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History for September 2005

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(9/7/2005)- Nexus Update September 7th, 2005 - The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

  • Fixed all offline processes, such as clan and subpath demote/remove, board title/admin rights, etc.
  • New Muse spell added.
  • New Barbarian spell added.

Map Updates:

  • Map update for Enigma clan.
  • Map update for Oceana clan.

Minor Fixes:

  • Minor fixes for Elendhirin clan.
  • Minor fixes for Lost Kingdom clan.
  • Minor fixes for Enigma clan.
  • Minor fixes for Oceana clan.

9.7.2005 Nexus client open beta test! - The Nexus client upgrade will begin an open beta testing phase next Wednesday, September 14th. The open beta client will be available for everyone download and play. A link to the open beta client will be provided a few days prior to the opening.

Feature list for the new Nexus 6.5 client:

  • Group tab that displays the health percentage of the members in your party.
  • Expandable spell and inventory windows that are scrollable and allow for drag-and-drop reorganizing.
  • Helmets and accessories that show up on your character.
  • 3 new equipment slots.
  • Aether countdown/duration window.
  • In-game maps for important locations.
  • Ability to adjust the size and transparency of the chat window.
  • When interacting with other players in whisper and exchange, their class is displayed behind their name. (Example: "Wony (Game Master)").
  • New faces and hair allowing for greater customization.
  • Experience bar that will progress towards the next level or the maximum experience for those that are level 99.
  • Ability to right-click players to see how you can interact with them.
  • New simple-click option allows for one-click casting and item use.
  • Toggleable pathfinding with left-click, for an easier to use interface. Will pick up items or attack if you click an item on the ground or a monster.
  • Graphics upgraded to high-resoultion.

(9/13/2005)- Open beta test begins! - The beta test server is open! The test will be open to everyone. Anything that is done on the beta server will not affect your live characters. Characters from the live server will not be available on the beta test server. All beta test participants will be able to create a new character on the beta test. However, all current live characters have been copied over to the beta test, and set as level 1 peasants. Experience gain in the beta test has been increased.

We hope that you will enjoy the new features and updated graphics of Nexus 6.5. We look forward to seeing you in the beta test!

Download the Open Beta client!

If you took part in the previous alpha test, you do not need to download the beta client. An automatic patch is available by logging in with the alpha client.

(9/27/2005)- Open beta ends! - We want to thank everyone who participated in the beta. The help of our beta testers has been a great asset to the Nexus 6.5.

We will take a few days to prepare and package the release client, then we will announce a release date. We hope to be able to announce a release date very shortly. We will give everyone around a week to download the client in preparation of the launch. We will also have a much smaller download available for our beta testers. So hang on to your beta client!

After launch we plan to release a string of updates for the new client. Our first goal is to allow customization of the colors and the size of the text in the new client. After that we'll have content updates, new areas, items and more.

There is a ton of potential in this new client upgrade. We hope to utilize it to the fullest. We are very excited about the future of Nexus! More news to come!

This information has been taken from the histories originally published by Nexon Corporation and is published here to make a more complete game history.