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History for August 2002

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(08/07/2002)- Nexus user character pages open - Ever wanted to share your character with the world? The new Nexus character pages let you do just that!

Any character that is registerd, and over level 10 can set up and customize thier own user web pages, and share any information they wish to with the rest of the world on thier own personalized character web pages.

Simply go to and type in a character you would like to see, or use the directory of characters to look for somebody. We also have 8 examples of characters for you to see:


To create your own user page today simply log on to Nexus as a level 10 or greater character, press "F1", and follow the simple instructions there.

(08/16/2002)- Nexus houses available! - The blacksmith Nagnag invaded several towns in the lands around Koguryo and Buya in the last weeks. His men rampaged through these towns looting and stealing all they could get their hands on. Once the troops left there was nothing left but empty houses, and scared villagers.

To help with the rebuilding of the towns the villages formed a co-operative of renters, and started renting the houses out to players from all over the land. These houses came in different sizes, small, medium, and large.

Now players have the option of renting their own home, and having full control over the house they own with the ability to change player-to-player battle options, the ability to use magic, and other settings making the Nexus house system truly unique.

Other additions and updates are still planned for the houses, so keep an eye out for these updates to this large addition to Nexus!

(08/31/2002)- August newsletter released - Greetings Nexus players!

This summer has seen some amazing additions and updates to Nexus! The Blacksmith Nagnag has come out of hiding, and is reeking havoc across all the kingdoms far and wide, even his own. Nine towns have been uncovered in the kingdoms of Koguryo, Buya, and Nagnang. And outside of the game users have been able to show of their own profiles of their characters. As well as many other updates and changes to the game.

The story more in-depth...

The blacksmith Nagnag who created most the weapons for the Nagnang army when they attacked the kingdoms of Koguryo and Buya many Yuri's ago has seemingly gone crazy. He has been able to persuade many tribes who live on the outskirts of Nagnang to join him on some plan. Until now we are still unsure of what he is looking for, or where he is going.

He started by attacking the Sonhi kingdom, then quickly divided his troops and attacked towns around Kugnae and Buya. The towns of Kangnung, Masan, and Onyang in Koguryo were the first to open up when they asked for help from king Yuri to drive the invaders out. This was the first time citizens got wind of what Nagnang was after, when he quickly stole a map piece from one of the village elders.

His second group of mercenaries then invaded the towns of Naju, Kimchon, and Tok-Do in Buya. Again citizens went to aid the town with the invading forces, and this time they were able to get there in time to get a piece of the map from the elders there. The map is written in a way nobody is yet able to understand, and we still have no idea what the map will lead to.

The hometown of some of the mercenaries assisting Nagnag was uncovered on the coastal towns of Kunsan, Chunchon, and Kyongju in Nagnang. Blight opened up passage to these towns so we could investigate the origins of these mercenaries, and hopefully uncover what Nagnag was up to. Unfortunately all the men had abandoned the town, and only the women who were not told anything of the plans remained behind. Luckily for the citizens these women had the foresight to copy some of the documents the men had before heading off to join Nagnag, and one of them was another part of the map.

We believe Nagnag now has all the map pieces, and is on his way to whatever the map leads to. Members of the royal family and the armies of Koguryo, Buya, and Nagnang have been meeting late into the night to try to find a way to figure out what Nagnag is up to. The merchants who lived in the towns uncovered during these attacks have started to rebuild their lives, and to help with the recovery they have started to rent homes in these towns to the citizens.

These merchants have some amazing powers, and when you rent a home you also gain access to an assistant who will help you set up your own home in many ways, with the ability to change player-to-player battle options, lighting, magic, and many other options. Each home comes with it's own key to unlock the front door, as well as the gate around the house. You can share your house with your friends, allowing them to come and go as they want. Your house can also be where you spend your nights and wake up in. The council administering the houses have also stated they are working on a few more options to make these homes even more interesting for the owners.

About the user pages...

Another addition this summer was the addition of user web pages. This new option was made available to all registered players, and allowed them to show an online profile of their character on the website The site contains several examples as well as directory of people, and advanced search, and much more. Players have the ability to show as much, or as little, of their characters information as they wish. Check out your own profiles, as well as the profiles of your friends.

As for the future...

Nagnag has yet to be captured, and we still need to discover where he is going with these attacks and where the map leads to. All we know for sure is that he believes it to be very powerful, and was able to convince thousands of mercenaries to join him to uncover his prize. We do not know yet where this will lead, or what it will bring with it. We can only hope that we will be able to stop him before he is able to use it against the three kingdoms. It will be an exciting journey, and will uncover some amazing mysteries the kingdom has never see before.

We are looking forward to the next month of Nexus, and we hope you will join us for it!

- Edridge
- Spirit Guide

This information has been taken from the histories originally published by Nexon Corporation and is published here to make a more complete game history.