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History for September 2000

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Game Upgrade Scheduled! (09/06/00): We have finally compiled the new Nexus TK game Client! The upgrades are extensive and will require a new server to handle the enhanced sounds, increased speed and other new improvements. The new server will support new functions of the Client - such as the Transformation ability - where you place items into a bowl and it is never quite sure what might come out. Sometimes good, sometimes bad but everytime fun! The system upgrade is scheduled for Wednesday, September 6th, at 10pm PST. After the server is updated, the system will automatically send your Client to be upgraded. However, the update is so large that the upgrading process takes approximately 50 minutes on an 28.8k baud modem - under optimal conditions. If you would like to be able to play in the updated game right away, head to our Download page and download the new Client during your spare time on the internet - perhaps run it in the background while you play Nexus.

New Totem Helmets - There has been a long standing problem with Clan helmets falling into the hands of those who do not belong to the Clan. So we are revising the helmet structure so that only clan members can wear their clan helmets. However, we do not wish to leave people outside of a clan out in the cold. So we are developing a new series of helms called Totem Helmets. These helmets will be identical to the Clan helmets except that they can be purchased through your character's totem animal shrine.

But that is not where things get interesting. We currently have 4 helmet designs to choose from. These designs seem to have the same similar style, but there is a progression on how "magical" they appear. We have two routes we can take with the helmets. Either we can assign the more magical looking helmets to the more magical totems or we can assign the same basic helm to each totem and then through a series of quests that will be released at a later date - currently scheduled to release one such quest a month - can upgrade their helmets with greater powers and the more magical graphic. Both options have their plusses and difficulties.

So, we have decided to leave it in the hands of you, the players. To vote for which you would like to see in the game, log into the game and Nmail Kismet. In the subject line of you Nmail put "Different" if you want us to assign different helmets to the Totems or "Upgrade" if you want to assign the same helmet graphic but be able to improve it over time. Voting will end 12pm PST on Monday, September 25th so log in to Nexus and get your vote in.

Note, no votes from characters below level 11 will be counted in the decision.

This information has been taken from the histories originally published by Nexon Corporation and is published here to make a more complete game history.