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Clans | Nexus Clans

Nexus Clans

One of the more enjoyable aspects of Nexus are is a Clan; a group of people united under a common goal. The clans are official organizations devoted to one of the three kingdoms, Koguryo, Buya or Nagnang. There will never exist an "neutral clan". They are the most important non-governamental organization a kingdom can have and are a great opportunity to meet new people.

Clans live by their own codes and allow multi-path interactions. They have their own buildings, full of facilities and can turn almost independent from the other kingdom resources. Each has a Main hall, a public garden, has ability to chat-over all servers and can receive special clan titles. Clans may also expand into getting arenas, crafting rooms, game rooms, Clan helms for all members, Clan sword for the primogen, an emblem and much more. They are able to have their own wooden groves, their own NPCs with a good variety of features.

There are also now the option to create rings and tribes which are sort of minor forms of Clans. It is not possible to keep track of how many rings and tribes exist since they can be easily created from a day to another and also can be easily disbanded. Because of that, this section will only cover the information about the official Clans of Nexus, who have been voted and approved by Kingdoms Clans Tribunal.

List of Nexus Clans per kingdom (by order of creation)

Nexus Clans Information

Alizarin Clan
From: Nagnang

Alizarin Clan was forged from necessity to provide a Haven for those in persecution from the Unseen. They advocate tolerance and intellect and uphold the principles of integrity, conscience, compassion, and discipline.

Bear Clan
From: Koguryo

The Bear clan is a clan that only allows Warriors and Poets to join. They live by the code of Honor, Loyalty and Strengh in Unity and feel that together the Warrior and the Poet cannot be stopped.

Covenant Clan
From: Nagnang

The Covenant Clan members are on a mission to provide a unified home for Nangens and to foster respect and family values while staying true to Kija's ideals.

Destiny Clan
From: Koguryo

Destiny Clan was founded as, essentially, a school of learning, allowing applicants to choose from one of six schools or "destinies" including: the bard, the chonsa, the forester, the magus, the tradesmith and the tinker.

Dharma Clan
From: Buya

The Dharma clan members live by a system of Color caste. Each color defines the duties of the individual. For each Color, an appropriate duty and morality is recognized.

Enigma Clan
From: Koguryo

Enigma clan motto is Strength in Unity. It means that by acting as one, their clan will be stronger, and the clan will be like a family. Respect is one of their main principles.

Heavens Clan
From: Buya

Heavens is a clan that respects most its tradition. Its based on trust, dedication and family bonding. They live by the motto of All for one and one for all and are a strong militia based clan.

K'urimja Clan
From: Nagnang

The K'urimja are descendants from an ancient tribe first known to reside outside of Han. Formerly known as the Shadow, the K'urimja now exists in the northern reaches of Nagnang.

Lost Kingdom Clan
From: Buya

Lost Kingdom strongly believes in Honor, Loyalty and Strength in Unity. Lost Kingdom still stands strong by traditions and the Seven Virtues: Bravery, Courtesy, Generosity, Honesty, Honor, Humility, and Wisdom.

Oceana Clan
From: Koguryo

A clan born from the merciful absolution of the Dragon King, the God of the Seas. Oceana is a temple of humans who dedicate their life to protect oceans, rivers, lakes from the deterioration and pollution caused by mankind.

The members of Oceana are ones who value life in all forms. They promote peace and harmony with the environments and confront those who threaten the perpetuation of water cycle. The kindred are stimulated exercise their creativity and expand their friendships while getting to meet and work with other members. Due to the extended services of Oceana Navy, it's a strong militia based clan.

Pegasus Clan
From: Nagnang

The Pegasus Clan is a faction of mysticism and imagination. They are a band of freethinking individuals seeking truth and balance. Eloquently uniting the philosophies of both the western and eastern traditions, they represent a tranquil paradise of mixed imagination and emotion.

Phoenix Clan
From: Buya

The Phoenix Clan is upheld by Seven Virtues which all members of Phoenix are to present themselves with in each day of Nexus Kingdoms.

SanSin Clan
From: Buya

SanSin is devoted to the God Hwang-Gung from whom all the Totems Gods descend.

Silla Clan
From: Nagnang

The Silla Clan comes from the desert. They are are survivalists and adapt quickly to new tactics. They are experienced in advanced martial arts and strive to develop both in unison.

Sun Moon Sect
From: Koguryo

The Sun Moon is a clan with no ranking system. An efectivated member is as good as any other. It has a buddy system which means that to join the clan one must have sponsors.

The Forsaken Clan
From: Nagnang

The Forsaken is an intensely private clan, aloof in its manner, and harsh in its politics. The Forsaken kindred often initially find the clan as a result of an empathy with rebelliousness, or because they are looking for something different.

Tiger Clan
From: Koguryo

The Tiger Clan members are fearless in combat and loyal to their kingdom. They come with some small traditions, and great knowledge, only trying to find a place to call home.

Viper Clan
From: Nagnang

The Viper Clan members are always ready to offer protection to the weak, knowledge to the unknowing, healing to the sick and kinship to the lonely.