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  History | Yu Ryang Tasks

Yu Ryang Tasks

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Tasks to settle the spirits in Yu Ryang

Note: To see the maps of this epic adventure click here and to see the maps of the haunted mansion click here.


They've destroyed everything! EVERYTHING! Look at this place! Tombs unearthed, body parts lying around and spirits fleeing in terror from other spirits! Have your ever seen such things? My ears hurt. Life was so simple, especially for me. I was the caretaker here. Kept the graveyard clean. For special funerals, I myself, this little woman, would dig the graves. Couldn't trust anoyone else because they had to be sized perfectly. Coffins made of only the finest wood and constructed with care. It was absolute paradise. The only sounds heard were the birds or the wind. None of this ruckus you hear now! Everything needs repair! ~shakes head~ Look at those things hidden in the grass there. I'll need many more than that to fix all the damage done. Gather me a handful if you see any. I must find a way to restore the solitude!

Tabae wanted 12 silver nails. When you found them, you received 10,000 experience, 1,000 coins and her thanks.

Oh thank goodness you found them! I will have the city back to ... well what we call normal in the spirit world. Thanks for the help! May your ears hear only the sweet sounds of life!


Um... Excuse me stranger. My apologies for disturbing you on such a disturbing event of the time. I do wonder, I mean... I am requesting a boon of a task from you. I will make sure you are rewarded for your deeds in assisting me, this I assure. You see, my little flower, my beautiful daughter has not stopped wailing since that night the beasties came... Horrible creatures I assure but not as horrible as I when armed with a poker stick! Moving swiftly onwards, my daughter you see is crying because her prized possession has been carried off into that rather strange house which suddenly appeared.. that's the trouble with fixated ghosts you see, they find something soft and fluffy and run off with it. It's the greed of life that haunts them in death...tragic... But not as tragic as hearing your child cry and cry. Please brave that house and return the item to me.

JooChan wanted his daughter's teddy bear returned. For this task you received 30,000 experience, 3,000 coins, and his thanks.

You are a kind one to an old man. My daughter will now be able to rest. Thank you again friend! Hope to see you on the other side again someday . . . but don't rush!


~The sound of heavy clanking is heard in the breeze~ You need some meat on those bones! ~laughs heartily~ Not everyone can have these. ~flexes his arms~ Blacksmithing will do that to you. Days of hammering and heat are only for the strongest of men. Never had time for a wife, never met the right woman. Who could stand the stink of me? ~laughs again~ I died a young man, but not a lonely one. People came from all over to buy my goods. I used only the best metal and strongest wood. I even remember a thin fussy man who wanted a special tool for the cemetery here. It seems since our raising, all these tools have gone missing. Have you seen them? NO? Well if you can find what I am looking for, bring it back to me. I made them a long time ago but I think it should still be useful.

Tinn is looking for one of the Rusty spades he made long ago. When found you received 10,000 experience, 1,000 coins and his thanks.

Hey! That's it . . . wow this thing is rusty now. Oh well should do the trick! Thank you very much for the help. Please take this . . .


Oh looky what we have 'ear aye? A fancy prancy adventurer gallivanting about like some poxy doo-gooder. I tell ye what child, I don't need no doo-goody to talk to me, I need someone with a bit of steel in them, some FIRE in the heart, if you be knowing in what I be meaning. Oh! You think you do, do ye? Well thinking is all the good as its weight in merit and by the looks of you child, you ain't got no piston to your barrels. But if you're looking to prove you got some fire I do have a task you could be saving me the bother of. I were in me flower bed when they came out of the grave, now then I am a mean fool and a mean sleeper... meaner still being dead. Didn't realize the thing was munching on me face until he took me eye. Anyhow... I wake up with a fright, thought it was the misses coming to tell me off... Amazing what thoughts haunt you when you're re-animated like that. Anyhow... I repaid the Ghoulie by beaten it to death with some toe nail clippings I found layin abouts. But that hasn't really satisfied me vengenance in honest, I mean... come now... who sneaks up whilst ye be sleeping in ye supposed grave and steals ye eye? Anyhow... I want an eye in return for the kind kiss one of their numbers gave me. Ten of the blighters should do it. Come back to me when you have 'em and I'll give you some shiny something or other.

Yuangao wanted 10 Ghoul eye for which you received 20,000 experience, 2,000 coins and his thanks.

Ye, are more than some fancy prancy do-gooder! Ye brought me all ten eyes and now I be feeling good! Thank ye, now ifin we get back to rest I can be at peace.


You! You stare at me with appalled eyes. Ha! Who are you to judge my visage! You know not what I have lived through. They call me a witch and a witch I was, in the mortal sense. I was known for my potions. I could heal or destroy. I had power until I concocted a strange mixture which slowly poisened me, eating at my flesh. That is why I look as I do. You think beauty becomes us in death? No stranger, it does not. A mistake! It was a mistake! ~weeps piteously~ Those evil wraiths came and trampled the beauty! They destroyed that which surrounded those like me. What happiness can I find in this ugly shell without the pleasure of earth's exquisiteness? Don't gape at me! I am not a monster! I was human like you. Bring me that which will restore the artistry. Only then can I be at peace again.

Xiali needed 15 Fresh seeds before she rewarded you with 20,000 experience, 2,000 coins and her thanks.

You... you found them. They are beautiful! Ah the potions I could make out of these. Here take these gold things, I don't need them anymore.


Welcome! I was the Mayor of this town! I was a good one too until one bitterly cold winter took me to the other side. Soon afterwards, my wife and my two small children followed. At least we had each other in the afterlife. I have been looking for them some time now since those knaves uprooted our souls. Nasty creatures! So what brings you here? We can use any help we can get, even from the mortal world. Unfortunately, it seems I still have the responsibilities of my former position. The barricade to our peaceful town has been destroyed, scattered and burned to appease those wretched spirits. We need to rebuild one. Have you a strong arm? A willing back? Go out and find what we need to make our home safe again from the outside world.

Mayor Teikari was looking for 4 Heavy logs and for that he gave you with 10,000 experience, 1,000 coins and his thanks.

You do have a strong arm and willing back! You have done well, alive one. We will re-build and be safe soon. Thank you!


I feel so lost... the darkness was around me, warming me, cradling me. Then they came and I have returned to a town I no longer know! I wander aimlessly, trying to speak to my friends and family but we cannot speak to each other in this world. Why can I speak to you? You must not be one of us. Maybe you can help? We need to be returned to our warmth. I dread to leave my depleted mound. Help me. Help us! Find our blanket of eternal peace. I shall remain here until you return.

All Aafke wanted was 4 Pile of dirt to fix the graves. Once satisfied she gave you 10,000 experience, 1,000 coins and her thanks.

Oh, thank you kind one! This will make things better for me. Here take these gold pieces I found laying around.

Aafke's love:

My children and I were attacked by these Mongols and in order to protect my children I was killed by one of them. My husband had been out fighting them when he returned to find me gone. He fought hard to get even with them but I feel he is forever torn. I was so at peace until those evil spirits woke us all from our grave. I am sorry I don't remember what the thing looked like... My mind isn't what it was when I was alive. I remember it was very special to me. I held it in my hand upon my death and I will not be able to rest until I have it again. Please help me again kind one. Help me to rest at peace.

It seemed that fixing the graves was not all Aafke wanted. She needed the Pretty pink necklace her husband had given to her. When it was returned she gave you 20,000 experience, 2,000 coins and her thanks.


Note: Kimoni must not have thought much of anyone who wasn't able to finish the other tasks because it wasn't until everything else was done that he would even speak with you!

You there! Come here stranger! ~checks you over~ You have the look of a strong firm body and it is that I need right now. This is a dire and urgent request for your assistance. You see, my boy, the elder of me three took a turn for the worse after being attacked by one of the fiends that escaped and dug up our graves. He was a strong child also one, but put down his adventuring days to help with the family business when me and his ma passed on like. Trouble is he came all this way when he heard the graves had been unsettled and was doing his best to set things as they should be. But... getting the calling from that be here mansion over yonder he went to investigate. He felt that something inside of there be the source. However, he ain't been back now in some time and I have a father's love and worry about him. Could you please go and see what fate may of befallen him? Now he is a stubborn lad, if he wanted to stay and play inside fine be it, as long as he be safe. If he has taken a turn the worse, I just want proof of his fate either way. He have a pendant around his neck. It's a father to son thing, return it to me and I shall know the truth of it.

To complete this task you had to make your way through a spirit filled mansion to find his son. Unfortunately you didn't make it in time because you found his remains in Corpse Crypts.

Here lies the body of Kimoni's son, Namit. You see a beautiful pendant and remove it carefully from his neck.

Did you find my son? Is he okay? Where is the pendant? ~Cries~ No not my son! Why, why did he try to go in alone. ~Wipes tears~ Thank you for your help. Soon our village will be back to normal and we will see him again. Please take this as a token of our thanks.

For all of your hard work you received a garment, 13,000 coins, and a new legend mark!