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All prices shown in this section have been supplied by the Merchant Subpath and are suggested only and not to be used as the final authority on value of the item. Nexus Atlas is NOT the final authority on pricing of any item in the game.

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The many weapons of Nexus.. Their power seems almost limitless.. From the starting Wooden saber, until you reach the heights of the Chaos blade, throughout your journeys, weapons will be what you rely upon to survive, achieve, and prosper.

We've tried to design our weapon section to fulfill the news of the player in the best possible way...

Elixir bow (Name of Weapon)
Durability - 1000/1000
Damage - S: 1m5 L: 1m5
AC : 0 Hit : 0 Dam : 0
Vita : 0 Mana : 0
Might : 0 Will : 0 Grace : 0
Protection : 0 Healing : 0
Peasant Level 1
Might to Wield : 0
Special Info: Cannot Leave Elixir arenas

How to Obtain:
Used and obtained only on Elixir war grounds in Elixir arena.

Casts: None

Market Price: N/A
Price NPC Sells For: N/A

What do the status messages mean?

"You are afraid to pick up such a powerful item": unregistered
"There is an owner for that": it is a bonded item
"Your Path has forbidden itself from this vulgar implement": cannot be used by your path
"You can't lift it above your waist much less wield it": you need more might
"You need more experience": the item is above your level

What does it all mean?

Name of Weapon: This one happens to be called Elixir Bow. This is positioned so players can easily scroll down and find the name of the weapon they need.

Ground Graphic and Hand Graphic: You can see the picture of both the ground graphic of the weapon, and right below it the graphic for when the weapon is equipped. This enabled the player to scroll down quickly and learn about a weapon they saw, but wasn't fast enough to click the person weilding it!

Color-Coded Stat Section: With color-coded information, it's easy to find what is needed quickly and easily.

Weapon Types: Our database is designed to organize weapons by their types. From swords to spears, they're all easily organized and called upon demand, anywhere in the entire site.

Special Info: Special info tells about whether an item is bonded, break on death, unrepairable and much more!

How to Obtain: Find out every way you can obtain the weapon you're looking for.

Casts: Find out what spells the weapon can cast and info on that spell

Market & NPC Prices: We list the prices that the NPCs offer for the weapon.. No matter how absurd they may seem! (NPCs offer such weird things as 10,000 coins for Faerie Lights!)