take a .bmp screenshot and Ctrl+Shift+4 to take a .jpg screenshot

* Fixed a long standing bug that caused foxes in fox hunts to stop moving if they were surrounded on all sides except the north direction

* Several minor client and server bug fixes

Minor updates for:
* Alizarin clan
* Covenant clan
* Kurimja clan
* Viper clan
* Silla clan
* Enigma clan
* Nagnang Army
* Shaman subpath
* Tutors
* Added Kinung broadcast that functions similarly to Broadcast event

--The Ursine Ronin

    Monday, August 1, 2011

23 New Nagnang Defenders
Posted by: Vini -- 2:15 AM EST
The Defenders ceremony held yesterday was quite special to Nagnang kingdom. It was the first held in two years, last one ended abruptly with the tragedy of Kija's murder.

With the sad days put behind, Nagnang's Prince ChaeRi recognized 23 new defenders with their purple dye. Were present during the ceremony the Nagnang clan primogens, the Ethereal Order Sage SloePoke, the General of the ARN Snirkot and also Major General YeNaeWi and General Blight who were looking to see if Wiyae would show up to try any "tricks" during the ceremony.

Citizens watch the defenders ceremony being held at Josang Hol.

Here is the list of the people who pledged to defend Nagnang:

  • SloePoke - Sage of Nagnang
  • Snikrot - General of the ARN
  • Riane - ARN Honor
  • Lauz - Eternal Order of Nagnang & Ex-Primogen of The Forsaken
  • Belladonna - Primogen of The Forsaken
  • AkiKan - Primogen of Pegasus
  • Mavelle - Primogen of Kurimja
  • Shawnee - Primogen of Alizarin
  • Hitoshura - Primogen of Viper
  • Lockz - Former Primogen of Covenant
  • StriGoi - Former Defender of Nagnang
  • Weywitb - Nominee of The Forsaken
  • Polgandra - Nominee of Pegasus
  • Excaliber - Nominee of Pegasus
  • Andria - Nominee of Viper
  • AgbalA - Nominee of Viper
  • BayareaCA - Nominee of Alizarin
  • Krew - Nominee of Silla
  • RaDDoG - Nominee of Covenant
  • Aphex - Nominee of Kurimja

    There were three others who should do their pledge, but weren't present during the ceremony. They were: Shardonnay (Nominee of Alizarin), Devrell (Nominee of Silla) and Bluberry (Nominee of The Forsaken). Primogen of Silla Akuido already had done the pledge under Prince Kija and The Covenant clan has no primogen right now. The clan is again on a lockdown.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 41, Moon 9~