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  Quests | Tangun Quests

Tangun Quests

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Locations in Tangun

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Quest Guide

All quests can be completed up to Level 50 but any higher and the NPCs will not respond to you. (Tested by Unagi)

    Information: To leave Tangun you must be registered and Level 15. Find the NPC Escape (a small green snake) who roams around the palaces. It will cost you 5,000 gold to leave before Level 50. At Level 50 you can leave for free. You can choose the Kingdom you wish to join by speaking to either King Muhyul (Kugnae 072 188), Princess Lasahn (Buya 086 221), Prince Kija (Nagnang 075 241) or Ye-shou (Wilderness 093 247). They will give you the spell "Gateway" and send you to your new home.

1. Yachae's House - Co-ordinates 006 243
Yachee asks for 10 gator meat and she will make 2 gator soup for you. You will receive 10 experience points and 200 coins. Gator meat sells for 5 coins and gives 16 vita if eaten.

2. Tominatu's House - Co-ordinates 021 238
Tominatu has lots of information. Reading each of the things he teaches gives experience.
1 - Magic - 5 exp
2 - Karma - 10 exp
3 - Grouping - 15 exp
4 - Legends - 20 exp
5 - Emotions - 25 exp
6 - Knowing yourself - 25 exp

3. Chaoxiang roams freely on the west side of the small village. For 50 coins he promises to teach you how to shop. He will give you 200 coins to buy items from a list he gives and then gives you 100 experience for your work. Head to the Bargain Market (038 241) Buy the items on his list:
30 Meat scrap (Butcher Hualing)
Royal helm (Armorer Jainjum)
Spring skirt (Seamtress Yubi)
Viperhead woodsword (Weapon Maker Guozhi)

Information: While you are looking around take the time to look for Pink Mugunghwa flowers (015 220). You will need them for a quest later on. Go ahead and gather 5 of them.

4. Bargain Market - Co-ordinates 038 241
Butcher Hualing wants 5 gator meat but you receive no experience for this.
Weapons Maker Guozhi wants 10 acorns and you receive 60 experience and a novice sword.
Jianjun wants a rose and he will give you spring war armor along with 60 experience. (Rose Bushes 010 247)
Banker Puyuman is like most of his kind. Lots of talk and gives nothing. Seamtress Yuji offers to make a silk cap if you bring 5 white silk from Butterfly Haven (co-ordinates 043 247). You receive a decent helm and 100 experience.

Durability 1000
Armor -5
Regen +10
Peasant Level 1

Information: Just north Hosu has horses for everyone. A regular horse is free or you can pay 200 coins for a beautiful chestnut mount. No experience here. (Co-ordinates 023 230)

5. Spell Trainer Chumun ask for 5 acorn and 5 rabbit meat to teach you the spell Soothe. You receive 50 experience and the spell. (Co-ordinates 047 224)

6. Chong-ui in the Justice Hall has a test on the laws of the lands. Until you take this test you cannot leave the small village. You receive 100 experience. (Co-ordinates 035 255)

Information: You may want to do Quest 6 first. It is the only requirement you need to walk north through the Village Gate. Walking through the gate gives you enough experience to go from Level 1 to Level 5. Keep walking back and forth through the gate until you reach level 5 then you must pick a Path at Level 5 and Path Trainer Chillo is just steps away from the Village Gate (042 204). You can return to the Village to complete the previous quests.

In the area between the Village gates and the river you will find all four path chantries, the Novice Clan Hall, Path Trainer, Fang, Bandit and Squid Caves. Don't forget to talk to Geomancer Feng Shui (040 166) before you leave this area.

Visit Path Trainer Chillo to learn all about paths and pick one. You can go to your path's "chantry" or guild hall to study the ways of the path. If you become a warrior come back to learn about tiger essence.
(Co-ordinates 042 204) Baekho Chantry (009 188) / Chung ryong Chantry (027 182) / Hyun moo Chantry (003 204) / Ju jak Chantry (021 200)

Warriors who have learned about Tiger Essence should visit the Home of Fang to get Tiger Mail. (Co-ordinates 048 211)

7. Dak-ho tells you about Chu Rau and how to shout. Completing Chu Rau's quest give 400 experience and a Sea ring. (Co-ordinates 046 0194)

Information: The Ice Beast Quest will be available to all levels soon so it can be completed after you leave Tangun.

8. Inside the doorway where Dak-ho stands is the Clan Hall. Sshijok is the Primogen of the Novice Clan and teaches you about clans. You are already a member of the Novice Clan. To talk to your fellow clannies you can use clan chat. This is a great way to meet others or form groups for hunting.
/novice Hi clan! or /n Hi clan!

9. Chinagada guards the bridge because there has been Bandit activity. He asks you to help cut down the Bandits and as proof wants Le Chipe's scalp before he will let you over the bridge. You can find that item in the Bandit Cave.

Information: Be sure to save 2 soup bowls and a few topaz from the Caves here. You can also make a nice amount of cash by gathering all of the wine in the Bandit cave. Panaeda and Malsulssa over the bridge to the north will gladly buy all you bring.

Once over the bridge you will find lots of interesting people. Shaman Kopuz (014 136) is happy to tell you about his circle. Kongang in the Place of Healing (006 140) tells you about Shamans who can ressurect and heal hapless adventurers.

10. Sameol (035 128) teaches you about Yellow scrolls and asks that you gather 10 hot fragments and 1 hot droplet from the Flametongue Cave across the lava to the east. In exchange he will make a Flametongue ring for you and award 1000 experience and 200 coins.

Durability 1800
Armor -3
Might 1
Healing 1
Peasant Level 1

11. Malsulssa roams a bit (013 122) and sells tavern goods. She asks that you bring White paper, ink and an amber to her. She will use that to make a Scroll of protection which will protect you from any spell a creature casts on you that can lower your armor class.

12. Do you remember gathering 5 Pink Mugunghwa flowers? Go inside the Potion Room (016 117) where Panaeda will use them to create an Indigo potion for you and then tells you all about potions and how you can use them. You will receive 700 experience here.

Information: North of this clearing things get really interesting! Beloved in the chapel is there to remind you that love and marriage is wonderful. Take some time to talk to her - she is really beautiful!

The rest of the area has subpath tutors:
Barbarian Cathbhadh (028 089)
Druid Sylvania (039 040)
Merchant Young Min (00 022)
Spy Keevan (002 008)

You will also find:
Tangun Serpent Cave - 043 104
Tangun Fox Cave - 001 083
Tangun Bear Cave - 046 051
Tangun Haunted House - 019 053

13. Miner Kwanbu wants 10 poor and 5 medium ore and gives 2,000 experience and 100 coins. Of course you wil need a mining shovel (Quest #14). You can buy a Mining pick from Silsong a merchant you will find further along your journey.

14. Yoksa will make a mining shovel if you bring him 5 red fox furs. You will receive 2100 experience and 2000 coins. Now you can complete the mining quest! Later on Yoksa will make a Stone hammer to help another NPC but you get no experience for that. Gather 5 wood, 5 wool and 1 lake stone. Walk around the lake shore to find stones.

15. Mulkkogi (031 011) teaches you to fish and wants you to gather 10 tiny and 10 scrawny fish. When you have done that you get 2000 exp. and 500 gold.

16. Ixchel (049 028) tells you to visit her father Hurhae. She is waiting for some brassica to cook for his supper. When you bring them she is so happy she will reward you with 3000 exp.!

Information: Walk east past the stone wall to find more quests. You'll run into many people. Merchent Silsong is in the center of this area. He sells a few items you will need for these quests.

17. Chabi (067 015) teaches you how to work a garden. Gather 6 wheat and 5 peas. You will need that mining shovel again! Chabi gives you 2100 exp. for your work. Then he tells you to bring the items to his sister Yunnee.

18. Shirong needs some items from the Yamour Cave. Bring him 10 electrified scales and 1 glowing tusk. Then you will get 10,000 exp and a shiny Gri-Yul staff.

Durability 100,000
Damage S 10m40 L 10m150
Mana +200
Will +2
Peasant Level 0
Casts Jolt

19. Nearby Louhi will show you how to make a lantern to light your path. Bring 1 Coal, 1 flash dust, 1 white paper, and 1 beef. She shows you how to combine those items. Then you receive 5000 exp and 500 gold!

20. Walk past the trees to find Munjong. She has a lot of work to get done because winter is come. Bring her 10 wool to make winter clothing. For that she will give you 5000 exp. and 1 fine cloth. You can help her again by gathering 10 wolf pelts to make winter blankets. Whee! For bringing her 2 more wool you get 8000 exp. and 800 gold.

21. Walk a bit west to find Carpenter Ulji who needs to borrow a Stone Hammer from Yoksa so he can fix his cart. 5000 exp.

22. Hurhae (89 082) also has a garden with Brassica and Peas here too. Hurry to gather 10 Brassica because he is hungry. Yeah have to use that Mining shovel again. For 10 Brassica he rewards you with 8000 exp. and 500 gold. Now you have to bring the Brassica to his daughter Ixchel to cook for his dinner. (Quest 16 above.)

23. To the east Ehuang is waiting for your help. She is upset about the Spearmen Cave south of here. She will make a lovely Floret pendant for you if you bring 6 pouches of gold dust, 5 white ribbon, 3 metal plate, 2 red stone and 1 violet potion. You will also receive 30,000 experience.

Durability 10000
Armor - 1
Vitality +500
Mana +250
Peasant Level 45

24. Chima (063 047) wants 15 Ginko wood to teach you about carpentery. You get keep the wood you chopped but if you give him 3 wood he will make a water jug for you. Unfortunately he doesn't have a reward for you.

25. Wander a bit more to find Taejong. He knows just what to do with your water jug. Find a carpenter to make a water jug. You need to fill it of course! Back to the waterfall area. These guys are tricky. It is hard to find a spot where the jug can be dipped. Try 055 006! Bring the full jug back to receive 10,000 exp. and 500 gold.

26. At the water's edge by the stone wall Huhana (061 059) shares her knowledge of gems and jewelery. Bring her 5 ambers, 2 amethyst, and 1 topaz. With those items she will make a Amethyst ring for you and give you 10,000 exp.

Durability 1500
Armor - 5
Vitality +50
Mana +50
Might increase +1
Will increase +1
Grace increase +1
Regen +1
Protection +1
Peasant Level 31

27. Chabi's sister Yunnee (065 078) is waiting for you to bring the things you dug from the garden. 2000 exp. and 500 gold.

28. Yunnee now wants 5 beef, 5 peas 3 soup bowl and 2 small fish. She's so happy to receive these ingredients she rewards you with 8000 exp. and 500 gold.

29. Mijue (078 096) teaches you about Alignments and how they can reduce the aethers on your spells. Once you have learned his lessons you receive 10,000 exp.

29. The last quest can be done once you reach Level 50. You need to decide where you will live - you need to pick a kingdom. Sontaekada (079 162) will explain what these choices are so you can make a decision. When you are ready to leave Tangun, the leader of each area will teach you the Gateway spell. You have four choices:
Buya - Home of Princess Lashan (086 221)
Kugnae - Home of King Muhyul (072 188)
Nagnang - Home of Prince Kija (075 241)
Wilderness - Ye-shou (093 247)