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New Primogen of The Forsaken -- Vini -- 11:55 AM, July 26
KoohWen's public hearing and the lost Magal relics -- Vini -- 1:40 PM, July 25
Summer update! -- IcePixy -- 9:21 PM, July 22
King Mhul's proclamation about Malgalod -- Vini -- 8:32 PM, July 19
Malgal soldiers attack the Three Kingdoms -- Vini -- 7:44 PM, July 18

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    Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New Primogen of The Forsaken
Posted by: Vini -- 11:55 AM EST
Late last night as the lamp oil ran low, the halls of The Forsaken were bustling with activity. Guotie, the Primogen of Forsaken broadcasted a message stating that a new friendship had been formed between the Forsaken Clan and the Nagnang Royal Family. After decades of opposing the government and its royal bloodline, it seems that the clan took a new step in their political history after Blight's trial, in which Princess Sutsang convinced King ChaeRi to spare Blight's life from a death sentence.

It seems that after leading the clan through a turning point in their story, Primogen Guotie decided it was time to step down from power and appointed his Primarch Sieo as his successor. While Guotie led The Forsaken through a difficult transition after the return of Blight, he has remained quiet about his reasons for appointing Sieo except to say, "I know she's the right choice".

Lady Sieo is not new to Nagnang political scenario. As many people may remember she is the previous as "Sage of Nagnang". In her time as leader of nangen ministry she was known for being efficient, but rather crass, short-tempered and Machiavellian. She is also known for her Guide role in the Diviner Order.

When asked for a comment about her new role Sieo replied, "Chapters Five and Six..." and then returned to the mountains of paperwork she was sorting through in her new office. What this will mean for the future of The Forsaken?

Nexus Atlas congratulates Primogen Sieo on her new position and thanks Guotie for his services to the clan and the Nexus community.

~Vini Normad’or~
~Hyul 89, Moon 7~

    Tuesday, July 25, 2017

KoohWen's public hearing and the lost Magal relics
Posted by: Vini -- 1:40 PM EST
Last Thursday soldiers of the Koguryo held a covert operation and took their prisoner KoohWen to be interrogated inside the Guol Well at north of Dae Shore. There a public hearing was done by multiple interested people and many important information were uncovered about KoohWen leading sudden Malgal attacks to the kingdoms. During the questionings KoohWen once again claimed to be "K'en of the Seong-gye tribe", which seems to be a spirit of a woman who has possessed KoohWen's body, which is why he is now referring to himself as a woman.

Such spirit in KoohWen's body claims that her people used to live on the Lands of Winds long before the kingdoms were formed and that four relics of her tribe were stolen and must be returned before there is any chance of peace. As the interrogation moved on for hours there has been no conclusion on where those relics can be found and what's the true importance of them. Would it be dangerous to return them to K'en (KoohWen) or would it solve the conflicts permanently?

Many questions remain about what is happening and for those who are willing to help uncover this mystery; Amatus was kind enough to share with Nexus Atlas a very detailed report of what happened that day. Such report was adapted to suit news report format and help clarify the events of that occurred last week.

Detailed Report of KoohWen's Interrogation Event

The operation began with koguryian soldiers disguising themselves as circus folks to keep their KRA identities undercover. Together they approached KoohWen at Kugnae Palace's Prison and released her giving the impression that they were auditioning her abilities of hypnosis and shamanism.

Led by General Amatus, the disguised soldiers escorted KoohWen out of the palace, as sanctioned by King M'hul. From there, they continued their way heading to Dae Shore. General Amatus states that on the route toward East Gate, KoohWen started resisting at a bridge and tried to knock one or two of his soldiers into the river, but his men recovered the restraint over KoohWen and continued on.

While soldiers were on route, Kugnae sky had strangely enough become darker than normal in the midst of some blood magic on the horizon. Another shaman named CrewelLye appeared at Kugnae Palace, taking advantage of the darkness, and summoned many grave walkers. The creatures lurking at Palace stairs were contained by the Elder of Chongun Vini, the Premier of KSG Paranoid and other brave citizens working together.

While that was a catastrophe of its own, General Amatus reported that they used such diversion on their advantage in hurrying to Guol Shore via Dae Shore, and ultimately descending with rope to Guol Well. The soldiers barricaded the bottom left corner of place and Sayianwar and Victol were charge of guarding the gap in it. Meanwhile a makeshift cage of Dragon's teeth was forged to surround KoohWen for the duration of the hearing. Around the same time, Queen Yun of Koguryo arrived closely joined by Lady-in-waiting Simiya, and Prime Minister Loxie and was taken under protection of Amatus, who is also her Royal Guard.

The interrogation finally began and KSG Agent Quav was the first to confront and question KoohWen. Quav was told that her name is K'en of the Seong-gye tribe. Elaborating on the history of the tribe proved difficult, but KoohWen claimed many of them were "trampled by the thunder of a thousand horses" Upon asking if KoohWen murdered his own family, she became angry and her eyes flickered and strangely changed color. KoohWen remained fixed on talking to Quav for a moment, saying "My people were once spread across this land... you know what happened to them... You build you walls on our land, you corner us against the ocean, you train the youngest of yours to slaughter my people... and you ask what happened to them?". Asking simply if KoohWen was referring to the people of Malgalod, he confirmed it to Quav plainly. Thus KoohWen gave the bewildering notion that Malgals existed on these lands before the kingdoms were around.

Lady Simiya was eager to engage KoohWen next, having brandished an intimidating pair of knives, alluding to using the rope as a weapon, and threatening the cutting of fingers at each question to motivate information.

    - "Why did you not move your people?", asked Simiya.
    - "We come from this land... we were crafted from the clay, from the blood. We do not move", KoohWen answered.
    - "Nothing but statues eh, did you really think you'd gain anything from the attack?", Simiya continued her questioning.
    - "I've already gained everything I needed to", responded KoohWen laughing and licking her lips while getting her palm sliced.
    - "Almost enough blood. [Needed for] Survival", he finalized.

It appeared the more physical damage Simiya inflicted on KoohWen, the more the shaman not only endured, but also seemingly enjoyed it. Moreover, she consistently mentioned "Blood for blood" as a terrible sign that she could be either a cannibal or a demon. When Simiya asked about "the survival of whom?" and offered her own blood in exchange for the story, this excited KoohWen in a rather sinister way, but Prime Minister Loxie and Mirfors decided it was a dangerous risk and to put a stop to this line of questioning.

From this point on the questioning was opened to the public, with a limit of four minutes per person. Barbarian AzNCloudBoi of Bear Clan was the first to be allowed through the barricades. He was very aggressive and yelled accusingly that KoohWen was disturbing the peace, alluding to the fact that Buya, Kugnae and Dae Shore had gone dark. "Your people are going to misuse the power and bring thousands of deaths to the kingdoms", said AzNCloudBoi. KoohWen coldly proclaimed "Darkness is something they're going to have to get used too... don't worry the moon will burn red with the Chintamani stone". When AzNCloudBoi asked if there was something to ease the suffering of her people, KoohWen responded "If you want to do anything... find me my book. The book of Thoth, which could help". Before he could ask where the book might be his time was up. But in those few minutes AzNCloudBoi forced Koohwen to reveal small information about two distinct relics, the Book of Thoth and Hand of Glory.

Next to interrogate KoohWen was the former Primogen of Bear Clan and current Do Elder Sarphendon. was allowed to approach and question KoohWen. Addressing KoohWen by calling her "K'en", Sarphendon asked about "that which was taken" and "What is it you ask to be returned?"

    - "When your people first came to these lands, they took from my people four objects. Those must be returned before there is any chance of peace.", said KoohWen. Sarphendon asked what they were, and KoohWen mockingly replied:
    - "The four parts that bring dread in to your soul. The book. The hand. Should I bring them to you as well? I'm sure there is something you can read in those dusty weapon books about the Gandiva."
    - "I'm not the most versed in archery. A shame", replied the Do Elder.
"Through the stars I come. I bring the chalice covered with the shield", abruptly yelled K'en (KoohWen).

At that point, Queen Lasahn arrived to the hearing, with Chongun guide and Imperial Guard Demil escorting her. KoohWen was noticeably sniffing the air as the Queens of Buya and Koguryo greeted and stood beside each other. Prime Minister Loxie of Koguryo asked if Her Majesty would be interrogating the prisoner, but Lasahn declined and that she would wait until trial.

General Amatus took then the opportunity to speak to KoohWen. As a Chongun quite seasoned in archery, Amatus was alarmed by the mention of "Gandiva". According to him, he had read about the prospect of a mystical bow called Gandiva in a magical parchment recovered during the last Malgalod expedition. Upon mentioning this to KoohWen, she laughed and said "Only a full blood could make out what they say". When Amatus asked if such a powerful weapon as Gandiva shared its power with the fragile orbs purchased with Malgal insignias, KoohWen seemed to be very irritated, and even irradiated, saying vaguely: "The power of these orbs... The Gandiva... the power of my lands...".

Lancin was the next one allowed through the barricades to have a turn. He seemed interested in clearing up more details from Sarphendon's questioning, so he reiterated asking "Can you explain the four things we took from you a long time ago?". KoohWen merely elaborated with "There was once a man. He took a few things; lives if you will that were not hit. For that... a hand was taken." When trying to determine who that man was, KoohWen merely hinted with "There is one you might know... she may still have it... Find the little red dagger", she concluded.

People were becoming impatient, there needed to be more clues given about the whereabouts of the four relics. They hoped the Royal Diviner Neko would bring meaning to all the time spent with the questioning. Yet when Neko approached KoohWen she seemed reluctant to speak or even look at her. KoohWen taunted saying "Oh my dear you can look into these eyes". It seemed her gaze was hypnotic, and this was not the first time Neko had encountered such attempt, as it had temporarily taken effect on Mirfors the night before in Kugnae Palace's Prison.

This time Neko was prepared to counter the attempt. She was swaying a lantern while refusing to make eye contact. She started repeating "Tick Tock" as some sort of mantra. KoohWen taunted her, asking her to come forward, and look at her. Neko stood firm and continued the motion of the lantern, watching as the light shined in the reflection of KoohWen's eyes. KoohWen reached out while staring at Neko, and clutched the edge of a Dragon's tooth until starting to bleed. A vision of the palace prison flashed into view, and one could see a blood-stained quill, a jar of a ink, and a piece of paper on the ground before KoohWen's cell. Neko seemed entranced and started chanting while continuing the "Tick Tock" mantra: "A well of ink... to match this hell... the darkness of... to mirror what fell... A quill in blood... a story told... Your efforts vast... this shall unfold... Of paper white... you will shed light" In the midst of that KoohWen had said "Yes, my dear. Find the hand that was cut, write the book I wish to write... Find my stone buried now in the south... Tick tock...".

While that was happening, Queen Lasahn of Buya was becoming frustrated with how demanding KoohWen was being of the audience to find things for her. The Queen challenged the Shaman:
    - "Why do we owe you any favors? Diplomacy can be met with diplomacy. Invasion met with wrath", said Lasahn.
    - "I made this demand... a life time ago. I hired you people to bring them back to me", snapped KoohWen.
    - "Yet instead of reminding us and asking, you use false pretense for invasion? I am sorry to interrupt, Oracle, but the ramblings of this creature need to end.", continued Lasahn.

Koguryo Royal Diviner Neko nodded silently and made way for the exchange between KoohWen and the Buyan Queen.

    - "That was the last straw my dear Lasahn", said KoohWen.
    - "You are close to seeing my last straw break", replied Lasahn.
    - "You only see what is right in front fo you. But even that... you cannot figure out. As I told the guards all along. I'm right where I need to be", continued KoohWen while defiantly coughing blood at the Queen.
    - "You seem to have changed your reason for invasion - I assume because you know the invasion was ill-conceived. I do not fear getting some of your blood on me. I am sure by the end of this my fists will be covered in it. Just as the grounds of Malgal will be covered in the blood of the family you pretend to represent", went on Lasahn.
    - "Yes Queen, feel the anger. Let it take you. Feel the fire, taste the vengeance", taunted KoohWen relishing the Queen's threats.
    - "You mistake rage for justice, you incompetent. I will not lay a hand on this peasant until the sentence is passed... but I will be the one to swing the sword that beheads it. Tell me, what was your invasion for? That is what we are here for. Not to go on a treasure hunt that you've decided justifies your moves", retorted Lasahn.
    - "A treasure hunt... I like the sounds of it. As if there is a grand reward for you at the end. A mighty perch to lay rest... I tell you though, Queen, there will be no rest", responded KoohWen.
    - "You wish for us to work with you, yet our simple questions are met with pompous riddles. It's only a matter of time before your own Malgal turn on you" Lasahn persisted.

Prime Minister Loxie interjected in agreement with Queen Lasahn by saying "This entire time she has been toying with people. Maybe we should make this less of a game?". KoohWen responded hauntingly to why the Tri-Kingdoms were invaded: "Because she told us to, because she needs the blood, because she needs the relics. And when she comes... all the blood will rise. All the blood will be ours. We are weakened from the blood you took from us. So we are forced to take it from you".

Queen Lasahn finalized her interrogation by saying "You said it was for blood spilt in Malgal. Admit it was for nothing of the sort. When you have your story straight, 'Sage,' then we will consider your proposition. I am ready to leave, Demil". Before she left, and after consulting Queen Yun, attempted to see if BIA would be interested in holding KoohWen after this evening, but Lasahn refused, saying that "she is safer in Koguryo's [prison]".

After then, there were two more to ask questions of KoohWen, but they weren't able to obtain any new information to the discussion, and it was already difficult following the confrontation with Lasahn. Koguryo officials then decided it was time to draw the evening to close. Prime Minister Loxie requested to those in the audience to mail her reports on findings about the relics, and that the most informative submissions would be rewarded with 2 million gold.

The final words from KoohWen reiterated her only clues about the location of the artifacts: "They are the four treasures taken from my people when your walls were built. The relics fuel the power of our land, that keeps us alive. We need them... or we need blood. We have no choice. One, written in horror, a hand removed. A fallen star. The legends are there, you just need to find them. My people scrolled it down to share with your people... The papers can be found in the palaces of all our kingdoms.".

Soon after Queen Yun announced that she would retire to the palace. The soldiers of Koguryo proceeded to rope-climb out of Guol Well, escorted KoohWen out of Guol Shore, and safely returned her to the prison cell.

Once back inside her cell at Kugnae Palace's Prison, KoohWen was approached by Diviners IcePixy and Neko for further analysis, but General Amatus did not disclose the contents of what was discussed then. Since then, KoohWen has and shall remain safely locked away until another Tri-Kingdom hearing can be arranged.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 89, Moon 7~

    Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer update!
Posted by: IcePixy -- 9:21 PM EST
Yet another short but fun summer update from CoverGirl!

A few unexpected items as well as the sandals and slippers we've been looking for!

Take a look at her post and a few of the items below.

BOARD TITLE: Item Shop Announcements
FROM: CoverGirl DATE: 7/22
SUBJECT: Summer update

Hello Kingdoms~

Have you been hunting a lot? Have you updated your stats?
Now it's time to update your closet, too!

Cool helms and hoods, summer sandals, some off season items and we have new weapon skins, flying kites! The kites are delicate and fragile. Be careful not to break the weapon that it is on.

Enjoy the summer~~


PS. If you get stuck with a skin when the weapon is broken or lost, please send me an NMail. (Ref. post # 215)

Weapons: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

Head: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

Shoes: (pass the cursor over the image to check color names)

Hyul 89, 6th Moon, 27th Sun.

((Short P.S. I'm retiring from NA for irl reasons, I'm sure you'll still see me around from time to time. Ciao for now!))

    Wednesday, July 19, 2017

King Mhul's proclamation about Malgalod
Posted by: Vini -- 8:32 PM EST
Yesterday, after the biweekly Koguryo Clan Tribunal, King Muhyul has summoned the leading members of Koguryo Government to his office to discuss the situation with Malgalod and the recent attacks promoted by their soldiers. In such meeting were present Koguryo General Amatus, Prime Minister Loxie, Royal Diviner Neko, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mirfors and also the Chongun Elder was invited to provide strategic counsel.

After a long period of debating and sharing information, it was concluded that while Koohwen still is imprisoned for questioning, there’s still an imminent risk of other attacks led now by Malgal General's GongsunDu. After hearing out the five parties present at the chamber, King M'hul understood that such assaults promoted by Malgal soldiers could in fact be just retaliatory attacks in response to citizens of the Three Kingdoms constantly entering Malgalod territory and slaying their troops.

Therefore, the King of Koguryo decided to issue a decree in hopes to find truce while Koohwen is questioned for treason and awaits trial. Here's a copy of the decree as posted on Chronicles of the Winds board:

BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
FROM: NexusTK DATE: 7/10
SUBJECT: Server Reset - June 10th, 2017
Royal Decree


Some nights past, Malgalod soldiers under the leadership of one, Koohwen, also known as K'en Seong-hye, entered the Kingdoms and attacked our citizens and our land. Koohwen has been captured, and will face questioning both private and public for these actions.

However, while this act of war is egregious and shall be investigated fully, it has been declared a retaliatory attack in response to citizens of our Kingdoms entering Malgalod territory and spilling their blood. We remember our history, and acknowledge that past attacks on populations discovered near our borders have lead to strife and suffering.

all loyal citizens of Koguryo are asked to stop any violent excursions into Malgalod until further notice, to allow for the possibility of a peaceful solution.

This decree will be reevaluated following the questioning and hearing of Koohwen, to be announced soon.

King of Koguryo

There has been no official declaration of when the trial of when Koohwen will be.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 89, Moon 5~

    Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Malgal soldiers attack the Three Kingdoms
Posted by: Vini -- 7:44 PM EST
Buya was attacked a little over a week ago by Malgal soldiers near the southern gate. The invasion began shortly after the monthly meeting between Ministers and Generals of the Tri-Kingdoms was abruptly interrupted by Koohwen, a nangen shaman who was once Primogen of Silla clan and briefly Minister of Nagnang. It seems that Koohwen is acting Sage of Malgalod, although still tied to Silla clan.

The assault started with Koohwen calling for vengeance over the spilt blood of the Malgal people. He brought a small battalion of Malgal soldiers to attack beyond the southern walls of Buya, and chaos ensued as people fell in the crossfire. However, Queen Lasahn and Prince Daeso of Buya personally arrived on the scene and repelled the Malgals with the help of the Ministers, Generals, soldiers and citizens of the Tri-Kingdoms.

Soon after, Nagnang too fell under attack as KoohWen continued to command the Malgal onslaught, but they were defeated yet again. Lastly, Koguryo was sieged, but with the kingdoms now prepared and recognizing the pattern, they were able to not only defeat the incoming Malgals but also capture KoohWen. "Koohwen has been captured, and will face questioning both private and public for these actions", announced King M'hul of Koguryo.

Koohwen was taken to Kugnae Palace Prison where he is being kept under heavy guard and is only allowed to leave the cell for further questioning.

So far, he has been reluctant to speak when questioned, but there is a trial pending and perhaps then more shall be uncovered on this matter. A special thanks to Amatus for providing the pictures to this news report and to NeWhooks for information shared.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 89, Moon 5~

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