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History for May 2004

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(5/9/2004)- Happy Motherís Day! - As part of the mothers day celebration Mhul had planned a Festival of Flowers, where the gardener Betsy had planned to unveil a new flower she has been growing in her secret gardens.

However, as the time for the festival approached Betsy did not turn up with the flowers. At first Mhul and Eldridge were furious at her failure to show up for the festival. But as the citizens started to investigate they discovered that something evil was going on, and that Betsy was unable to attend the Festival because her garden was being invaded.

After much investigation and exploration, players were finally able to get to the bottom of the invasion of the black bees, and took action to remedy the situation.

Blossom, Betsyís daughter, took great delight at the news her mother was fine, and that the citizens were helping to end the invasion. She then offered her services to make beautiful bouquets for the players to help celebrate Motherís day.

Happy Motherís day everybody!

(5/14/2004)- Let the Chapel Bells ring - Crystal, Lotus and Peach have recently noticed an increase in requests for a special outfit for men to wear during the wedding ceremony. After working on several designs with Chi, Cry, and Tilsa they have finally agreed on an elegant looking cloak.

You can now buy the new Wedding cloak at any reputable shop that men's clothes are made. Crystal, Lotus and Peach hope that this will bring more elegance to the groom, and hope to see you singles at a chapel near you soon.

(5/14/2004)- Game keepers store open - The game keepers who run the game rooms of each town have recently decided that they will allow citizens access to their secret store, where, for a price, you can buy some odd items.

However, do not expect that getting to the store will be easy, for the game keepers love to play games with people, and would never make accessing their shop as easy as just walking in.

If you are interested in trying to gain access to the store visit, the towns and look for the game keepers walking around the race tracks. He will let you know more.

Good luck!

(5/20/2004)- Memorial Day free play for expired accounts! - Every year for the past few years Nexon has tried to offer a few days to expired players to come back and visit with old friends. We have over the years tried different methods to do this, and this year we will be trying a new system.

On Memorial Day weekend, May 28th to May 31st, we will be activating expired accounts so they can play. Only accounts that are expired (not blocked accounts), and only characters on those accounts (not deleted characters) will be able to play.

We hope this new system will grant the people who wish to come back to visit for a few days the opportunity to do so. So if you know somebody who used to play and wanted to come back for a day or two to say "Hi" let him or her know about this opportunity.

(5/20/2004)- Pirate invasion - As dawn broke over the sea, the merchants of Hausson felt the air get heavy. Then, without warning, a pirate landing party raided the small island town.

The dreaded pirate Bluestone was back with his ship and hoards of pirates! Beware all who travel to the island of Hausson, there be pirates are back!

(5/22/2004)- Chan Lee and The Panda arrive - As if the invasion of Bluestoneís pirates on the island of Hausson was not enough a second ship has now arrived. Chan Lee captains The Panda, and his men have landed and taken to fighting with the pirates of Bluestone.

The fighting has now spilled over, and has spread as far as Dae Shore. Beware all who enter the shore, for the battle is raging!

(5/25/2004)- Pirates depart - At dawn this morning Bluestone lifted anchor, and sailed off from the coast of Hausson . Chen Lee and his group plundered some foods and supplies from around the land, and then quickly gave chase again to Bluestone and his ship.

What will happen to them, or what secrets Bluestone was keeping, we may never know. For now peace and tranquility have returned, as well as our messengers.

(5/28/2004)- Free play for expired accounts has started! - Starting today, Friday the 28th of May, Nexus will be offering characters on expired accounts the opportunity to play Nexus for free. The free time will end on Monday the 31st of May, at midnight US Pacific time.

This only applies to characters on accounts that have expired, and not to any deleted or blocked characters or accounts.

We hope you take this opportunity and come back and visit your old friends in Nexus, and take part in some of the weekend activities.

(5/30/2004)- Wisdom clothes released - As we approach the 6th Nexus anniversary, as well as the return of some old hero's to our lands, we are releasing what we call Wisdom clothes.

There are several levels of these clothes, which come in Robes for males, and Gowns for females. The level you will be able to get will be based on how old your character is in real life years. However, if you have committed any crime in Nexus then the clothes will be based on how long since you committed the last crime.

The first level is ChutZe, or "First" in Korean. This will be available to characters who were "Born" more than 1 year ago.

The levels continue with DoolZe, or "Second", for characters born 2 years ago, and so on.

If you are interested in getting these clothes then go to Yoni in Koguryo, Honi in Buya, the Ambassador in Nagnang, or Rotah in the Wilderness and ask about the "Wisdom clothes"

We hope you enjoy the new robes, and wear them with pride to show how long you have been in these lands and following the rules.

This information has been taken from the histories originally published by Nexon Corporation and is published here to make a more complete game history.