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  Subpaths | Shaman


 Mog-ur  Anamchara  Sul'sah  Kamang

Alignments - Light Dark Chaotic Neutral

No Shaman information.

Elder’s Chronology


The Original Eight
Agion Atru Bobos Chult
Les Lonnie Phred Wildhair


JaydePhoenix - Founder, 1st Elder
Ballinor - 2nd Elder
Wildhair - 3rd Elder
LoO - 4th Elder
Alexisa - 5th Elder
StriGoi - 6th Elder
Izabella - 7th Elder
Widget - 8th Elder
BeffyCabeza - 9th Elder
Izabella - 10th Elder
Hooje - 11th Elder
Miuki - 12th Elder
Humma - 13th Elder
BeffyCabeza - 14th Elder
Inrequietus - 15th Elder
Maevalia - 16th Elder (Current)

History of the Path

`.- Do You Hear The Spirits Call?

We are the Masters of the Spirit Realm, the walkers of the ethereal planes. We hold council with the dead under a veil of mystery and use our gifts for many purposes both evil and good We are the mystical healers and keepers of the silver thread. We are reknowned as great scribes, alchemists and Masters of Lore.

We are the select chosen...hidden from the outside world we can be found chanting incantions, mixing powerful elixers and poisons, enchanting the dead to aid us, and even performing sacred arcane rituals and ceremonies. Our talents are vast and above all else we are loyal to our own. We are the guardians of the spirits, their warriors, their messengers, their children... Though some of us choose the darkness others seek out the light and still many of our kindred embrace both paths, however we all hold the spirits in the highest regard and respect. A powerful family, we inhabit all the regions and surrounding kingdoms and yet to seek us out or to gain our attention is a quest in and of itself.

Are you Mudang?
Journey to the Valley of the Mudang ((East Nagnang 130,91)), spend much time there in meditation, and seek out your kindred. Keep in mind that we are a path of mystery ((Mage)) and we spend much time in the spirit realms, away from mortal ways which corrupt so many. You must be patient for we are a people hidden in seclusion. If you are mudang, seek out one of our path Dohsas to aid you on your path home to us. If you do not know what a mudang is or who you are.... then you are not ready.

You can find our Chieko (Shaman Scroll) in our Valley, speak to Sarvari, the Shaman helper there.

May the spirits light your path and be with you always..

Path Hierarchy

A fledgling mudang is welcomed home to complete their
training amongst the family and endeavor to perform the
sacred Kut ceremony. From that point on, they are
"Touched by the Spirits" and considered full fledged
Mudang (Shaman). Among our family we have Walkers who
come and go about their daily spiritual and physical
workings. Guiding the path are our shaman Dohsas
(Spirit Mothers/Fathers) and their respective An-Mudangs
(Guide's in training), these are the members of the
family who find our shinddal (spirit daughters/sons)
and guide them on their journey home.

Subpath Gathering

Shaman Nagnang Easte Gate (130 092)
Subpath Services
Kindred Spirits
Spirit Drums
Ceremonial Fires
Totem Reveals
Medicine Wheel
Ritual Stones
Subpath Events
Grave Robbers
Mudang Sori (prize is Master of the Lore marking) Graverobbers
Deadliest Poison
Circle of Lore
Murder in the Dark
Subpath Items Image Information
Chieko Scroll item Sacred scroll containing the wisdom, history, and lore of the Mudang Tribe.
Ritual stones Inventory item Circle of stones infused with spiritual power and arcane energies that can be used in various rituals.
Messenger's Feather Hand item Sacred feathers retrieved from the spiritual realm that are used as a talisman or source of power in a Shaman's rituals.
Mog-ur's Mask Subpath head item Ritual mask modeled after the original one worn by the first Shaman, Mog-Ur.
Soul Crystal Subpath Hand item Pieces broken off from an eternal crystal housing the soul of Mog-Ur's first apprentice, Naerim.
YongSang Subpath weapon A Shaman's weapon, housing the soul of a titular "YongSang" - or lost/wandering - spirit.
Ceremonial Fire Ritual item Eternal flame created by a Shaman that has many practical and magical uses.
Spirit Drum Ritual item Sacred drum housing an animal spirit that is used in rituals and meditations.
Spirit Rattle Special item Shamanistic instrument used to invoke or pacify spirits and raise energy during ritual dances.
Shaman Talisman Event item A powerful object coveted by the Shaman Tribe. It is frequently stolen by the risen dead.
Medicine wheel Hand item Physical object representing the transnational ritual known as "Walking the Medicine Wheel."

Subpath Marks
Ascended through the Medicine Wheel- Completion of the Medicine Wheel Quest
Favored by the Spirits- Earned by Shaman and Community members who go above
and beyond to aid the Shaman Subpath.
Captured Grave Robber- Retrieved the Talisman during a GraveRobber event
Grave Robbers Host- Recognized host of the Grave Robber event
Guide of the Shaman Subpath- Referred to as a Dohsa within the path, they train
our students (Shinddal).
Kindred Spirits-Completing the Kindred Spirit Ceremony conducted by
a shaman guide. Can be done every 5 Hyuls..
Married by the Shama - Completing a shaman marriage ceremony. Must be engaged
7 real life days.
Master of Lore- Given to those who win our Mudang Sori or Circle of
Lore events. May also be earned through various other
written or live demonstrations of story-telling..
Successfully retrieved Feather from the Spirit Realm- Shaman-Only Hand Item. Earned upon completing the
Messenger's Feather quest. Can be done twice.
Touched by the Spirits- Earned upon completion of the Kut ceremony. This is
the initition ritual all shaman undergo after finishing
their training.
Has thrown X Curses- Thrown by guides of the path to cast the reciever into
a living death.
Cursed X times- Once earned, these people are no
longer acknowledged by the shaman in any form. A quest
may be done to seek forgiveness after 10 hyuls have
Subpath Elder-Bestowed to a shaman chosen to lead the path.
Has performed X weddings- Earned by the shaman completing the marriage ceremony
for others.
Totem Spirit Revealed- Earned upon completion of the Totem Spirit vision quest.
Impressed the mudang - Given by shaman to those who perform outstanding
Found victory before the mudang- A general win mark for our events that do not have
their own branding.
Noticed by the Mudang - Given by shaman to those who frequent our events.

Additional Info

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