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  NeX-Files | Random Merchant

Random Merchant
This irascible merchant can usually be found within 25 spaces from any gate in Buya or Kugnae. He tends to lurk near walls or other little travelled places.

A Scalawag!


It began back at a time long ago.. Not before our time, but before many of your times. Yes, Yuri was King... Threats of War lingered in the gates of Koguryo. Twas the time of the Shattering.

Before we knew who was behind the darkness, all the subpaths were becoming established. Circles were being built and energized.. Elders were being chosen. One little walker took up a special interest in the path of Merchantship. He studied away at the founding at it. He met with the founder several times. He even got to witness the king walk through the kingdom before the shattering was announced!

Continuing his studies long after the dust of war has lingered away, the Random merchant began to see the establishment of the Guilds. He approached the founder and asked, "How may I walk amongst the guild?"

The founder smiled and replied "We are at a shortage of materials for the circles. Perhaps you could gather some?". And gather some he did.. Days and Nights he forged and mined for crystals and quartz.. For diamonds and Amber... All to prove he was willing to undertake the task. Through his foraging, he often stumbled upon the remains of war. The old weapons lost by fallen heroes.. Left behind.. He stored them, in hopes that one day at a later date, he would be able to use them.

He again approached, surprised, for a new elder was present. He continued forth with his stockpile and noticed an upset look in his eyes. "We are sorry young merchant... But our ranks are much too full right now. You were gone so long, that I do not even have records of you anymore." Tears began to fill in his eyes.. His dream was lost.

Or was it? Were all these emotions he felt deep inside defined by the title he gained walking in through those doors as he had watched so many do before him, possibly in his place? Or was the inner spirit he gained inside worth more?

Unfortunately his anger corrupted him... And he moved into the Wilderness, hoping to be away from people. For a while, upon the discovery of the Wilderness, he sold ore to the passerbys trying to make himself a new name. When this did not work, he realized how greedy people were.. And this angered him so.

He began to offer deals.. Whether he would give the person a piece of history with a weapon he'd collected... or told them lies... Well it was merely up to his mood... Which was unpredictable at best...

But the Random Merchant is a merchant.. Not exactly the most reliable one... But at some points, he may be the best salesman in town.. At others, he may even be brought to violence by his anger..

I urge you to let him wander until he finds himself. Perhaps one day, he will return to the Gates of the Merchants... And we may help him through his trials.

Many thanks to TaiPatron for the recovery of this legend!

If you carry at least 1,000 coins with you, the Random Merchant will speak with you. Any less and he will walk away griping about how poor you are. The amount you carry does not mean he will offer you the maximum item available. For best results, always carry 50,000 coins.

Cash   Items
1,000   A message
5,000   Sea poems - restores mana
(subpath spell item)
8,000   Titanium lance, Steelthorn, or Star-staff
he never offers an Electra
50,000   A message needed to set Thane's machine to
forge a Staff of the Elements (also rumored to
give a Flameblade!)