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  History | Chizao

Citizens were troubled. Unknown invaders were seen from time to time and dare warnings were whispered on the winds. Eventually we found a mountain pass in Nagnang which led to a series of Mountain Ranges. Emerging into a new land, Tomb Camp!

Master of the four totems and creator of magic, he eventually went insane by loosing the limits of his power. He was locked by his apprentices Chung Ryong, Baekho, Ju Jak and Hyun Moo in a distant sanctuary. So while he sleeps; magic continues to exist. He was freed by the legendary Armorer Nagnag once and caused much havoc in the lands. Eventually the community helped lock him in his tomb again, but the power of his magic freed his minions and created what is known today to be the Vortex!

ChiZao, having escaped the Inner Tomb, has begun attacking the Vale. He has abandoned prior attempts to talk with citizens, and is now simply killing anyone and anything that enters the Vale.

For now we can only wait for Hyun Moo to get back to us on the reinforced pillars. My suggestion is to stay out of the Vale while ChiZao is in there; if any of you remember the button-mashing Forsaken trio, it can be very difficult to go anywhere without being killed instantly.

ChiZao is immensely old!

It seems the Vortex gained an upperhand against the Mythos, causing a full scale invasion of the toughest tribe leaders from ChiZao's tomb, the Vortex. Many resting from adventures and hunts in Mythic Nexus, found themselves rudely awakened by the sheer force of such tough adversaries as Ghaleb and Zibong's Mask. Miyuki was lucky enough to capture a few pictures of the battle, before falling himself to the brute force.

The leader of the Shadow tribe sneaks behind several unsuspecting people in Mythic.

Just as in the Vortex itself, dark forces cloaked the high noon sun, leaving heros in darkness.

I know that when people that saw when Mercenary Camp (Chizao's Tomb) name changed to Vortex, many were already previewing it was for the 12 new caves available to public.

History info for the chiazo tomb event

october 2002

Map pieces in a foreign language.

Here is the text, translated in full.

Begin your journey from the small home of the mage in the second city. Here is where his journey started, and so shall yours, now a haven for the undead and the victims of his magic. Look at what has happened here and the evil fate, which met the people who fell into the grasp of his power.

Before you can continue go to the twin taverns to the southeast and rest the night. Think long and hard about the journey you are going to undertake and if you should continue. Once the morning comes if you are still willing to continue on the journey you should head east to where love is forged, and be blessed for your journey by the priestess. From here head south, over the stream, and out the city to the free man's land. Pass through the village of the farmers to the southeast.

Here you may wish to collect supplies as a long journey lays ahead of you. Once prepared continue southeast to stop at the altar. Be sure to place the flesh of a rabbit here to appease the spirits to protect you on your journey. Now journey south past the great plains, and into the deep forest of the south. Once you are in the woodman's forest seek out the temple of the mighty Ju Jak. A donation or sacrifice to this totem can only help, as you will need all the support from the totems for what you may face ahead. Now continue to the east, to the first great city and gain permission to enter there. Travel south into the great city, over the mighty river toward the home of the king. Before reaching the palace turn to the east down the path and head towards the mage home in this city. One must be familiar with the home of the dead ones before they can enter his final home. Now to the south where you shall find the home of a young shaman with great powers.

Know this place well for if you fall in this journey it is she alone who may be able to help you.

Head towards the center of the city, there seek out the blacksmith, this may be your last time to repair your equipment before you face the evil. Then visit the inn and rest for the night. The journey is half over in distance, but only beginning in trouble. In the morning you shall rise and head to the south of the city. Before leaving walk past the row of flowers to the house of love, and remember our loved ones that you may never see again. Collect yourself, and leave the city to the south. To the east you will find the cemetary of the ancients, visit the dead here who fell in battle against the mighty mage. Remember the destruction and death caused by him and how your actions may cause grave damage to the world. If you are still willing to journey on leave the cemetery and continue south. Travel for a way to the south till you find your way to the village of the warring tribes. Keep to the north of the valley to evade becoming entangled in the tribe's battles, and head to the east. You will come to a mountain, and you will need to climb to the top of that mountain. There you shall find a golden oak, and the marker to the last part of the path.

From here you will see the golden oak (oak trees are green now) on a distant mountain, continue to follow the oaks and you will enter the valley of the tomb.


1)Start by walking in then out of HH in Buya
2)Go one of the Inns & rest until status message ("Your wounds heal faster in the inn." or similar) comes.
3)Walk to Buya Chapel & walk in then out. Stay around for 10 seconds.
4)Go South over the bridge then exit Buya.
5)Walk in between Weaver & Gemcutter in the Wilderness.
6)Go south then East over a little bridge to the alter & drop Rabbit meat on the alter (there are already lots there).
7)Walk through Sheep field to JJ Temple. Talk to the lady (click on her). You don't need to worship or change your totem.
8)Walk to Kugnae & walk south then west to the HH (walk in & out). Stay around for 10 seconds.
9)Walk south to the closest Shaman.
10)South again & repair at Smith (you don't need the money to repair. Simply say, "repair all").
11)Go to one of the Inns & rest until status message comes (same as last time)
12)Go South then east to the Chapel (walk in & out). Stay around for 10 seconds again.
13)Exit Kugnae through south gate.
14)Got East to cemetary & enter then exit every crypt.
15)Go South to Nagnang.
16)Walk to from North gate all the way east, and go south.
17)Walk till you see some steps, and walk straight ahead, and turn left.
18)Walk up those stairs, and you will see a tree.
19)Walk to the left or right side, to be transported inside.

Once you are in the Mountain range there are quite a few rooms you have to travel through. Soon you'll come into the Mercenary Camp.

Once you are in the camp, go to 57,10. Speak with the Captain.
Say Doomed.
Say Dig.
You will get the legend mark and it will enable you to enter the cave located at 39,33.

The monsters are pretty buff, so be careful!

Spelunking in the Tombs

Tonight, we took a group of 6 people and headed into the tombs to see if there was anything else to be found. Apparently Delphi has said the tombs are complete, we are simply missing something.

There is also rumor of a secret passage (a wall you can walk through yet it looks normal) somewhere in the tombs. The problem with this is, some of the rooms are so packed with creatures, it is impossible to check thoroughly without the aid of a LARGE group. Our group of six adventurers (Myself, JerzeyKat, Dracimor, Strawbryrain, Bylen and Onimusha; RichDragon, Audi, Newhook and others were added into the group later) headed immediatly west from the first room. I took the liberty of letting Bylen and JerzeyKat deal with mage duties long enough to let me map out the four rooms we entered. I have provided a typed map of the entire tomb area known to date which was provided by Kafe, and I have given you the results of my screenshots (very, VERY scaled down). When you look at my maps, I am sure it is hard to tell but take note of the last room. There are statues, large straight green tree-stumps that look like cactus plants and it seemed as if these rooms had less enemies than any of the previous. This is all for now folks, I will post more as it is available.

[X]= Starting Room (Flag in middle of room)
[0]= Regular Room
[+]= Dead End Room (Tree stumps & Statues)
The yellow highlighted areas are the areas explored in the composite maps below.
The green highlighted room is a room with a curious wall on the right side. It is made up entirely of single blocks and forms an "s" pattern. Remember the event where we had to make a bomb with the instructions from the drunk ogre? Perhaps this requires something similar. Perhaps it leads lower into the tombs. More to come...

Original Map by Kafe/Edited for Clarity by Khamael

(The entry room is the one on the right)