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History for March 2002

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(03/01/2002)- New spells for all sub paths! - This weekend Nexus has seen a great increase to the spells available to every sub path, include the players who follow the NPC paths. These spells greatly increase each path's ability during hunts, providing more power, and abilities specific to each path! To continue to help the higher-level players these spells are available in stages, as you go through Il san and Ee san, improving their ability, and usefulness. Check out your new spells now, you can get them from your subpath merchant, or your guild master.

(03/02/2002)- "Bug event" completed successfully - Yinchueshan in his recent visit has completed another of his "bug events". This event allowed players to send in any bug they knew about, and be rewarded if they were the first to report a unique and previously unreported bug. This year there were fewer email entries to the bug event, many were duplicates, but we got a great deal of information from them! We have finished sorting them, and they are being sent out to the respective programming teams to be fixed ASAP. We would like to thank everybody who made a submission, through your efforts we will be able to improve Nexus and make a much smoother gaming experience for everybody.

(03/03/2002)- Yinchuehshans farewell forum - Beloved GM Yinchuehshan from the technical support team has ended his visit to the US, and gone back home to Korea. Unfortunately he ran out of time before he left to say his own formal farewell to players. He has made an appointment to get on Nexus at 7PM (PST) on Sunday the 3rd of March to say his farewells. He will also be sending out the prizes of from the bug event at that time. If you wanted a chance to say farewell to Yinchuehshan that make sure you make it on Nexus at 7PM (PST) to see him one last time.

(03/13/2002)- New share wisdom system implemented - Starting tonight (03/14 early morning) we will be implementing a new Share wisdom system in Nexus! This new system is a great extension to the previous system, with rewards to players who have used the spell wisely.

Every two Yuri's (90 days) a player who has kept on the right side of the law will be able to upgrade their spell to a better version, providing you wish a faster sage, or the ability to sage in other kingdoms. Here is a chart of the new system :

First spell:
Share wisdom
(15 minute aethers)

Second spell:
Mentors wisdom
(10 minute aethers)

Third spell:
Kugnae wisdom / Buya wisdom / Nagnang wisdom / Neutral wisdom
(10 minute aethers, plus ability to sage in home kingdom)

Fourth spell:
Kugnae sage / Buya sage / Nagnang sage / Neutral sage
(5 minute aethers, plus ability to sage in home kingdom)

Fifth spell:
Sages wisdom
(5 minute aethers, plus ability to sage in any kingdom)

To get this system going, and to reward the players who have had this spell for some time without losing it we will be making this system retroactive. If you have already had you Share wisdom spell for over a year you will be able to pay for, and learn, the next level of the spell without the 90 day wait until you get to the highest one. The same will be true for all the other "levels".

This new system will also pardon people who have previously lost the Share wisdom spell, and give them access to the new system. If you get jailed under the new system you will lose any sage spell you have, and you will not be able to learn one for 90 days. They you will start at the first spell, and have to work your way up again.

We hope you will enjoy this new sage system, and the rewards it brings to you long term players, and the players who use the spell wisely.

This information has been taken from the histories originally published by Nexon Corporation and is published here to make a more complete game history.