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History for October 2000

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Client Update (10/6/00): A minor client update will take place on Friday, 10/6/00 at approximately 10am PDT. This is to incorporate the new helmets for the Totem Animals as well as bring back a couple of creatures that were removed from. Also, the Client will now be able to read both .epf and .face files so that the Nexus Portrait Program should be easier to use. NOTE: This new version will require the use of DirectX 7.0a. You can download it from our site in the "Download" page.

Novice Area (10/06/00): A novice area has been created to help guide new players in the ways of playing and interacting within our society. We hope that this will help them to better assimilate into our game as well as help

Clan helms made unrepairable (10/6/00): Clan helms were supposed to be for clansmen only. However, they were being quickly sold to whomever would pay for them. Now, the Clan helm price has been cut in half and they have been made unrepairable. This, we hope, will eventually take all of the Clan helms out of circulation that do not belong there. The new Clan helms will be Bonded to the purchaser, so do not try and purchase one from someone else.

Totem helms (10/06/00): Beard had so much extra Ore left over from the various inhabitants of Koguryo during their expedition into the mines that he crafted four new helms - one for each of the Totem Shrines. The priests there thanked him for his gifts and their Animals imbued them with their own energies. Now, the items can be duplicated many times but they cannot be repaired. Each Totem priest requires a different tribute to get the helms. So go to your shrine and get you helmets today.

Nagnang Mage and Warrior Quest Released (10/19/00): Both guildmasters of Nagnang have opened their training doors to the Strangers from the outside Kingdoms. Sword, master of the Nangen Warriors is teaching other warriors the long awaited skill on wielding a shield. Wand, the Nagnang Mage Guildmaster, is sending fellow mages to the prophets to have them evaluated and put to task to become brothers of the Nangen guild.

Halloween Event is Underway (10/27/00): The ghostly specters and evil witches have begun to sneak their way into the lands of the kingdom. Only a few for now but their numbers are sure to increase while the time grows closer to the day of Halloween. Noxhil, a quiet individual in the Islets, is researching them and has need of some ingredients that they drop. You might be rewarded for your efforts with a special gift.

Database Purge (10/31/00): Register or renew your character by October 27th. If you are mailing in your registration, it should be post-marked no later than October 23rd. Orders outside the US should be mailed immediately.

Names that were previously reserved for free will soon become available. All un-registered or expired registration characters will be deleted. Prepare to register the name you want immediately on November 1st. Names are available first come, first serve.

All registered characters are saved, and their names are secure. Trial characters that have not been played since September 1 will be deleted. Registered characters on accounts that expired before September 1 will be deleted. There will be no exceptions to these rules.

Weather is back (10/20/00): After an unseasonably long spell of nothing but sunny skies and clear nights, the weather has returned to the Nexus. Rain and snow has been seen falling once again upon our fair lands.

This information has been taken from the histories originally published by Nexon Corporation and is published here to make a more complete game history.