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  Subpaths | Geomancer


 Haein-Sa  Ba-Gua  Xing-Yi  Dizhu

Geomancers mimic nature’s cycle, as we are the Keepers of Balance. Their beliefs are deeplyrooted in Taoism. They practice Feng-Shui to adjust the effects of man made objects to bestsuit the environment. Remaining neutral in kingdom politics, they observe all sides and try todiscover where best we can serve to bring balances back into the community and nature.


Elder’s Chronology



History of the Path

During the Event known as the Shattering the god Eldridge brought forth together three noble legends from each path and infused within them the powers of the Trigram. One of those noble legends was Geomancers´s first elder Tego. Tego´s history is a Dark and Evil past but he turned to the Light of good for a Purpose.

Tego, a young wizard from Sanhae, studied under the Dark arts of Necromancy known to us as the Practice of the Dead. On the eve before our Great god Orb was destroyed the god Eldridge came to Tego in a Dream, Eldridge told Tego that he would change from his evil ways and become one with the Earth he dreaded so much. Tego not knowing dream from Prophecy ignored his dream and began his daily work. As he headed towards Walsuk´s inn a strange force appeared around him and an image of Eldridge spoke to him. "Tego this is not your destiny", the image spoke. Tego was then infused with the Powers of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, never to turn to his demonic ways again.

After the Shattering, Tego initiated his first eight Students of Geomancy. For three Yuris he taught them the ways of the earth and how to harness the powers they had learned. On one particular evening Tego brought terrible news to his students and his spouse, Patalie. Tego´s mother and father became ill and they sent urgent parchments requesting Tego´s return. Tego was hesitant to leave his new found apprentices and his lovely spouse, but he had to aid his parents. He left his spouse Patalie in charge of the Geomancy and promised he´d return one day.

For many Yuris, Patalie tried to uphold Tego´s request but in her loneliness she grew more and more distant. Much of her time was spent wandering the wilderness alone unable to speak to others.

On one particular evening Patalie received terrible news of Tego´s parents death, she wept for days hoping her spouse would be all right, fearing his grief would overcome him. A week later she received a parchment from Tego´s uncle saying Tego never made it to Sanhae. She quickly gathered her things and left to look for him. In her hurry she did not leave a successor to Tego´s legacy.

So the Gods took matters into their own hands and bestowed the Eldership to Armand. Under his guidance the Geomancers thrived and grew. Yet his leadership was cut short. One winter night he was nowhere to be found. His young students searched for him yet the only trace of him was a letter to Pooh, "My family needs me. Tend to the path and help it blossom." The gods shined upon Pooh and saw that her heart was pure and ready to undergo the task and she was the new Elder of the Geomancers.

Alas, it was soon revealed that all was not well and Pooh for reasons unbeknownst to her path walkers, relinquished the Eldership. The Gods stepped in to bestow Eldership to her trusted advisor SunGoddess.

For many Yuri's Elder SunGoddess lead Geomancers showing them the way. Many secrets have been revealed and together they have grown and thrived under her leadership. New students were trained as they walked with peace and harmony, each growing stronger side by side. The secrets of exhume have been shared with all walkers as well as new secrets of exhuming tigers and dragons have been discovered. The Staff of Chi has been revealed. Together they have mastered the power of the Ba-Gua and together have built the House of Chi.

But alas the torch must be passed for SunGoddess grows old and weak. The time has come for her apprentice Leodaris to take over. She was young but with a great heart, an icon of Geomancers. Leodaris was blessed and the path thrived under her leadership. With the assistance of her followers, Leodaris has brought forth the community quest for the Elemental Orbs. A first, as Geomancers share their knowledge of the 5 elements with the new quest with all citizens. Time has passed but the ways of the Geomancers has continued to grow. The balance of the lands of nexus seems to be in good hands.

Subpath Gathering

House of Chi (214/107 Wilderness)

Subpath Services

Karma Readings: Karma is deeply valued by the community and readings for it are in high demand. Along with the Diviners and Monks, Geomancers are the only path that can read Karma. They do not take a fee for these readings and generally perform them in Mythic.

Ba-Gua Readings: A reading of Feng-Shui, these readings can only be done by the geomancer path. A Quest of knowledge and a few items can be given to someone in the path. Check the community boards or ask a walker for the quest. Depending on how well the person´s energy flows; it can have a positive or negative affect.

Lime Potions: Providing a Geomancer with a Fine Snake Meat and Limestone can result in a Lime potion.

Good Earth: This spell is a way to fuse the elements of earth for protection. Usually a cloud will wrap around the person, protecting them and strengthening their armor. Their muscles may feel a surge as well. It casts Sanctuary, Harden Armor and Valor.

Subpath Events

Nature´s Bounty:
Fee: 3000 coins
Held weekly throughout this earth, there is a cycle. This cycle can be seen in the symbol of Yin and Yang especially when it relates to the cycle of elements and the Geomancer practice of Exhume. Geomancers live in harmony with nature. Nature gives to people and they give back. However, it is important in people´s lives, as a community to hunt. People hunt for food and protection. As Geomancers, one way they stay in harmony with nature is to exhume, which is giving back to the earth what was taken, thus renewing the cycle. What nature gives back is what is called Nature´s Bounty.

Geo Jumbles:
What is it: This is an anagram game.
Where: House of Chi 0214 0107 (wilderness)

Balanced Boggles:
What is it: A Trivia knowledge game
Where: -House of Chi- 0214 0107 (wilderness)

Subpath Items Image Information
Shu-Jing board item Geomancer’s Scroll: Sold by the Earth Dragon in the House of Chi
Staff of Chi Weapon (Path only) Geomancer’s weapon: A Tao stone input into a Baby Dragon’s claw to produce Sheng’s Qi.
Elemental Orbs Head item (Path only) Geomancer’s elemental cycle which contain the Essence of the Elements.
Helmet of Balance Head item Helmet given to Honor the Keepers of Balance.
Qi Shard Hand item Transparent shard which symbolizes the Qi. Awarded to citizens through Nature’s Bountyor Geo Jumbles.
Tao Te Ching Hand item The ancient book writen by Lao-Tzu which is the essence of Taoism.
[Element] Orb Hand item The Reward for completing Forgotten Past quest. There are five versions:The Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Wood. Each has different stats.
Geomancer’s token Inventory item Works as a symbol to reward the winners of Nature´s bounty event.

Subpath Marks
Keeper of the Balance
Granted by Geomancer guides to the ones that show an active role and participation to the Geomancer path and the balance within. Patience is also very important, because many guides are busy and must take care of other means. Must understand the balance and strive to keep it on.
Walks the Neutral Path
Very rare mark given by Geomancers Guides to the ones who have shown to be neutral on major situations. The Geomancers strongly believe in Neutrality so wars are definitely out of the question. But some people, usually in youthful folly, partake in these such wars. Yet, Geomancer guides, if they see fit, can help forgive for these participations. If they feel that they have left the path of war and walk the path of neutrality, then you may be marked with this honor.
Disrupter of Balance
This mark denoted those who disrupt the balance and a Geomancer feels that they should be marked thus. This mark cannot and will not be given for harassing a Geomancer.
Wu wei
Wu Wei: One of the three sections of specialized training for geomancers. Described to be Taoist Geomancers,devoted to the Tao Te Ching. Has five levels of studies: Initiate, Apprentice, Follower, Sage and Master.
Wu Xing
Wu Xing: One of the three sections of specialized training for geomancers. Described to be Elementalist Geomancers, devoted to the study of the elements. Has five levels of studies: Initiate, Apprentice, Follower, Sage and Master.
Tiaoli: One of the three sections of specialized training for geomancers. Described to be ScholarLy Geomancers, devoted to martial arts and Fen Shui. Has five levels of studies: Initiate, Apprentice, Follower, Sage and Master.
Experienced the Ba-Gau
Mark given to those who have received one or more Ba-Gua readings.
Result of a Ba-gua reading.
Needs to Work on Relationships
Result of a Ba-gua reading.
Mark given to Geomancers who have done one or more Ba-Gua readings.
Reward for finishing Elements Orb quest. Has 5 different types depending on the type chosen. Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Wood.
Geo Purge Taint
Event mark: Community had to aid the path on removing the tainted Tao Te Chings distributed and renew balance.
Infused Earth Dragon
Event mark: Community had to aid with his travel to Earthen Valley and the return of the dragon brought the knowledge of the 3 sects.

Additional Info

Official path website:

Red soil dye - Dye given to the Keepers of Balance. Doesn´t work with people who don´t have that Legend mark.