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Newest Spy Premier & Other Requests! -- IcePixy -- 9:42 PM, September 27
Server Reset-Mage Appreciation week!~ -- LinuxKiddy -- 11:44 AM, September 26

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    Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Newest Spy Premier & Other Requests!
Posted by: IcePixy -- 9:42 PM EST
Spies have had their newest exchange of power as prior Premier Kunai hands the reigns over to Premier Paranoid!

Whilst Ex-Premier Kunai was originally unavailable for comments, She did contact us today with these words for the public regarding her reign as elder and regarding Premier Paranoid:

"After having a wonderful and exciting journey as elder, I have decided it would be unfair to hold the position when there are so many talented Spies able to do just as well, if not a better job than I. It's always good to have change, it keeps people interested and working towards new goals.

Paranoid makes me Paranoid. So he was obviously the best choice. Long time Spy and a great guide, he was an important pillar during my Eldership and I know he will continue to lead the path in the right direction."

Premier Paranoid stepped forth with the following words:

"To all those that came before me to pave the path and those who come after to walk it along my side - together we will continue This Guilds' Great Legacy and write a New Chapter in its' History!"

With those words, I'm certain the Spies can't help but hope for a fabulous future!

Now, onto other matters ~ We've had a couple other posts that may have gone unnoticed, one from my very own favorite CoverGirl and another from Our God (Whom, thank gosh we were able to save) GM Wony! See below for the 'deets!

BOARD TITLE: Community
FROM: CoverGirl DATE: 9/26
SUBJECT: Any Mages Have Any Requests?
Hello all mages~

It's Mage Appreciation Week!
Do you have any requests or need something from the Item Shop?
Please nmail me your requests. I will check if I can add the items on the shop. I can put the Christmas items this time if you want them :)

Happy Mage Appreciation Week!

** CoverGirl

** Make sure to NMAIL your requests to her! **

FROM: GM Wony DATE: 9/26
SUBJECT: Mage appreciation week & Fragile orb of ripple
Hi. It's Mage Appreciation Week, and nothing is really permantly cemented here. We will have fun, enjoy ourselves, and tweak if necessary.

The fragile orb of ripple has a few glitches. I apologize. It's a new try, and our programmers wanted a little more time to work on it, but I pushed to be able to release with this patch. The spell is to be casted on mobs, not on people, and overflow will happen on that particular mob.

Please provide feedback, not just mages, but other paths as well, on how these changes affect Nexus in general.

Thank you so much!

Once again, we thank the God's of our kingdom for giving us such great opportunities and appreciation!

    Monday, September 26, 2016

Server Reset-Mage Appreciation week!~
Posted by: LinuxKiddy -- 11:44 AM EST

BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
FROM: mir DATE: 9/26
SUBJECT: Server Reset - September 26th, 2016

** 'Mage Appreciation Week' begins **
- Group Exp. compensated when a mage joins the group
- Special fragile orbs available for mages (free from Woonsoo)
- Fragile orb of mage invoke: aether reduced by half
- Fragile orb of scourge
- Fragile orb of ripple: enables damage overflow on mobs
- Fragile orb of sul slash: vita/mana based attack
Updating will continue as necessary. Please provide feedback.

- Funny Bone Festival ends.
- Banked MQ run extended for another week.
- Fragile orb of Inspire converted to permanent inspire.
- Fragile orb of scourge ripple, supress, paralyze ripple, ASV removed.
- Fragile orb of whirlwind ripple, lethal strike ripple removed for now.

-Another update with Daily coins that you can now go over 100 daily coins.
-Reports that mages add 25% more exp bonus if they're in your group during hunting.

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