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Mage / Poet / Rogue / Warrior / Il San / Ee San / Sam San / Sa San
Dog / NPC Subpath / Extinct / Other

Alignment Spells

Ming Ken - Mage / Poet / Rogue / Warrior
Ohaeng - Mage / Poet / Rogue / Warrior
Kwi-Sin - Mage / Poet / Rogue / Warrior

The spell section of the website is quite unique. It has many different statistics that have never before been released by a nexus website. Below is a rather detailed description of how things work.

The alignment section of our website features the names and graphics of all the alignment spells of the game!

Before you read that though, some important things to remember for spells.

Always use the strongest version of any spell you have, and only that. The way to determine the strongest version of a spell, is by higher level. The higher the level you get the spell, the better the spell is. For example, If you have Tiger's Fury and Wolf's Fury, whichever you cast last will have the affect. There is no need to cast both.. only the strongest one. This comes into play mainly for Furies and Ingress type spells (Spells which enhance Weapon damage by typing their name in a prompt). Healing spells this should also be used for unless one heal spell is more mana efficient for a younger character than another.

The formulas we use for our critical attack and attack spells were courtesy of the many players who play-tested them over the years. They are 100% accurate.

Players in NPC subpaths can learn Dog spells. Players in PC Subpaths cannot learn Dog spells, and some of their High Rank (Il/Ee San) spells are substituted within their circle. For example, Mages in subpaths cannot learn Volcanic Blast, but have an alternative available within the PC Subpath spell list at Il San.

Trap spells can occur naturally in some caves. Rogue player traps cannot affect a person outside PK areas. Traps stack, meaning you can place 5000 sleep traps on top of each other and continuously walk over them until they run out. Many players use this as an extra hunting technique.

As you change alignment, your spell names change. For this we have added alignment name of spells below the requirements.

An Overview :
Spell Name
Small Description of the Spell Use
Mana Cost - 0
Spell Type - Transport
Aethers - 0 Seconds
Duration - None
Target - Self Only

Used to Transport to different gates. All 4 paths have this spell.
Level/Stats to Obtain
Kwi-Sin - Spell Name
Ming-Ken - Spell Name
Ohaeng - Spell Name

Spell Name - The Name of the Spell Goes Here.

Below that is a small, quick description of what the spell does.

Level/Stats to Obtain - Here, we will list either the level or stats one needs to obtain this spell.

Requirements - The Requirements section will include a graphical arrangement of what items you will need for a spell. Also included here is vital information on whether or not you need to bring items or kill monsters (quest spells) or whether its just an addition to a current spell (Set Trap).

Alignment Names - The names for each spell as it undergoes alignment shift will be listed here. If the spell name does not change, it will simply say the original spell name several times.

Graphic of the Spell - Animated and real nexus time! Know what the spell looks like Unaligned! For aligned spell images, see the alignment section.

Mana Cost - The amount of mana it costs to cast a spell.

Spell Type - This is Nexus Atlas's way of classifying spells to help people determine quickly which type of spell it is. Our classifications and short descriptions of them are :

Attack - Lighting attacks and other spell attacks. ( Ignite / Hellfire )
Cleansing - Removal of Effects ( Purge / Dispell )
Critical Strike - A severe damage attack done by a fighting class. ( Lethal Strike / Whirlwind )
Enhancement - Enhances yourself/target cast upon. ( Furies, Ingress, Might, Etc.)
Healing - Heals self/target cast upon ( Soothe / Heal )
Revealing - Reveals the stats/whereabouts on an object ( Spy / Spot Trap )
Roleplay - Spells that involve the role/benefit of the character beyond hunting. ( Share Wisdom / Mentor )
Summoning - Brings forth an animal to assist you. ( Call of the Wild / Ming Ken Assistant )
Transport - Transport the player somewhere. ( Gateway / Return )
Transformation - Transport the player into something ( Beast / Dagger Uniform )
Trap - Rogue Trap related spells ( Bladestorm / Sleep trap )
Weakening - Weakens the target cast upon. ( Vex / Scourge )
Aethers - The amount of time before you can cast the spell again after you cast it once. We take 0 second aethers into account (As they do on Nexus).

Duration - How long the spell will last on you/the target.

Target - The target that is affected by the spell.

Below that info is a very detailed description of what exactly the spell does, the formula/damage for it (where applicable), and so forth.