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Impossible Trivia
The hardest (and most fun!) trivia in all the land!

Impossible Trivia
Location - North Masan - 59, 132
Time and Place -
Thursday, July 15th, 2004
9:00 PM EST (8Cen - 7Mou - 6PST)

Allow me to introduce the latest Game presented by the Creators of Nexus Atlas!

(((What is Impossible Trivia?)))

It's the hardest trivia in the land. Based on the history of Nexus events, and the more static elements of Nexus, we will be asking very hard, and sometimes trick questions to all who attend. We will host the questions similiar to the show "Who want's to be a Millionaire?" in the manner of progression of questions and prizes. But there is very important differences which can be read in the rules section.

(((What kind of questions can I expect?)))

Historical Questions (Primary Question Base!)
Experience, Durability, Damage, Bonuses, Spawn Points and more are possible questions.

You will not see questions that are concerning positions of people in power unless they pertain to famous individuals, such as Founders, well known Primogens/Elders/Role models/etc of Nexus. You can also expect NOT to see anything IRL based, including Dates.

(((Where is Impossible Trivia Held?)))

Masan is a territory of Kugnae. Go to Kugnae Housing, and then Masan. Once in Masan, walk North until you reach North Masan.. From there you will see a house to the top right (With Bamboo stalks in its yard) of you.. The house is located directly to the right of that one (With White Flowers and a Flag in the yard). The coordinates once again are 59, 132.

(((What are the rules and prizes?)))

Questions will be asked and you will be given some time to answer them. All who attend will be chosen for Round 1. You will not be given any multiple choice for the question initially. Several quick and easy speed questions will be asked. The first person to get 3 of those will be chosen to participate in the full question round of Impossible trivia. We will host up to 5 rounds each evening we play the game (Depending on amount of people who come and overall atmosphere).

Questions will progress in money value and difficulty all the way up to 14 questions. The money tier is as follows -

Beginning Round
500 - 1k - 2k - 5k - 10k

Bonus Round
25k - 40k - 50k - 75k

Scholar Round
100k - 250k - 500k - 750k - 1 mil

Money is NONCumulative, meaning whichever question you answered last is your total. So if you are ON the 100k question, you have 50k as your prize. When questions get over 100k, if you answer wrong up to 1 million coins, you will bump back to 100k as your prize. Same goes for lower rounds. Bonus round questions found wrong will result in the person being knocked back to 25k for their prize, and 500 coins for the Beginning Round.

All members of the trivia will be grouped with myself and whisper will be off. Anyone found cheating will be immediately removed and all prizes forfeited.

Since there is an abundance of information available via nmail, web, and other resources online, if we feel these resources are being abused, we will call a time limit on questions. We strive to find questions that are difficult to find on any source available.

((( What about "Life Lines"?)))

We've developed a lifeline system for our game as well. The lifeline system works as follows -

Each Person who makes it to the single questionaire round will be given 6 life lines.

1. Audience Poll (Done outloud)

This will be conducted within a 15 second period. Members of the audience are allowed to yell answers and clues out to the person being questioned.

2. 8 Multi Choice answers

Answer is narrowed down to 8 possible choices.

3. 4 Multi Choice answers

Answer is narrowed down to 4 possible choices.

4. and 5. Additional Clue (You recieve 2 of those)

An additional, sometimes revealing clue, will be given to the person.

6. Individual Person

An individual person, who is present, has 30 seconds to help answer the question.

As you can see, some are valued higher than others. One would want to save the 4 question multi choice for more important questions and use the 8 possible choices for easier (It's on the tip of my tongue!) sort of questions.

---- Bonus Questions! ----

To keep the audience riveted.. In between questions from time to time, bonus questions will be asked to the audience. One such time would be if the audience helps the person on the stand succeed, then they will be given a bonus question. When a bonus question is asked, members are instructed to whisper TSWulf with the answers to the question. Bonus prizes are based on the intensity of the question and can range from money prizes to large item prizes!

During the Bonus round, questions will be asked EACH TIME after every right question, and occasionally during the other rounds..

If the AUDIENCE gets this right, the person on the stand is also able to win bonus prizes if they choose to go for a bonus question! Warning though, If a bonus question is answered wrong, you will be KNOCKED BACK 1 Question!

So grab those wisdom clothes and knowledge caps and lets win some money!