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Chu Rua
By The Sea

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Level Required : 3
Prerequisite : None
Karma Needed : Not applicable

How to Begin : Newbies go to their tutor, others go straight to Guol shore.

Steps :

The By the Sea or "Chu-Rua" quest can be started one of two ways.
You can start it through your tutor as part of the Newbie quests, or you can entirely skip that part and simply go to Chu-Rua and click him.
This quest can only be done for people who are level 15 and lower.

Jadespear/Ironheart requires this to be done as part of your newbie quests. You will generally receive this quest around the time you hit level 5. You must have completed all quests prior to this to move further. If you do not wish to do those quests, you can simply skip to the picture of Chu-Rua the turtle below.

When you receive the quest, he will say what you see on the left. When prompted, answer with

I am willing to risk it

and he will sweep you automatically to Guol shore so you don't have to take the trip.

This must be completed so you can do further newbie quests.

If you are not doing newbie quests, or just too high for them, you can walk to Guol shore. To get to Guol shore, you need to start at East Gate Kugnae. From East Gate Kugnae, you will arrive in Dae Shore (bottom of the picture to the right). Make your way up Dae Shore, over the brdiges, and up to an entrance. You will arrive in "Guol Shore". The map on the right may be outdated, but the directions are generally the same.

Once you reach there, click on Chu-Rua, who is the green shelled turtle you see above.

He will say the text you see on your left.

He explains to you the situation. The Dragon king is sick and needs a special young ginseng root to make himself better. He tells you pretty much where to go, what to look for and what to say.

Head North and look for a Rabbit. Once you see the rabbit say "Hello".

Well, since we're here looking for the root to save the king, tell him you are looking for some "Ginseng".

The bunny will explain the route he took to get the ginseng, and a little history about it. Turns out you should travel up the left path.

Head up north one more room and you will see a fork in the road! That is the left path you should take.

But wait! There's an odd looking rock here. Perhaps this is one of those magical creatures that Chu-Rua was talking about? As crazy as this may sound, say "Hello" to the rock.

According to what he said on the left, rocks in Ancient Korea not only respond, but problem solve AND have noses! And you thought you knew everything!

Well besides the evident oddness of talking to a rock, he gives you some important clues. Turns out theres a nice tiger up there waiting for ya when ya come.

He also gives you a hint that telling him about the rabbits might keep him off yer case. That's definatly something to keep in mind. Continue traveling on the left side, and north up the trial until you meet Mr. Tiger.

Quickly say "Rabbit" to the Tiger before he decides to make you a snack!

He will ask you where the rabbit went so he can have his revenge. Choose the "Forest".

The Tiger will disappear to the south.

Walk up to the area that looks like the picture on the left. You will receive a popup :

You receive young ginseng! Be careful not to eat it, for you can only have one!

If you try to do this part without scaring off the tiger, you will receive this popup instead :

Make your way back down to Chu-Rua. Click him once you see him again.
He will say what you see on the left.

You will receive a Sea Ring. This should be one of your first hand items, so wearing it now would be a good idea.

If you did this as part of the newbie quest, go back to your tutor and click him.

Items Lost to Sacrifice :
Young Ginseng

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :

Rewards :

- A Sea Ring!

- A new legend mark!
- 1 full point of Karma.
- 400 Experience
( 200 Additional Experience to those on newbie quest if you see your guildmaster afterwards)