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Mentor Information
Tutoring the Wave of the Future

The Path of the Mentor
What exactly is Mentoring? Mentoring is the act of casting the spell "Mentor" on a player who is in between the levels of 3 and 8. If they should accept the mentorship, once they reach level 15, and have the spell casted on them again, the caster receives karma. It's a relatively simple process and has actually formed its own market in the nexus.

The Major Debate of Karma
Karma is supposed to stand for the God's views on a person. For good deeds, you receive good karma. The act of selling and buying karma, some feel, does not show any sign of a deed worth being judged in terms of karma. Others feel quite differently, and see Karma as a form of currency in order to do their quests. For more information on Karma in general, please see the karma section.

A True Mentorship
Some believe a true mentorship consists of teaching a player the ropes of the game, remaining roleplay, and giving them a reason to continue playing. But this calls into question the fact that people who are high ranks that make new characters. Should they have to be mentored by this tedious process everytime, or should they be free to do what they please with their characters?

How to Mentor
Mentoring is a fairly simply process. First, you need to obtain the spell Mentor from your local guild. This spell is able to be learned at level 40 and will cost you 1000 Gold + Your Path's skeleton Weapon. If you leave and join a subpath, you will have to relearn Mentor. If you join a PC Subpath, Mentor is available to be learned from the subpath circle NPC.

Mage - Death's Head Plus 1000 Coins

Poet - Wicked staff Plus 1000 Coins

Rogue - Moonblade Plus 1000 Coins

Warrior - Maxcaliber Plus 1000 Coins

Once you've learned the spell, you need to find a registered newbie character to mentor. Why registered? In order to receive karma, you will have to cast mentor again when the player is level 15. Unregistered characters can only reach level 10 as their highest.

The spell can only be cast on registered players ranging from levels 3 to 8. After then it is impossible for the spell to be cast. They will be too old to learn from you.

Once you cast the spell, you will be prompted to type the name of the newbie in.

Be sure the player is relatively close, preferably next to you. Once you type their name in, and if they are not too old, they will receive a popup box asking whether or not they agree to the mentorship.

Choose No or Accept.

Now, if you accept, they will receive a popup box saying that you accepted. The next task is for you to reach level 15. And this is where the debate begins.

Some believe the leeching of a newbie from 1 to 15 for the purpose of karma undermines its true purpose. Other see it as a good way for those who need money to make about 30-40k if they have no other means of doing so. However it is done is entirely up to the two involved. Nexon has decided in the past to remain neutral on the situation and will not interfere. Heck, most karma leeching occurs in the Kugnae Snake Cave, which is not enterable until Level 14, but you can be summoned in at any level.

Once your student has reached level 15, have them come back to you. Cast the spell and type their name again (making sure they are close). You will receive a message saying your karma has risen, and they will receive a popup saying "Your mentor's karma has risen".

That is the completion of the mentoring process. Click for Karma Information.