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Karma Information
Judgement of the Gods

Updated: June 2006

Karma Limits
There is no limit to bad or good karma. Judging by the chart you would assume that Snake karma equates to a rating of -3. This is an incorrect assumption. You could have -50 karma and it would say Snake. Likewise, when you get to Angel you could have 50 karma points and it would still say Angel. If you are at Snake and unsure of your rating, you should seek a Monk guide for help, since you could need ALOT of mentors to get to Rat.

Ways to check your karma
- Diviners, Monks, and Geomancer guides are able to give karma readings.
- Some Clan halls and Subpath Public Areas have the option to check karma within them for a small price (5,000 coins).

What do I do if I have Snake Karma?
If your karma is so low that you are unable to talk to NPCs, you must contact a Monk guide and ask for forgiveness.

The guides will sacrifice karma so you can be Cat Karma again.

Karma at Birth
Between Yuris 39-42, some people were born with Spirit to Angel's tear karma and were said to be "Born blessed". Otherwise, everyone is born with Cat karma.

What Benefits do I get from Karma?
Most quests in the Nexus require a certain amount of karma to perform them... some are as low as cat... others as high as Angel's tear. Having karma enables you to do more quests.

Karma Myths
- HORSES AND CATS - Killing these animals DOES NOT REDUCE KARMA. If an animal gives experience, it is meant to be killed.

How do I get a Faerie Light?
- See our Quest Details about the Faerie Light.

Karma Adjustment Chart
Low (Less than 1 Point)
Medium (1 Point)
High (More Than One Point)

Extremely High (4 - 8) Points
Low (Less than 1 Point)
Medium (1 Point)
High (More Than One Point)

Ways to Obtain Karma
- Mentoring a Newbie (1 Full Point) Medium
Mentoring a newbie must be done by casting the "Mentor" spell, which is obtainable at level 40 by every path, or can be learned in PC Subpath Circles. You cast the spell on a registered newbie, level 3-8, and they must agree. When they agree, their legend shows who is mentoring them. Once they achieve the 15th level, you cast "Mentor" again and your karma will go up by 1 point.

- Worshipping a Totem Animal (0.050 Point) Low
If you travel to your appropriate totem animal's shrine within the wilderness, you can worship them by providing a gold acorn or totem key. This can only be done once every 21 hours.

Shrine Locations
Baekho (Tiger) - 16, 128
Chung Ryong (Dragon) - 211, 97
Hyun Moo (Turtle) - 148, 10
Ju Jak (Phoenix) - 117, 209

- Specializing in a refining or mental Skill (Less than 1 Point) Low
If you specialize in Carpentry, Tailoring, Scribing, Alchemy, or Smithing, you will receive a small amount of karma. You can only receive this karma once, even if you decide to quit the skill and rejoin.

- Experience Sales (0.033 Point) Low
Sometimes selling experience gives you a small portion of karma!

- Pirate Coins (0.50 Point) Low
You can will Pirate coins by solving Haengsa quests. One of the items you can purchase is a small karma bump.

- Celestial or higher Carnage Win (0.50 Point) Low
Karma is a carnage prize for Riches Carnages. Celestial and higher levels!

- Joining Dog Subpath (1 Point)Medium
Joining the dog npc subpath will give you karma.

- Minor Quests Medium
Completing Minor Quests will sometimes give you karma.

- Assisting Someone in Weaving the Wind (Wind Armor) Medium
If you help someone make their wind armor by being either their master weaver or tailor, you will get a karma bonus!

- Revels and Story Contest Medium to High
If you place Honorable (1 point), Second (1.5 points) or First (2 points) in Revels or Win a Story Contest (2 points), you receive a nice karma bonus!

Quests to Raise Karma
Mythic Lesser Alliance - (1-3 Points) High
Mythic Greater Alliance - (2+ Points) High
Mythic Sublime Alliance - (4-8 Points) Extremely High
By the Sea (Chu Rua) quest - (1 Point) Medium
Joining an NPC Subpath - (1 Point) Medium
Weaving a Magical Net - (1 Point) Medium
Saying Hello from Dusk to Ghost in Nagnag Shield Quest - (1 Point) Medium
3 Week Wisdom Test - (0.020 Point)Low

Ways to Lose Karma
- Sacrificing for Quests (Varies)
Sometimes during armor quests you are asked to sacrifice a small or large amount of karma.

- Adding Someone to a Subpath (1 Point) Medium
If you are a Subpath Guide, when you add someone to the subpath, you will lose one point of karma.

- Being Jailed (Varies) High
Being jailed in any form is terrible for your karma and your reputation. Not to mention the horrid looking legend mark.

- Forgive someone. (More than 1 Point) High
Monk Guides lose a lot of karma in order to restore someone from Snake Karma! Keep this in mind when you ask to be forgiven.

- Staff of the Element Quest. (Approximately 2 Points) High

- Abandoning a Subpath (5 points) High
Leaving a PC Subpath or Dog/NPC Subpaths put a severe dent in your karma. A lot of the time it takes you straight down to Snake.

- Obtaining A Fairie Light (25 points) High
If you choose to honor yourself with this weapon it will consume your entire spirit to light it's brightness, but won't take you to negative. This can take you down to Dog karma but usually as low as Squirrel to Monkey.

This chart is designed to give you an idea of how much karma you will have at each level. Some of the levels below do not change when you get a new karma point. For instance, Tiger level has 3 karma points and Dragon level has about 5 karma points.

Karma Chart
Snake - You are among the cursed of the earth, you crawl alone in shame. (-3 or lower points)
Rat - You are out of favor with the Gods; you must purify your soul and cleanse your spirit. (2 points in this level)
Cat - You have begun the journey to perfection. (1 point in this level)
Squirrel - Your education progresses; you store knowledge for the ordeals to come. (1 point in this level)
Rabbit - Your soul moves ever quicker toward its goal. (1 point in this level)
Jindo Dog - You are faithful to the teachings of the Gods. (1 point in this level)
Monkey - You are clever and good-hearted; the Gods smile on you. (2 points in this level)
Ox - You are stalwart and honest, worthy of trust, strong of heart. (2 points in this level)
Bear - You hold quiet power and great wisdom, confidence and fortitude. (3 points in this level)
Tiger - You have entered the nobility of souls -- fierce, wise and just. (3 points in this level)
Dragon - You are at the pinnacle of mortal grace; your soul is noble, beautiful and fearsome to behold. (5 points in this level)
Spirit - You have reached the threshold of immortality; you put aside mortal possessions and passions. (5 points in this level)
Angel's Tear - Your journey has been long; you have achieved inner peace and tranquility; you speak with the Gods. (6 points in this level)
Angel (Shunnyo) - You are one with the Gods, and your soul is worthy to dwell among them. (Unlimited points in this level)