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Archon Forum
July 19, 2003

The Forum

The Archons took questions leading up to the forum date from users by nmail and answered them live on July 19, 2003 on kingdom-wide sage. The Forum Log is arranged so that questions are denoted with an asterik (*) and bold-faced while the answers are denoted by italitized text and the name of the archon who answered the question before the response.

Forum Log

* I was wondering how often does Nexon Purge Characters.

Xian: It is Nexon's decision to make a character purge. When they decide to make one they will warn everyone in advance for those people that do not want to lose their characters. Character purges names are done depending on how quickly unused names build up, if enough are used after a few months, then one will be done sooner. Last character purge was 3/19 of last year and it was announced over 1 month in advance.

* Could all archons please make user web pages like Shajara has?

Xian: While it is possible for all archons to make their user webpage, it is their decision to make one or not. Shajara's user webpage was initially created to test the system and because we know it is working fine there is no real need for other archons to test it. Perhaps you should try contacting each one of them and ask if they could make their user page.

* Are there any plans to give carnage winners better prizes at higher levels? Avatars/Celestial.

Xian: Currently there are no plans to change or add additional prizes in any level of carnage. If any decision is made about changes to the prizes, I will inform the community about it.

*Why is it we have a special Archon for Events, yet we DO NOT get any events even for a 5th year anniversary, we have to wait for months to get 1 even, and not guaranteed decent. I think all of us are hoping for a really decent event.

Methok: There's a lot of work that has to be done in order to develop an event for use in Nexus. This includes the thought process in developing the idea, a long (usually five to six page) write-up detailing everything in the event, developing maps for use in the event, determining the monsters and items that will be in the event, creating the actual quest that players will follow to receive their reward, and thorough testing to make sure there aren't any bugs in the event that can be abused.

*How might I be able to help Nexon host one of their events as an important character (eg.: ChiZao)?

Methok: I have said in the past that I will be including event characters in events that I run (this is mainly because I strongly believe that a character that players can interact with boosts roleplay and the general level of fun in the event). Unfortunately, I am going to have to carefully limit who is able to play these characters. That does not mean that I will not be asking normal players to help with an event that I create! It only means that I will need to make sure that a player is VERY trustworthy before they are given the opportunity to play an event character. In any case, I will contact you if I want you to play an event character, so please don't contact me and ask me to play one.

* During the time Anind was Archon long ago, there was a surplus in RP events that happned throughout the kingdom (Return of LinSkrae, Nangen wars, etc.). Since then there have been hardly any. As event Archon will you be doing more big and intresting RP plots?

Methok: I value roleplay very strongly, so, yes, there will be long and interesting roleplay plots that I will develop. While none of my events' storylines is going to run as long as the ChiZao event did, they will run for quite some time. You may even think that you've been led astray from the original storyline but in fact, you'd still be following it. I plan to tie in things that have happened in the past, things that are happening now, and things that will happen in the future into my events, so pay close attention to everything happening...

* Are there still going to be monthly events?

Methok: Most definitely will events be running at least monthly. I know that there was a long period in which nothing seemed to happen, but if you pay close attention to what is going on in the public events that are hosted, you will notice that there is an attachment to one another that is developed further with each of them and one of them leads ultimately to another. If you are to follow this close enough, you will be able to actually figure out what's going to happen next. However, if you were to look on the Community Events board, you would notice that there are SEVERAL events that you can participate in almost daily. Just because an event isn't run by us doesn't mean that it's no fun to participate in.

* Why new maps? I feel like a new player. People ask where things are and I can't tell them, even though I have been here for a long time. Furthermore... will we be able to possibly expect new hunting caves?

Shajara: When the new maps were added, most, if not all, portals were kept in the same place. This was done intentionally so players would have an easier time finding things. Reactions have ranged from "This is horrible! I hate Nexon!" to "Wow, its like a brand new game! I am lost and having so much fun!" Nexus is an ever changing game, from the items and the maps, to the staff and players themselves. These changes will affect different people in different ways. I am confident though that everyone will soon find themselves walking around without even thinking, being able to find places with their eyes closed. Then maybe it'll be time for new maps? ;)

Nexon is aware of the hunting cave issue. More and more players sign up each day, and this means more crowded caves to hunt in. Plans are in the works to help resolve this problem, although it will take time to finalize and then implement them. I can't go into great detail, but I hope the changes will be to everyone's liking and will ensure plenty of room to hunt for everyone.

* Is it true that Flameblades can be bought from the random merchant?

Shajara: I cannot verify which items can be bought from the wandering merchant, but I can tell you that there are MANY rare and interesting things he will sell to you. Of course it all depends on what he happens to have with him at the time he is found, but if you are very lucky you may get something of great value.

* What exactly is going on with the museum?

Shajara: With the recent introduction of polearms to Nexus, we were informed they could be used to attack the creatures inside the old exhibits. The layout has to be changed so that the exhibit creatures are safe. The museum must be kept closed until the new maps can be implemented. Temporary portals are in place to take you to the Caretakers room, for those who seek to complete their tutorial quests or other museum business.

* Many of us in the community are worried about these crafting skills and the results we've been getting. As a master gemcutter, I have not been able to cut as well as I used to. Is this a bug or a update Nexon made to all skills?

Shajara: Sometimes a players perception can be off. If all around you are saying that their skill results have decreased, then your perception of how well you are doing will change also. This is not to say that everyone is imagining it, and if anyone truly believes that their skill ability has gotten worse since the new changes, then please email to report the matter to him. The majority of players will be crafting just as well, if not better, than before the changes were made.

* When will Nexus be upgraded to Baram's equivalent?

Shajara: Nexus will never be Baram's equivalent. There will always be differences between the two games. There will be things that you can only find in Baram as well as things that can only be found here, in Nexus. Some may prefer the things found in Baram, while others may prefer what Nexus has to offer. The differences stretch far beyond what you can see with your eyes too. Each game has its own atmosphere, its own community, culture, habits and I am sure Baram has a whole set of different false rumors of its own. :)

* How do I become an archon?

Shajara: There is no way to apply for the position of archon. Archons are chosen by the current Archon Primogen. If I notice a player who seems particularly kind, caring and willing to help, I will note their name. As time passes I will keep an eye on things like the posts they make, how they interact with others and how much time they spend in Nexus. When a new archon position opens up, I decide who I think would be best for the position, then they are asked to become an archon.

* Why do smaller crimes like profanity get punished but larger crimes go unnoticed? (( i.e. Boss stealing, character sharing, auto hunting)).

Marama: Profanity is something we can all see and is easy to prove. Boss stealing is something not easy to prove. At one time we talked to witness, but too often players did not tell the truth and in fact some witness were not even present at the scene of the crime. Players were being framed, etc. and because of this we no longer can rely on witnesses. Character sharing will be looked into but you have to e-mail explaining why you know someone is char. sharing. You must have facts not speculation. Auto hunting.. if an Archon is on it can be looked into if not send an n-mail to Shajara who can have it looked into.

* In a clan hall, if you drop something and there is a server crash, how would one go about in getting their item(s) back?

Marama: If the server crashes without warning, you can email to report the lost items and he will return them to you. This will ONLY happen if there was a crash, not a reset. Server resets come with multiple warnings, and if an item is left on the ground and lost during a reset there is nothing that can be done. Sorry.

* I think there should be more ways to earn karma with less difficulty, and an exploit-proof way of doing it. Is anything going to be introduced to assist Karma-gaining?

Marama: If you have any ideas that you think would be a good way to gain Karma I suggest you post your suggestion on the dream board, if Nexus likes the idea and it can be done you may one day see your dream implemented. :)

* What are your opinions on the Justice system? Do you believe there is room for changes? If so, are there any changes in store for the future?

Marama: My opinion on our justice system is that we have a very large community now, but with the current amount of judges crimes that can be handled are being taken care of well. The community is ever changing, and so too is the justice system. There will always be room for improvement and this is what we work for, and will continue to work for.

* How can I create my own clan?

Themis: All information about creating a new clan is found on Guide board. The post was recently updated to include the land of Nagnang along with Buya and Kugnae.

* Are there any exceptions made when creating a new clan? (example: allowing less than required members)

Themis: No exceptions to the requirements mentioned in the Guide post will be made. Once clan reaches the voting process to become official, it is required to have at least 100 members.

* What happened to the new skill 'Jeweller' that would craft gemcutting products?

Themis: Many changes to skills were recently introduced to the game. A new skill longed for quite sometime was implemented, Fishing skill. There are no further announcements and updates about any new skills at the moment.

* We want more New Armor, New items, New weapons to be added in game

Themis: Gods recently added new weapons with special abilities. The weapons were introduced in game from crafts or quests. I am sure there are plans for more such unique additions in the future.

* Are we going to get a new woodcutting style as in other games?

Themis: The idea was recently passed on to the Game master and it is up to him to consider implementing this to the game.

* Who are the judges for Revels and how are they chosen?

Charisse: Judges are made up of both current community members and Archons. To ensure fairness, judges are selected randomly from the community at the time of judging. Different people are chosen each week to prevent bribery and corruption from occurring.

* Is it legal and acceptable practice for players to sell or share their minor quest experience?

Charisse: This is technically not bug abuse, and there is no rule against it. The minor quest system actually had this ability to share experience built into it. However when it was only available inside the guilds, it did not cause too many problems. It has since been made available outside of the guilds, and as such we notice an explosion in people using it. Delphi is working on a way to change the system so experience cannot be shared this way. Currently it IS legal and acceptable but it is something that will be changed in the future as we don't think its a good way for new characters to level.

*Will Archons participate in things outside of Nexus such as fan websites and forums?

Charisse: Archons have many duties to attend to and as they are all within Nexus, all Archon interaction will remain within Nexus. If people have questions to ask, they are free to mail the relevant Archon and talk with them through Nexus. To find a list of what each Archon does, please read Post #213 on the Guide board.

* What are Iron Nuggets for?

Shajara: These were gained through the Lost Mines event. It may not have a use now but that doesn't mean it won't in the future.

* Why are all the new items only for high levels?

Shajara: There are plenty of items for lower levels and there will always be more added to the game. It may seem that some new items are out of reach, but there will always be additions to -all- levels, not just high levels.

* What is happening with the Staff of the Elements quest?

Shajara: I cannot say anything except that it is in the works and it will be released someday.

*It is it illegal to have past archon names?

Shajara: No. It the character name is free then you can use it. It is however illegal to pretend to be an Archon.

* What will happen if subpaths fail to make the quota?

Shajara: Subpaths are handled on a case by case basis. Some may fall below quota but with good reason. Each case is assessed and a decision made. If the drop in numbers is intentional and there is no effort to bring the numbers up, then Eldridge may decide to close the circle.

* Are there new skills?

Shajara: I do not know what Nexon has planned for new skill releases.

* Last forum there was discussion about a pet system and an addiont to the creation system. Do you have any information on this?

Shajara: Unfortunately I can't elaborate on that. Some of the things mentioned in that forum are being worked on. Delphi is trying to find ways to bring such things into the game. We know how much these dreams mean to players and they are high on the priority list.

* Will there be new graphics for Nexus?

Shajara: Nexon did a test where they brought new players in to play Nexus for a few days. It was found that the graphics were one of the things that were most liked. It was said that Nexus feels more "anime" than most games.

* Will woodcutting be changed so you actually cut the tree?

Shajara: This dream has been passed on, but I don't know if it is possible in Nexus.

* In becoming an Archon, does previous experience as a Constable/Archon sway the decision?

Shajara: No not really. It shows that you were once trusted by the Archon Primogen in the past, but it will not help in getting a new position.

* Are there any items other than lanterns that can be created in the creation system?

Shajara: I cannot go into detail about what is possible with the creation system. It is however something that Nexon would inform players about.

* I missed the chance to aid Chu Rua at a lower level. Will this be available for higher levels?

Shajara: Yes. We are working on a way to make it so. Themis will post on Dreams when this is possible.

* Is there any thought beginning given to other ways to gain experience other than hunting?

Shajara: This is something that a lot of Roleplayers would love to see. I am discussing with Delphi ways to bring more experience related tasks to the game.

* Will there be a way to get Nagnag gowns/robes again or another armor of that sort?

Shajara: These may be used in future events or a quest. But this is at Nexon's discretion. I cannot offer dates etc.

* Can we expect any war type events?

Methok: Possibly, but I cannot guarantee anything.

* Will armies be given the opportunity to get the same abilities as clans?

Shajara: There are many functions which armies hope to have and Themis keeps me updates as to what is needed. We don't want armies to be the same as clans, but if you have a request for something to make armies better, you are welcome to contact Themis about it.

* Why are the weapon summons weak?

Shajara: The weapons are not intended to be hunting aids. They are designed to be something that is more fun.

* Is it possible to get Legendary in every skill?

Shajara: You are best to email Nexon directly to find out more on this.

* Is Blight every coming back?

Shajara: I don't know if or when Blight will return.

* Will judges be given the offline arrest ability?

Shajara: Judges have the ability to report names to Tip for offline jailing. It is unlikely they will be able to access the feature itself at this time. This has been decided to cut down on claims of corruption.

* Will sun armors be given out in events?

Shajara: Sun armors MAY be used in events but they will not become "common" items.

* Will we ever be able to see ourselves wearing hand/helm items?

Shajara: Nexus was not designed that way. It would take an enormous amount of programming. I doubt that it will be done but you are welcome to post on Dreams about it.

Shajara: Thanks to everyone for the questions sent in, and to those who joined us at the forum. Thanks also to all those who offer help - Primogens, Elders, Hosts and the like. If more people took the time to try and help those around them, Nexus would be a better place. Please remember that if you have a question for an Archon, nmail them and you will receive a reply as soon as possible. You can find a list of Archons and their duties on the Guide board. Thanks everyone!

~ The Archons