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  History | Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008

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There was a more serious problem this year. In the past we learned that the Yu Ryang Village was full of troubled ghosts.

A family feud was in progress with the ghosts even more upset and restless! The murder mystery seemed to be solved... well at least enough to settle them down somewhat. But not entirely. Cheyn remembered that the real murderer was a witch! We also learned that the Tae and Yon families are crafters. Why would a witch want to set up a feud between crafting families? How did she manage to kill Cheyn? Where is she? We hope to learn the answers to these questions soon.

Note: To see the maps of this epic adventure click here.

Haunted Woods NPCs:

Haunted Woods Unused NPCs:

Yu Ryang Village NPCs:

New lengend mark:

A spooky new mantle:

Dialog text contributed by Irota.

NPC: Tabae
Say: Hello
Hello, traveler. Its been a while. So I guess you heard. Two families have always been at war, each claiming the other did them wrong. Sadly even in death they still quarrel! And poor old me has to listen to every single bit of it! Honestly, I wish I could strangle the culprit who killed the head of the Tae family...though, that person is probably dead too. *sighs* If you could have the time...could you please speak with the members of the Tae and Yon family?

NPC: Cheyn
Say: Murder
Murrrrrrrrder murrrrrrrrrder! For the billionth time - I was not murdered!! I'm alive and kicking!!! *You feel the ground under your feet start to move*

NPC: Eo Mo
Say: Cheyn
Yep. He dead. He a'int comin back. Yep. Yon took his life. They a'int caring for nobody. Yep. Yep.

Say: Yep
Yep. We see eye to eye, I'm glad. Wish I be livin the fast life with you too. Yep. I tell you this though. *he leans in* There's this guy who's been hoarding a whole pile of gems. Yep. Just yep look for his smile it lights the way through the darkness. You may thank me for that knowledge some day...yep.

NPC: AeCha
Say: Yon Family
Now why'd you go and utter a word like that? That hurts my feelings. You dont understand what they did to me. *sniffles* I dont have anymore trustworthy friends. I used to play games with a friend at a palace, but then I moved here...some how. *she sighs* I have already forgotten how that song goes...the one that was taught to me.

NPC: Jung-Su
Say: Yon family
How dare you say such a filthy word in my presence! The Yon family is a disgrace to the village and a disgrace to all things living! Be gone, you rude imbecile! for all I know, you're probably working for that slime! He's got the strength to mine the fields, but he doesn't have the tools to forge a great blade like me! Ha ha ha!!

NPC: Kang-Dae
Say: Gems
How did you know that I am a gem crafter?!??! *his smile displays an array of jewel encrusted teeth and you hear musical sounds as he smiles wider.* Well, since you somehow uncovered this knowledge. How about you do me a favor and find that girl for me...thhen kill her!!!! They're mine! That brat stole them!!!!

NPC: Yuangao
Say: Tae Family
Oh no no. They've caused us so much pain. No no no. Dont mention that name again. No please no. We used o play a game together. Yes we did. One of us would scramble a word and repeat it in what sounded like an unearthly language, and then we'd have to guess what that word actually was! There were three of us, yes. I miss those times. Our last game ended prematurely...I said the word roagne woc (which unscrambled to orange cow if you haven't figurred that out). I thought I'd win with that one...

NPC: Tinn
Say: Jung-Su
*You hear odd noises of someone making something out of metal.* *grabs you by the collar* Whaaaaat did YOUUU SAY?!?! I ought to kill you for mentioning such a disgraceful name!!!!! I will never forgive that fool who stole all of my hard earned ore!!!! Be gone before I teach you a lesson about respect!!!

NPC: Honi
Say: Aecha
AeCha? You've talked to her? How's she doing? *his smile quickly turns into a frown* She died? Oh could this be? My poor little AeCha...*he sobs* Are you a shamen of some sort? How did you know she passed on?

Say: Song
AeCha's song? Hmm... if you truly can speak to her, I will teach you this melody. Pay attention. *clears throat* Fading sun, waking moon. Carefree days, yesterdays. Wistful dreams come to me. Guide me through my slumber. *he trails off*

NPC: Aecha
Say: Fading sun, waking moon
*she joins in song*

Say: Carefree days, yesterdays.
Carefree days, yesterdays.

Say: Wistful dreams come to me.
Listen to my aching soul...

Say: Guide me through my slumber.
Guide me through my slumber. *she pauses* Honi wrote that song. I remember now. I used to sing this song to Namit and Aafke when we were all kids, but t

NPC: Thane
Say: Tinn
Ah, how do you know this name? He was once a great apprentice of mine, a bright young lad too. He lived a short life, but he enjoyed his first time mining in this very field. It brings a tear to my eye thinking about why he did so in the first see, he was in love with a lass by the name of Jin Ae of the Tae family. He wanted to propose to her, you see, so he worked in the mining field day in and day out in hopes of gaining enough ore to eventually turn in to a smith to forge an engagement ring. Ah, and yes...there was the smith who was going to forge the engagement ring. He refused to do so after the whole Yon and Tae family broke Tinn's heart. *he hands you a distorted looking ring* Well, this is what Tinn tried to forge, but as you can's not really a good looking ring. Hah. I will give this to you...perhaps you can put it by his grave for me? I have been meaning to do so...Hah. I will give this to you...perhaps you can put it by his grave for me? I have been meaning to do so...

NPC: Tinn
Say: Jin Ae
*You hear that odd noise again* Jin Ae...*he slowly turns towards you* Who is...? *he looks at the disfigured ring in your hands* This...ring. *he gently takes it from you* This is Jin Ae's...what is this I am feeling? My heart races to her name...*he peers at you* What wicked magic are you casting on me?!? Leave me be! *he throws the ring to the floor and you quickly snatch it*

NPC: Jung-Su
Say: Jin Ae
What about her? She's my daughter. If that will be all, leave me alone. *he studies the ring in your hand* What is this? There is an engraving of my daughter's name on this ring. Why?

Say: Tinn
Tinn made this? *bursts into laughter* Boy, is it ugly. I...*he pauses* what...? *his hands begin to tremble* I...remember now. Yes...*he turns to a roaring fire with the ring in hand* My last wish in my life, I remember now. My daughter's happiness. *he begins to the craft the ring* She wanted to live a life with Tinn. I died before I could forge this ring...I ...was killed. By who? I...don't remember. Not Tinn, no. *he gives you the ring* This is Jin Ae's.

NPC: Jin Ae
Say: Tinn
This name you speak of sounds utterly familiar...What is this ring in your hands? *she slowly takes it from you* Tinn...yes...I Her ghostly eyes glare at you* Why are you here? Why are you tormenting me with these memories? So many memories....*she turns away from you* Leave me at peace. Please.

NPC: Aafke
Say: Pearls
These pearls are mine?! Let me guess, Kang-Dae sent you after me! I bet he told you to kill me too! Well, looks like you've been beat to the chase! *she waves a ghostly arm* Cheyn personally told me not to trust Kang-Dae. Cheyn's a good guy, you know. He promised he'd teach me the art of jewel crafting, but then he bit the dust. Yea. Sadly, my family has been accused for killing him. I've been meaning to give this to my best friend. Could you deliver one of them to him? You dont look like the type that can easily get mugged. *she hands you a jewel*

NPC: JooChan
Say: Immortal Gem
This looks like Aafke's craftsmanship, Beautiful...*he takes the jewel from you* Thank you for the delivery. Soon my family will be able to live again...once more...Keep one for yourself you never know when you may need it. Stay weary of Kang-Dae. He may become very upset to learn you aided my family in this delivery. Whatever you do, dont tell him about the Immortal gem.

NPC: Kang-Dae
Say: Immortal
WHAT?!?!?! You know of the Immortal gem?!?! How did you acquire such knowledge? The Immortal gem is said to grant life to those who have been wrongfully killed! I have been collecting gems for a very long tiem now in hopes I could perfect the skill in crafting one.

NPC: Chinho
Say: raogne woc
Orange cows? But cows aren't orange. Try this! redle ehcyn!!

Say: Elder Cheyn
Oh you're good. You should go see if one of my old friends can figure that one out.

Say: redle ehcyn
Elder Cheyn! That was easy! Try this one: yufnn yenkmo.

Say: Funny Monkey
Haha! Yes! That's what you are! Ah that was fun. Thanks for that. I used to play that game all the time with ChinHo and Yuangao. Sadly, Yuangao isn't welcome here anymore.

NPC: Cheyn
Say: Funny Monkey

NPC: Teikari
Say: Cheyn
You want to know who killed Cheyn? I'll tell you...lean closer....closer, closer. *he smacks you across the head* If I knew, we wouldn't be having this family feud now would we?? You're as naive as those Tae babies! I'll tell you this much though. I was the last person Cheyn spoke to. He was elling me about his plans for a new village our two families would create. It was a spectacular idea! Our families are the greatest craftsmen in the entire realm, and I knew we could accomplish it! When we parted ways, I noticed that he was carrying a loaf of bread that appeared to be from Xiali's bakery and Potion shop. I only note this because that loaf of bread looked pretty disgusting. Then, next thing I know, he's dead! And then shortly after, I'm dead too! Where is the logic in this?!

NPC: Xiali
Say: Cheyn
Oh Cheyn used to be one of my favorite customers. He was such a humble man. He'd always ask for the same loaf of moon bread. I always made a special loaf just for him. It's a shame we don't talk anymore. The day he died was a very sad day for me, but for some reason I was expecting it. I am no fortuneteller, but I burned five loaves of moon bread that day. FIVE! I was mortified! I knew it was a sign of bad luck! Then look what happened...he took home some burnt moon bread then he was murdered soon after. He didn't even get to take a bite out of it. Maybe you can see if he will accept some moon bread from me?

NPC: Cheyn
Say: Moon bread
MOON BREAD!!!!! What's it taste like? *he quickly attempts to take a bite, but is unsuccessful. Ghosts don't eat. Duh?* I can't eat it! I can't! Why?! I can't! Oh...*he observes his hands* why am I so pale? *he shakes his foot, and it falls off*....*he goes to scratch his ear, but it falls off*...*he scratches his nose, dislocates* What is wrong with me?! *his breathing becomes shallow* There's something wrong! Help! *puts a hand to his chest* Help! My heart Hurts! Help! My lungs hurt! Help! Help!!!! *he falls to the ground* Help! I'm dying! I can't breathe! Help! I'm panicking! Help! Help!.......Help! Help! I'm seriously dying! Help! Help me please! Help! I'm dead? No I'm dying! Help!...I'm dead. *he closes his eyes*...

Say: Wake up
Why can I still hear you? I'm dead, I said! Wait...I'm dead! Wait! I've been dead! *he pauses* I REMEMBER NOW!!! That witch! She took on the form of Xiali and killed me! I knew it wasn't Xiali in the bakery shop! That's why I didn't eat the bread! Xiali wouldn't ask me TWICE to eat moon bread! I had so much planned for the Yon and Tae family. We were going to build an entirely new village together. But now...we are all dead. That witch knew that our village would rise...she felt threatened. *he sighs* Please tell Tabae of what you learned. The Yon and Tae families must unite once again! Death is not the end!

NPC: Tabae
Say: Witch
A witch? Cheyn told you that a witch killed him? Buy why..? That makes no sense. What does a witch have against two mere crafting families? Somethign larger is at stake here if that is the case... It may be time to call upon an old friend to aid in this...after all, it would be such a waste to grant rest to these two hardworking families. Rest comes only to those who have earned it. It's time they awaken...Thank you for your hard work. I offer you this humble reward.

This year KRU out did itself and presented a double Halloween event. There was the usual fun in the Inns with Trick or Treating! Getting sent to jail as a "trick" is never fun but there were new dyes that we loved. There were free roaming ghosts in all the towns and in Mythic. They had some shocking spells that weren't damaging; just somewhat annoying after awhile. That provided good incentive to kill them! As usual there were tons of new costumes laying around ready to suit up and visit the Inns. We captured these images so we can never forget!