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History for May 2002

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(05/11/2002)- War breaks out in Mythic Nexus! - For too long peace has reigned over the land. Everything seemed to be going well, and for the last Yuri no one has challenged the lands. But peace is fleeting, trouble is brewing, and the quiet has be broken. News has emerged that trouble is starting to brew deep within the depths of Mythic. Sounds of war drums can be heard across the plains, and the mythic animals have been on the move.

The cause of these recent problems are unknown, and where this may lead is equally a mystery. All we know for now is that this is only the start and things can only get worse. I charge each of you to be on your guard, and be weary of what is happening, and what may come in the future.

(05/18/2002)- Nagnag and Mythic creatures - With the recent war amongst the Mythic creatures averted, the royalty of Koguryo, Buya, and Nagnang met to discuss the recent moves made by the blacksmith Nagnag. Nobody is sure what Nagnag was doing, or what he was hoping to achieve. Currently he has not broken any laws of the Kingdoms, as his actions were focused purely in the Mythic lands. However there are still many unanswered questions that the royals would like answers to before closing this chapter in history. If anybody has information about the whereabouts of the blacksmith Nagnag, or what he is up to you are urged to contact an official from your kingdom immediately. Yuri has offered a reward of 1,000,000 gold coins to anyone who can give information leading to Nagnags location.

There is also a small warning being released. While the war in Mythic may be over the armies have issued warnings to citizens to be careful still. The Mythic creatures are still very untrusting of their neighbors, and rumors have surfaced that they may be trying to forge new alliances and form partnerships with some of the more powerful citizens to aid them in their feuds. Anybody who participates in these feuds cannot expect help or assistance from any official source.

(05/26/2002)- King Yuri's Golden Jubilee. - Beloved King Yuri of Koguryo is celebrating his Golden Jubilee! The land is being filled with festivities to mark this great occasion, with many different events and ceremonies.

The first was a gift released by the palace staff to celebrate 50 years of Yuri's reign. Citizens from all nations are invited to visit the Koguryo palace and get one of these gifts to join in the celebration.

The Blacksmiths guild has also joined in the celebration, today they made two huge announcements. The first was concerning the strength of the warrior's items, which they felt were too weak. With new designs and materials they have been able to greatly increase the durability of these items, and they can now take a lot more damage.

The second announcement from the blacksmiths was a reduction in the cost of repairs for the next few days. For a short time all repairs will be given at a greatly reduced price, a total of 99% off!

We invite you all to join in the festivities, and help to celebrate King Yuri's Golden Jubilee. It's an event that will never be forgotten.

This information has been taken from the histories originally published by Nexon Corporation and is published here to make a more complete game history.