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General Info | What is Nexus?

What is Nexus?
You've somehow stumbled upon this site and wonder what the Nexus is heck about. Read further and I promise you'll be amazed!<


Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds (NexusTK for short) is a classic 2D MMORPG famous for being the North American version of Baram, the world's first MMORPG. Launched in 1998, this eighteen year old game has captivated generations of fans, some who have played this for most of their lifetime.

Known for simple and easy to learn game mechanism and the possibility to keep evolving your characters without a cap, Nexus has is a definitive game every real fan of RPG should try.

Why Join Nexus

With dozens of well known options available in the MMORPG market, many who have come and gone, Nexus has proven to be a stable stop for it's community of players and after many years on market, it still keeps evolving to deliver better gameplay experiences to its fans. Two aspects of this game make Nexus TK a unique experience for role-playing gamers and are the main reason for fascinating players for so many years:

  • The game theme takes place in ancient Korea and all of its stories are based on historical moments, myths and legends of a beautifully developed eastern asian culture. Entering the realms of this game, you can experience lives of ancestor civilizations and learn of their culture throughout a role-playing oriented gameplay. It is like traveling back in time.
  • Nexus has an on-going and forever changing storyline that can be affected by its very own players and a very strongly developed social system, very community enforced since all players share the same servers.

    The Story of Nexus

    At the heart of the stories lies the struggles of three kingdoms which fight to protect their lands from enemies across the seas or beyond the mountains. The heroes and adventures of Koguryo, Buya and Nagnang face threats from mythological and historical invaders who constantly attack the lands lead by King M'hul, Queen Lasahn and King ChaeRi respectively.

    Together, these three nations form a region of Asia called "The Kingdom of The Winds". This is a place shrouded in myths and legends, a land where many heroes are born, rise to great heights and occasionally, fail. Be ready to defend your homeland from various enemies, like bandits, assassins, pirates, warlocks, ogres or even dragons. Whether one decides to fight the evil or join them, each adventurer decides their own threads of fate and together their individual decisions shape the future of the lands.

    The Gameplay of Nexus

    With a real-time and experience based hunting system, there's no limit of how much you may develop your character. After reaching level 99 one can still evolve their vitality points or magic points towards infinite, allowing players to experience higher challenges with their growth within the game.

    The game is based on 4 main hero classes and 16 sub-classes, or sub-paths. Each path has the option of a non-player run subpath, but what is special about Nexus is the 12 player run subpaths which allow players to interact more and learn real ancient asian culture from each other:

    The Warrior The Rogue The Mage The Poet

    Chung Ryong




    Ju Jak


    Hyun Moo

    From interacting with subpaths you can delve into learning about ancient religions or philosophies originated in the ancient era of man history, like taoism, buddhism, Fei Shui, shamanism, or even learn more about techniques of weapons, espionage, sabotage and survival in the wilderness. Learn about moral virtues or obtain unique abilities to foresee the future of the game. Build the experience you want combining infinite possibilities of character design and personality.

    Another main aspect of the game are the social organizations one may join or in-game job positions they may take up. As a player you can be part of clans, tribes, armies or ministries. Can help as a judge, a tutor or a PvP games host.

    The PvP system itself is very simple but takes long time to master it. With daily competitive challenges, the system called "Carnages" allow players to compete each other in 4 classic modes, along with dozen others created and repeated weekly by players hosting their very own in-game events.

    The game also has a vast crafting system which allows players to forge unique items by mastering the arts of tailoring, carpentry, blacksmithing, jewelry or other assistance skills like mining, gemcutting, woodcutting, fishing, food preparing, chef, scribing and alchemy.

    Players can make a difference in a special role by speaking their mind or even by becoming a rather strong fighter/caster in a group. There are many ways to have your name become a part of Nexus history, somewhat like people who are found in the archives of Nexus Atlas. Some people log on simply to roleplay. Others log on to use the marketplace to sell their items, and still some never stop hunting even to eat. This is most of what makes Nexus so fun (and addictive). There is simply no end to the possibilities or power a player can have.

    Are you ready to begin an epic adventure?

    Download NexusTK now

    Begin your quest for glory today and place your name definitively in the marks of history!