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The following is a list of rules for Carnage events. You agree before entering any carnage that you know and understand these rules. Not reading them is NOT an excuse for breaking one of them. The following is a short list of Carnage basics, followed by the specific rules.

  1. Do not attack Hosts.
  2. Do not attack your own team (except during FFA).
  3. Listen to all of the Hosts' instructions.
  4. Make sure you are on time, and online at all times.
  5. Do not use a spell on the banned spell list (see below).
  6. Do not do anything that will cause a disruption in Carnage.
  7. Follow all other Nexus laws.
  8. And remember, Hosts have the final decision on everything and anything.

Follow those basic guidelines, and you should be fine. Below is a list of all of the specific rules for Carnage:

  1. Obey the instructions of the Hosts at all times. Make sure you have sage ON. The key to turn it on and off is F6. Make sure you have it on! That is how hosts will give you instructions. You are responsible for being able to hear those instructions. If you do not hear an instruction, that is your own fault.

  2. Under NO circumstance may you attack a Host. This will result in your immediate death, and possibly removal from Carnage and/or a long-term ban, depending on the severity.

  3. Do NOT cast spells on the Host. This includes positive spells such as ASV and healing. Among other things, it lags them.

  4. Harassing Hosts or continuing on an issue they have responded to is illegal and if necessary will be followed up in Nexon court system as well as Carnage justice.

  5. If a Host finds it necessary to kill a participant to remove them from the arena, interfering with this in any way (e.g., healing the person) is prohibited. Participants doing so will share in the punishment of the person they helped.

  6. All Nexus laws are enforced within the confines of the arena. This includes harassment, profanity, sage abuse, etc. Participants breaking these laws will face Nexus and/or Carnage justice. Good sportsmanship is also expected.

  7. You may NOT enter more then one character in a Carnage, either from one account or multiple accounts. If you are found doing this, heavy penalties, including both Nexon punishment and Carnage punishments, will follow. Read Law #55 on the Law board for details.

  8. Abuse of any type of bug to enter or fight in a Carnage is illegal.

  9. Interfering with the running of Carnage, such as by saging or shouting "Fight!" to cause a false start to a round, is prohibited. People doing so will be banned from Carnage.

  10. The Following spells are prohibited in Carnage:
    - Call of the Wild and any other spell OR item that summons a creature
    - Any form of Resurrect that causes a dead person to be alive again
    - Inspiration or any other spell that takes someone's mana
    - Any morph that changes your color
    - Any spell that causes you / someone else to change color
    - Push (Barbarian subpath spell)
    - Any spell that causes a pop-up box, examples are Mentor and Propose and Gamble
    - Cloning an invisible person or cloning a person from the opposite team you are on
    - The Ranger trap spell (you Rangers know what I mean) is only allowed in the 99+ Carnages. That's Ancients and Avatars in Riches, and Chaos and Insanity in Bloodlust. This trap is BANNED in Legends and Massacre.

    New spells with the same effects as the spells named above, and items that have the effects of those spells, are considered to be the same and likewise prohibited.

  11. Use of dye arrows or anything with the effect of dye arrows is prohibited.

  12. In Ancients Carnage (and below) of Riches: Il/Ee/Sam San Items are prohibited. This includes people with Il/Ee/Sam and any higher marks created by Nexus.
  13. In Avatar Carnages (and below) of Riches: Ee/Sam san Items are prohibited. This includes people with Ee/Sam san and any higher marks.

  14. You are expected to participate at all times. People found not participating - going afk in the pens for a round or more, or remaining in the arena as a ghost, for example - will be sent back to the inn to finish their nap in a comfortable bed.

  15. Aiding the other team in any way, or (in a 4-team Carnage) allying, is forbidden.

  16. Camping - remaining in your corner and avoiding the fighting - in a 4-team Carnage is prohibited.

  17. Do not log off during the battle to escape death or avoid being found. If you are caught doing this, you will be banned.

  18. Remain on or behind the line of yellow scrolls before the round starts. Do not cross over the line for any reason until the Hosts sage the start of fighting.

  19. Attacking the other team(s) in any way before the start of the round is illegal. Setting traps before the start of the round is illegal. Traps are legal during the round.

  20. Do not move, steal, or otherwise tamper with yellow scrolls set up as markers by the Hosts, either in the arena or in the hall.

  21. Attacking your own team, either while waiting or during the fighting, is forbidden. The only exceptions are announced FFA (free-for-all) rounds, and when instructed to do so by the Hosts.

  22. If and when Hosts instruct participants to stop fighting, stop immediately killing someone after the host's instructions to stop will result in you being out for rest of round.
  23. When fighting has been restricted to the Circle (whether the actual circle on the floor or an area constructed of yellow scrolls) you must remain inside or on the line at all times. The only exception is if a rogue ambushes out, and the rogue MUST move back inside immediately.

  24. When you are dead, it is advisable for you to rez immediately. If you stay in the arena as a ghost, do not do anything that can interfere with live people, such as logging on top of someone to stick them. If Circle has been called, all ghosts must leave the circle area immediately.

  25. Be on time. The doors close at the specified time, on the hour. Latecomers will not be admitted no matter what their excuse.

  26. Do not disappear (for example, go hunt on another character) during the team picking. Brief log-offs (e.g., needing to reboot an unstable computer) are allowed. People found switching to other characters during Carnage will be booted or banned.

  27. You may not re-enter the Carnage at all. No matter what reason you leave - accidental use of scroll or talisman, subpath meeting, whatever - you may NOT re-enter. This also includes court or other gods' involvement. If you have to go to court, or a god summons you out of Carnage, that is not our fault.

  28. When prizes and winner's marks are given out, if you are not on to get one, you don't get one. Simple. The reason doesn't matter. If you didn't get yours because you weren't on, it's not our fault.

  29. Be respectful to the Hosts. Remember, they are giving up their time to put this Carnage on.

  30. If a Host tells you to do something, DO IT. It does not matter if you think they are wrong. You do it anyway. Failure to comply with a Host's decision, order, or such, is grounds for a LONG BAN.

  31. You may only claim a prize when you win the carnage that you paid to enter.

  32. You may not leave any Carnage event (Riches, Bloodlust, or Elixir War) to attend another one. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned from all Carnage events for a minimum of one month. This INCLUDES leaving any Carnage event to attend a Fox Hunt. The result is the same no matter what event you leave for.

  33. You are expected to stay for the entire event. If you leave before it ends, and you are caught, you may also be facing a serious ban, depending on the situation.

  34. The Hosts have the final decision on everything. If you have any problems with a Host, please read the post titled how to resolve a carnage complaint.

  35. If a "top" player(s) (Dyed first as base structure to even teams) goes AFK or does not enter the arena within a reasonable amount of time Before the FIRST round starts, he/she will be sent to the Inns. Teams will be subject to a re-dye.