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  Subpaths | Spy


 Mercenary  Assassin  Saboteur  Emissary

A spy is an individual who has dedicated his life toward manipulating the world around him into going where he desires. Be it a peasant or a king, the result is the same. Whether it is the assassination of a man who opposes his goal, blackmailing someone in a powerful position to do him service, or sabotaging someone´s efforts; the spy moves those around him to accomplish the goals set before him.


Elder’s Chronology



History of the Path


Subpath Gathering

Stealth Grotto (010 017 - Oh-mudum Crypt)

Subpath Services

Investigation: Spies can search and provide information of any certain person someone for a certain price.

Invisibility: Faded stones are sold to anyone willing to pay the high price: 100,000 coins.

Sabotage: Explosive spores are provided to assist in sabotating battles or enemies in war.

KSG Tournaments: Quite often the Koguryo Spy Guild provides the community with events that prove the skills of such people in battle. Winners are rewarded with a mark.

Subpath Events

The Tavern: set in the outskirts of Buya, The Tavern is a place where one can go to indulge in the darker side of life. The bar is fully stocked with the common fares and rarities of the lands, the barmaids are as friendly as they are beautiful, and the entertainment offered at each fills the country air with the laughter and applause of the patrons inside. Anything goes inside the tavern; however one should be careful where the drinks leads as many who push their luck within the walls never find their way home.

Midnight Casino:catering to the appetites of the true gamblers of the kingdom, the Midnight Casino offers a large variety of games of chance for those who are willing to put up their coins. Hidden deeply under the city of Kugnae, gamblers are free to explore the delights of gambling free from the public eye.

Internal Espionage: waking up in a crowded cell, the person struggle to remember what happened through a pounding headache. Soon the cell door is thrust open and someone is dragged screaming from the cell. Soon the one realizes while listening to others talk that there must be informants in the cell and that such person must figure out who they are if he is to survive.

Community Interrogation: From time to time the Spy Guild likes to get a feel for the talent available out in the kingdoms, and so it puts out a call to the freelance agents to come in and show what their worth. Using what ever skills they know, the public who comes out is ushered into the interrogation chambers and pits their wit against the captives.

Invisible Inc: is the ongoing saga of a group of individuals who dispense vigilante justice to those around them. The action in this bi-weekly play is seen through the eyes of a young woman; the widow of a victim of Invisible Inc who has joined them in an attempt to atone for the life her husband led.

Subpath Items Type of Information
Spy´s Journal board item Koguryo Spy’s Guild Scroll: contains most of the information about the path. It is available only when it´s requested and has to do some tasks to earn it.
Dakashi blade Weapon (Path only) A blade slightly different from a Blood and inspired by designs of the original rumored to be from near Han that has been forged for the most elite members of the Spy Guild.
Stealth glove Hand item (path only) Stealth gloves are the identifying mark of those who are absolutely feared by outsiders and revered by members of the Guild. Such Gloves are given to certain ranks in the guild. It is rumored to give a bonus when worn to the spell assassinate.
Covert band hand item Covert bands are black sashes of silk that are given to all men and women the moment they are given thier initiate marks. The sashes are worn over the X shaped scar.
Insidious disk hand item It´s an identifying token that awarded to those who work with KSG.
Faded stone inventory item Turns the caster invisible for 300 seconds.
Explosive spores inventory item Only usable in PK areas. It casts poison drops on the floor and anyone who moves in a 6 spots pattern is poisoned.
Skeleton key inventory item Said to unlock some doors.

Subpath Marks
Granted by Spy Guides to those who are trained to become spies or to those who supply them with information gathering multiple times.
A horrifying looking scar meant to be public evidence of the humiliation of the recipient by the Spy Guild.
Mark given to those who have done something to further the guild in some way, and have acknowledged for the act.
Mark given to those who have have assocciated themselves with the KSG agency.
Mark given to those who have impressed the guild somehow.
Mark given to those who have collected bounties set by KSG members on public boards.
Mark given to those who completed small jobs for the Guild.
Mark given to recognize those who have served as Elders of the Spy Guild in the past.
Mark given to those who have done challenges set by the Guild.
Mark given to those who have learned with the KSG the arts of deception.
Mark given to those who have learned with the KSG the arts of assassination.
Mark given to those who have been noted for acts of sedition such as: inciting subversion, promoting civil disorder, conducting insurgence, instigating mutinity or doing speeches for people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.
Mark given to those who has mastered variables.
Mark given to those who have taken employment on behalf of a conspiracy.
Mark given to recognize the winners of Spy Guild battle games.
Spy event mark, has helped free the Elders from the Spy dungeon when the Spies kidnapped all the other 11 elders.
Spy event mark, has helped the spies escape unpunished when they kidnapped all the other 11 elders and locked them in the Spy dungeon.

Additional Info