Mayday, mayday!
Nexus community cries for help!

Nexus TK has been bleeding to death for a while now, but seems like we're almost out of blood. Donations of blood won't save us anymore. A major "surgery" is required to save the Kingdoms of Winds.

The health condition of Nexus has been at brink of death for years, but over the past year(s) the situation has from very bad to terrible and can be witnessed by serious lack of updates, limited requests, huge dwiddling of number of players, shortage of events, reduction of archon participation in saving nexus and basically, no update to the official website and no communication from KRU Interactive about the future projects of Nexus.

It's time for a change. Nexus Atlas is entering a stage of "ALL OR NOTHING".

Either KRU Interactive steps up and does a real commitment to work to safe our favorite game from death or Nexus Atlas will shut down! This protest will remain as front page of NA until the 6 following petition is addressed by Kru Inc.

1 - Bring Mug back
From this day on we invite everyone who cares about Nexus, current players or not, to come forward and submit weekly tickets to NexusTK support requesting that they revive Mug and bring him back. If this isn't possible, give us a GM as caring and devoted as Mug was, or if possible more.

2 - Do more cave events and RP events
Events are what keep people away from boredom. Even recycled cave events have always entertained our players. In 2013 we had monthly events, so this can be done. For past years we used to have a series of RP events with Mupa, Hawkmori, Wiyae and other event characters but this has also stopped.

3 - Support Nexus Organizations
Clans, armies, ministries and subpaths are doing their best to survive, but the lack of support given by Immortals is destroying them. Elendhirin has already given up. How many more will do until someone at KRU finally decides to take action. Latest rumors are that all requests by these organizations are closed until April 2016.

4 - Expand the Nexus
Add new quests, new features new options. The last real new addition to the game was "The Ultimate Gauntlet" back in 2010. Give autonomy to Archons again, it's quite clear they've been running the game since Mug sacrificed himself. Let players help, allow them create maps with newer graphics. Nexus 6.0 has been released 10 years ago, but we're only allowed to use Map maker from Nexus 4.0? How come? The private servers have been using much more interesting map graphics, no wonder they attract more players daily. We're still here. We still have faith in Nexus although.

5 - Communicate more
Do Immortal forums again, post more often on Dream weavers board about the upcoming projects, update the website, accept interviews, chat and hear out the players. What Nexus fans want to be sure is to know that KRU Interactive still cares. The Archon Primogen has been making efforts of communication lately, but can anyone from KRU step up and talk? Where is Wony?

6- Shut down private servers
KRU is aware of the existence of many private servers stealing away players from Nexus TK with the promise of "Free-to-play" which Nexus should have embarked long ago. This is seriously harming the activity of our community. A house divided cannot stand.

What will we do to give voice to our protest:

This series of protest is to avoid Nexus from having the same fate of RoboSmasher and Shattered Galaxy which are empty of players due to the lack of support.

In respect for the fans and players who we devote our time to help our website is still available:
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