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  History | Halloween 2008

The Return of Mupa!

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This story has been unfolding for some time now. Read back through our history to see it's unfolding. Then read the lastest epic in the saga. What will happen next?

So many unanswered questions... Who is the King Haggard Witch spoke of? Will Tabae Mupa immortal? If so, Haggard Witch tells us she has a chance for a second life! Will the families heal their feud and return to their crafting? What do the Vacant Soul and Immortal Gem have do with this? Obviously a means to restore life... but how? And why did she mention the "witch's plight"? Is Mupa in some sort of trouble too?

  • We first learn of the Yu Ryang village!
  • A new cave of tree-like monsters!
  • Mupa captures Witch Yieta!
  • Tabae, of the Yu Ryang village, comes back to tell of a feud and a witch!

During Halloween that just passed, we learned of a serious problem in Yu Ryang Village between the Yon and Tae families. A witch had been setting one against the other by murderous deeds. The citizens managed to heal that rift but were left baffled by who was behind the scheme.

A few short weeks later Haggard Witch appears by the Tree of Reflections (Kugnae, East Gate). We all know that name of the most evil witch to have ever lived. Merely mentioning the name Mupa moved Haggard Witch to speech.

Indeed. The twisted minds of these once harmless trees are Mupa's doing. Onyx seeds have soiled into the earth, tarnishing the roots of Ichimei's nature and scourging Life in its peaceful rest. It is time for you to cleanse these lands. Chaos has come full cycle... the resting phase has come to its end. Therefore, it is necessary that you destroy these wandering impurities that have lost their will.

~she forms a fist~

It is too late to save them. They now deserve rest. Slay them to show me you have met my request. Bring a handful of their remains as well. When you have completed this task, tell me what peculiarity you find in their remains.

Brave ones entered the cave south of the Tree of Reflections to slay the evil trees to gather Onyx Seedlings (10) and Decayed Root (20).

Returning to give the items to Haggard Witch, she said:

Thank you, mortal hero. Mupa was quite clear in choosing to garden these onyx seedlings.

~she smirks~

Because you have shown eagerness in assisting me, I ask that you take this to Tabae. As I have stated earlier, innocent souls slain prematurely by an immortal may be granted second life; that is, if their silver thread was not yet cut by the Fates. This will return the Yon and Tae to their lively state...

~she smiles and lets out a soft chuckle~

Haggard Witch hands you a Vacant Soul and asks that you seek out Tanbae of the Tae family. Tabae was found in the Northern Pass where you could give her the Vacant Soul.

This must come from the Haggard Witch! Thank you, kind soul. I will see that the Yon and Tae are brought back to life. They are loyal to our Kingdoms and would never serve Mupa. Never, never!For your efforts, please bring this to the Haggard witch. It will be my final request of her.

Feeling like a lowly messenger, you bring the Viper's Blood to Haggard Witch.

*she takes the bottle from you~ Hrm... Tabae must really be thank to give this to you. ~she detaches the note from the bottom of the bottle and reads~ Heh... Only because she thinks highly of you. However, it is you who will need to gather the other required items. Now... ~she flips through a book~ It reads: 'Thorns as strong as steel, ambers of yellow radiance, roses fragile to the touch, stone of the Tao, ginko branches, blood of the viper.' Bring these to me and tell me when you are ready.

She wanted:
- 20 Ginko wood
- 10 Yellow amber
- 2 Steelthorn
- 1 Tao stone
- 4 Fragile rose

Once you had all the items, you had to tell her I am ready.

~She takes the items from you~

She must have been hard of hearing because you had to I am ready again! She then began to chant...

~She slowly brings her hands together~

Cursed snake of Mupa's brethren, seek no more an intent to murder.

~the items begin to decay~
~she cuffs her hands over the decayed mold and slowly turns towards you~ We are still in need of other items. Perhaps you can find me something dead, bring many I will need them.

~You see sparkling dust floating around her hands~

Mupa may be gone for the moment, but I am certain that she will return.

~She returns to a marked page in the old book~

Hmm... I feel the dark arts all around... You must prepare yourself. Bring me as many remains from these evil trees as you can carry. Use any methods necessary, but do not delay, if a strong wind carrioes the dust away all will be lost!
With a sigh you head back to the cave to collect:

- 25 Dead leaf
- 25 Dead soil
- 25 Heartwood

Then back to Haggard Witch to say Tree remains where she finishes her spell.

Excellent work. ~She begins to chant~ Death awaits around every corner
Darkness falls from every height
Heartwood strong and sturdy
Dead soil to bind the mourners
Dead leaf to take flight
Cast out the evil of Mupa's bite

It is complete. This weapon will increase your protection against the dark arts. Use this weapon wisely, for we will not be able to create another. No matter the path you tread, there is only one given King who is destined to rule. The Yon and Tae recognize this and will follow his word. ~she looks over to your with soft eyes~ Do not envy him if you wish to survive. There is only one true King.

To thank you for your work, Haggard Witch created a Fan for you.

Fan of Roots
Level 50
Fan of Phloem
Level 99
Fan of Cambium
Il san
Fan of Heartwood
Sam san
Crowning Fan
Sa san

You could see her eyes were focused somewhere far away. To bring her back you repeat, Tree Remains again.

*You hear a blood curdling scream into the far distance...!*

Shaken, you rush back to Tabae to ask What happened?. She is fatally injured and returns the Vacant soul to you.

*You see Tabae covered in blood and snakes spawn around her.*

Did the Viper's blood *she chokes* work? That vile serpent must pay for her sins. I... have failed you. I have failed My family... *blood begins to pour from the sides of her mouth* You must take the Vacant Soul, restore my family and my honor... *As she passes into the spirit realm, the vacant soul slowly drops from her hand and you catch it before it hits the ground*

Surrounding her were several strange white snakes called, Mupa's snake. Quickly killing them yielded 800 experience and they each dropped a penny. Very strange!

In grief you head back to Haggard Witch and say Tabae.

~She hangs her head low~

After all we have done to protect ourselves and restore the Yon and Tae family, we failed to protect Tabae who risked it all to die in vain. I have nothing further to say, please hold on to the Vacant Soul and Immortal Gem. I will do some more research on putting an end to the evil witch's plight and find a way to contact the Yon and Tae family. Be careful, these are dark times. Do not allow the same fate that fell upon Tabae to happen to you.

Haggard Witch gives you some Minor Quest experience. You are left with the Vacant soul and a new mark!