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Tangun Clan Hall NPC

Subpath Elder
All Subpath Elders have this mark.
Guide of the Peasent Subpath
Legend Mark an Elder receives when they retire.

Subpaths delve deeper into the various aspects of the original paths (mage, poet, rogue, warrior) allowing for specialized knowledge one would not otherwise be able to attain. There are two different kinds of subpaths. NPC (non-player controlled) and PC (player controlled). Each path has three PC subpaths and one NPC subpath.

PC subpaths are run by your fellow players. This kind of subpath requires an application and training process that teaches you before you will be allowed to join. This type of subpath is for players who enjoy roleplay and tends to only look for members who are upstanding citizens and are willing to represent their group as a whole. Most of these subpaths provide a scroll about their beliefs and studies. Some can be purchased in the town libraries, some in the subpath public areas and some only from guides. You must be level 50 to apply for any PC subpath.

Mage - Diviner, Geomancer, Shaman
Poet - Druid, Monk, Muse
Rogue - Merchant, Ranger, Spy
Warrior - Barbarian, Chongun, Do

NPC Subpaths
Mage - Ju jak / Poet - Hyun moo / Rogue - Baekho / Warrior - Chung ryong

NPC subpaths are not run by players but are ruled by the Totem Gods. These subpaths are for players who prefer not to roleplay or interact with others in subpaths. You must be Level 99 to join an NPC subpath. You may join NPC subpaths at Baek's Shop in Kugnae. This section deals only with PC Subpaths.

"Date added" refers to the date the article was added to Nexus Atlas. Click any title below to explore each subpath.

Subpaths Information

Barbarian Path: Warrior
From: Wilderness

A Barbarians has strong sense of unity and family. Is not necessarily crude or nomad, but is an expert of outdoors survival.

Chongun Path: Warrior
From: Koguryo

A Chongun is a sworn protector of community and defender of Nexus lands. A Warrior who follows the code of honor.

Diviner Path: Mage
From: Koguryo

A Diviner is one who sees into the future, has visions of the past and interprets the present. Is a follower of taoist beliefs.

Do Path: Warrior
From: Buya

A Do is a martial master, dedicated to his weapon and the improvement of their personal ability. "Do" is the single-edged sword.

Druid Path: Poet
From: Wilderness

A Druid lives in touch with nature. Strives to protect plants and animals and respects the natural cycle of life.

Geomancer Path: Mage
From: Wilderness

A Geomancer knows the earth and natural energy of a place. Is capable of manipulating fine or foul energy. Is a devoted follower of taoism.

Merchant Path: Rogue
From: Kugnae

A merchant is an experienced trader, a master of economy aspects. Is a craftsman, devoted to the arts of treasure hunting and wealth.

Monk Path: Poet
From: Koguryo

A Monk is one at peace and in tune with the nature of good and evil. Is devoted to his or her deity, a follower of Budhism.

Muse Path: Poet
From: Buya

A Muse is one dedicated to the arts of the men. Is a musician, an artist and a story teller. Devoted to poetry and lyric.

Ranger Path: Rogue
From: Wilderness

A Ranger is devoted to the protection of nature. Is one who respects it and turns the natural beings in his greatest ally. Is devoted to enhancing his skills.

Shaman Path: Mage
From: Nagnang

A Shaman is a spirit speaker, one who can communicate by passing the bridge between the living realm and spiritual realm. One who takes strength in the old forms of magic.

Spy Path: Rogue
From: Koguryo

A spy is a specialist in disguise, investigation, and subterfuge. One who uses sabotages, deception and intelligence to achieve their goals.