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Server Reset -- Uoiea -- 4:26 AM, July 27
~New Primogen for Oceana -- LinuxKiddy -- 11:11 PM, July 26
Arsoning in Nagnang -- Vini -- 10:55 PM, July 25
Queen Yun's friendship with Taiisrhaa -- Vini -- 3:26 AM, July 25
The return of Taiishraa -- Vini -- 7:37 PM, July 24
Did you know? -- LinuxKiddy -- 1:22 PM, July 24
Four related augury visions -- Vini -- 9:08 PM, July 22

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    Monday, July 27, 2015

Server Reset
Posted by: Uoiea -- 4:26 AM EST
Without warning, there was a server reset at 4:20AM EST on July 27th. If you lost anything be sure to ticket KRU.

There was no update accompanying it.

    Sunday, July 26, 2015

~New Primogen for Oceana
Posted by: LinuxKiddy -- 11:11 PM EST

Drucilla has decided to step down from Primogen and has appointed the position to Musadan Vini. Vini once again as Primogen of Oceana will be taking the necessary steps needed to restore Oceana back to its righteousness ways and become strong again.

    Saturday, July 25, 2015

Arsoning in Nagnang
Posted by: Vini -- 10:55 PM EST

Yesterday, an hour after the meeting with Queen Yun, the Shaman Elder Ellanor screamed through world shout announcing her house was on fire! Worried about loss of lives and wares, many citizens communicated into finding the location of the house at north Kyongju, a housetown within Nagnang southwest coast.

Initially, Ellanor believed the arsoning was work of Shaman ZenRu, who never liked the fact that she had moved to Nagnang, but while the house was being evacuated, some of us were still attempting to put down the fire and amidst the smoke and flames there was a shadowed figure lurking around the house. His face couldn't not be seen, but his male voice was somewhat familiar to someone I hear often.

If the mysterious man was responsible for the arsoning it is not not known, but Ellanor and her fiance are doing fine and actually were able to salvage most of their belongings before moving to a new house.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 73, Moon 9~

Queen Yun's friendship with Taiisrhaa
Posted by: Vini -- 3:26 AM EST

KUGNAE -- Throughout the recent communications between Queen Yun and her new "friend" Taiisrhaa, a tea tipsing was scheduled to be held last evening at Koguryo Royal Palace vicinities. The King was not present nor invited to the informal meeting, but was made aware of its occurance by his soldiers who were set to protect the Queen during her stroll outside the palace.

Taiisrhaa arrived at Kugnae Palace Courtyard accompanied by Avathian, the Nagnang Ambassador and also by Shaman Elder Ellanor, her husband and Shaman ZenRu, the same one who found traces of poison in Geumwa's corpse. Queen Yun was accompanied by the new Koguryo Prime Minister Loxie, by Shaman theSavior, the same one who performed her wedding ceremony with King M'hul and was escorted by four KRA soldiers: Amatus, Saiyanwar, Vini and KyoKun.

The tea sipping got delayed a bit due to an unsual sighting behind Taiisrhaa. A strange figure with pointed ears was following him everywhere. Kogurian soldiers couldn't really understand if such "person" was human or not, but questioned about her hands being bind by shackles and chains. Taiisrhaa claims she wasn't his slave, was only but a companion, although all evidences pointed against that. This female creature calls him "Master" and her name was revealed to be Suvola.

After the initial inquire about Suvola, the Queen requested to move out for a stroll. The convoy ended going to Yuri's Garden just east of the Royal Palace where the Queen admired the beautiful flowers. While chat was flowing naturally and tea was being served with help Pupedi, another KRA soldier who arrived afterwards.

After much walking at the garden, the Queen who was still wearing a flower bracelet in her hand, given by Taiisrhaa, has done some reckless move. She took a healing salve by Taiisrhaa and used it against the recommendation of the soldiers guarding her. In the end, she seemed to be fine, but Taiisrhaa refused to give any sample of the salve to others to test the legitimacy of it, although offered by both shamans and kogurian officials to test it.

Other than the "minor" incident with the untested salve, the whole tea sipsing went well. The Queen went back to the palace to rest not long after, as her belly quite heavy by now with the pregnancy and her legs can't stand much walking.

Yet, During the whole friendly gathering at the Flower Garden, the behavior of Suvola was very strange. She would ran around the garden to catch food or other objects just like if she was a pet, while she would only feel comfortable around Taiisrhaa and at the end around Avathian too. The simple act of standing next to Suvola, stare of talk to her would cause her to flee. At one of the many attempts to communicate with her, while she was fleeing, I actually was able to see she had 9 tails hidden under her dress. Could that be a costume? Could Suvola be nine-tailed fox morphed into a woman or could she be a were-ninetail fox? Not much is known but obviously her relation with Taiisrhaa isn't normal. Suvola seems too much afraid of people, despite not a single violent move being perfomed. She acts like a pet too afraid of being beaten again.

The mysteries surrounding Taiishraa grow bigger with the discovery of a slave human-like creature. An insignia was noticed on her left hand inscribed **Taal'yein insignia**, what could that mean? Perhaps finding what Taal'yein is, is the first clue to figuring out through the mystery behind such strange characters.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 73, Moon 8~

    Friday, July 24, 2015

The return of Taiishraa
Posted by: Vini -- 7:37 PM EST
It seems the mysterious Taiisrhaa has returned over the past days and has now walked the Shaman path under guidance of the Shaman elder Ellanor, instead of Salise, his previous guide. Taiisrhaa been visiting clans and subpaths events again and has been communicating with Queen Yun, despite King MuHyul's orders for him to stand back and away from Koguryo.

For those who don't remember Taiisrhaa, he is a strange huge-eyed looking fellow who was first seen at Forget-Me-Not ball. During the ball he forced himself to get as close as possible to kogurian royals as if he was a long term friend, but in fact they had just met. Taiisrhaa claimed he attended the Ball on behalf of Lady Mihi, as an envoy of Kinung. This was actually later confirmed by Mihi, who claimed he had been visiting Kinung recently and when she was too unwell to go to the ball she asked him to represent her instead.

The suspicious sudden proximity to royals during the ball and his cynical non-confronting behavior made Taiisrhaa become the prime suspect of the poison which killed King Geumwa of Buya a day after the ball. Authorities of Buya and Koguryo have been working together in finding more clues of his involvement and found evidences that he is in fact a proficient alchemist and herbalist. He is known of being capable to create powerful healing tonics or dangerous dozing poisons. He is also known to have been a Conjurer prior to joining Shamans, which makes it even more suspicious.

Taiisrhaa is no celebrity, but due to the high alert involving obscure actions, Nexus Atlas will continue to covering his major moves as news.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 73, Moon 8~

Did you know?
Posted by: LinuxKiddy -- 1:22 PM EST

    Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Four related augury visions
Posted by: Vini -- 9:08 PM EST
Recently the Diviners had augury visions pointing out to imminent future events. All of these four visions below mention a purple dragon which most likely represents Prince ChaeRi of Nagnang. Here are copies of the augury visions as seen by Southwood, Diskord, Triantos and Elder Lithium:

Received a vision just moments ago that I wish to share for all---

The sun sets to the west while to the east the sun rises; two celestial bodies shine and cast upon a warm aura as a symbol of continuity of life.

The warm feeling leaves and further the vision alters ---

A purple scaled flying serpent flies beyond the clouds
surrounding the new rising sun in the east with constant flight.

Bright azure blue skies mixed with purple serpent reflects
a striking sight, yet not unwelcomed.

The joining of two larger forces may ignite the life forces.
An unexpected surprise - maybe? Traditions may be broken!

Could this be foresight into the event looming on the horizon just to the east?

Grey Diviner
*he closes his eyes, sitting on the steps of his Hall's garden, puffing on a pipe. When he opens them again, his body is as if frozen in solid ice, and images pass before his unblinking eyes*

Setting sun;
Rising sun;

Two planets glow warmly in the skies.
Continuity of life.

*a painful flash cuts throw his eyes and suddenly the vision changes*

Purple dragon flies high
Surrounding the rising sun in its fluent flight.

Azure skies entertwined with purple
a striking sight, yet not unwelcomed.

An unusual union of two larger than life forces,
Unexpected surprise, gasp, broken traditions.

*his eyes twitch rapidly just a few more times and then close, smoke pouring from his nostrils and motion returning*

||Diskord Byron Dorkus
||Bard Primarch of Destiny
||Grey Soothsayer
Lately, sleep has not come to me easily. I am filled with a nameless dread whenever I try to peer into the future; something is coming, but I cannot yet see what. Last night, as I managed to calm my worried mind, a vision came to me.

A mighty purple dragon drinking from the lake, steam rising from his jaws. Bathed in the morning light, the calm surface of the water disguised what lie beneath.

In the depths awaited a blue serpent. As the dragon drank, the serpent siezed the opportunity and leapt out of the water, latching onto the mighty beast.

The dragon reared his head and roared. As the blue serpent coiled itself around him, he spread his wings and took flight. The dragon soared and cried out, the serpent tightening it's grip. He flew straight ahead, towards the burning golden sun. With great speed he made contact, and as their bodies burned together a beautiful haze of purple and blue could be seen across the horizon.

I know the vision of the colored horizon will be forever etched in my memory.

` Lithium
Last night, as I plodded through a series of works by a forgotten scholar, I felt a pressure building in my mind. Unable to concentrate, I put my work aside and began to meditate to clear my head. As my mind cleared, the pressure continued to build until I was overcome with a vision:

I stand in a field watching as the sun rises, time passes and the sun races across the sky before setting. Night falls, the stars come out. In the vision, two points of light glow more brightly than the rest. The night passes as rapidly as the day and the stars fade as the sun rises. For an interminable length of time the cycle continues.

At the dawn of a new day, a dragon appears on the eastern horizon. As it flies away from the rising sun, it draws closer. As it approaches, it becomes apparent that the scarred and battered hide of the dragon is purple. The shabby beast passes overhead and continues to the west.

Undisturbed, the golden sun continues its journey across the sky as the dragon flies. The dragon shrinks into insignificance and fades from view. The sun sets. Purple mingles with the azure in the sky as darkness falls.

In the darkness, the earth seethes with disquiet, and the stars fade from the sky leaving only blackness.


It's not certain what the augury visions are pointing to, but the only recent involvement between Prince ChaeRi and something "azure" was gift he gave to the new Prime Minister of Koguryo, Loxie, prior to a Muse's college class. It seems the Prince gave her a bouquet engraved as ** Nangen rose **.

Could the two of them been dating since the Forget-Me-Not Ball?

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 73, Moon 7~

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