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History for January 2002

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(01/03/2002)- Players have double the number of spell slots - To help provide Nexus players with the full range of spells, and spell abilities Nexus has to offer we have increased the number of spells every character can use from 26 to 52; doubling the old number! Now players can have access to not only their hunting spells, but all the other spells they wish to have, such as subpaths, or even just the "fun" spells such as the morphs.

(01/07/2002)- Yinchuehshans Postcard event - Yinchuehshan has announced he is looking for a holiday spot to spend his next vacation at, if he ever takes a vacation! He is looking for ideas on where to go, and is asking players for help. If you want you may send a postcard from your hometown, state, or country. This will let Yinchuehshan see every place Nexus players come from, and pick a place he would like to visit.

Also Yinchuehshan has said for every postcard he gets with one character's name on it he will give that character a special and unique item in the game. It won't be much, but it will definately be a one time only item! The deadline for this event has been extended by player request, so everybody can get a postcard in. All postcards need to have a post office stamp on it by the end of this month January 31st if you want an item. To submit a post card to this event send a post card to:

2855 Kifer Road Suite #100
Santa Clara, California 95051

Good luck to everybody entering the event, we have already received about 200 postcards from all over the world!

(01/07/2002)- Whirlwind changed - After a period of investigation and research in cooperation with players Nexus has finally made another very significant change to the Whirlwind spell for warriors. Warriors often experienced a greater number of deaths from the use of this spell. Nexus held an in game survey on the spell, and at the players own request they came to the suggestion to reduce the effect, and damage, of the spell by 10%. While the new spell is a little weaker than the old spell, the option of keeping 10% of their vitality and greatly improving therr chance to survive after this awesome attack.

This change was applied to 2 of the 3 alignments, so that the players who still wanted the older, stronger, attack could still have access to it. To provide for this change we have also developed a system to remove any alignment you may be on. This is an expensive, and costly, system to do as alignments are something you swore to be devoted to for life.

(01/12/2002)- Nexus reduces aethers by 20%! - Nexus has done a massive change to the aethers in the game! We have reduced all base spells aethers by 20%. This greatly improves the hunting aspects of nexus, making it faster, and more interesting. Players now can experience a much more exciting hunting experience.

Along with these changes to the aethers, and to maintain balance, we have also greatly increased the healing abilities of the Poet and Mage classes above level 99, so they can keep up with the use of vitality now with this faster system.

A final change related to this new system is a increased spawn rate on all mythic creatures, so they won't have to worry about running out of things to hunt!

These changes are under constant supervision to ensure the best balance possible, and we may need to make further adjustments later on. This also opens the path to the Sam San set of quests and spells to be released this spring!

(01/19/2002)- New clan additions released - The clans have continued their work, and added more additions to their clan hall. They now have more merchants and areas to help the members of their clans. These clans are growing stronger, and more interesting by the day, providing members more and more tools to use. This recent set of additions allowed members better access to skills and features in the game.

This information has been taken from the histories originally published by Nexon Corporation and is published here to make a more complete game history.