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Santa's Schedule -- LinuxKiddy -- 1:24 PM, December 7
The Walk in Vigil - Logorin's Memorial Evening -- Vini -- 10:21 PM, December 3
Logorin's Memorial Tonight - 8pm EST -- Vini -- 6:20 PM, December 3

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    Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Santa's Schedule
Posted by: LinuxKiddy -- 1:24 PM EST
Have you been naughty or nice? The gods have posted the schedule of when you'll be able to run the maze to Win anything from a Fine snake meat to a unsigned royal pardon.
From this post it seems its no longer going to be called Santa mhul since all the royals now participate. Be sure to re-register before then to test your luck in a lovely gift.

Snow might be coming Friday as well as the gift wrapping ability (Sending your friends coal).

BOARD TITLE: Community
FROM: Alilolelotte DATE: 12/07

Greetings Community,

Santas shall greet you this year during the following scheduled

12/16 - 6:00pm pst - 10:00pm pst (9:00pm est - 1:00am est) -

12/17 - 3:00pm pst - 7:00pm pst (6:00pm est - 10:00pm est) -

12/18 - 4:00pm pst - 8:00pm pst (7:00pm est - 11:00pm est) -

Please mark your calendars and be sure to make an appearance! There will be something in store for everyone! Even your favorite lump of coal!
Make sure you have two empty spots in your inventory before entering the Maze.


    Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Walk in Vigil - Logorin's Memorial Evening
Posted by: Vini -- 10:21 PM EST
A beautiful ceremony was held in Koguryo tonight where more than 70 people came to pay homage to Logorin who passed away couple weeks ago. With a colorful and flowery pathway from north gate Kugnae, people walked towards the Bear Clan Garden where they gathered to begin the walk in vigil.

Carrying candlelight at nightfall, the citizens and friend of Logorin paraded towards east, entering the Tiger clan hall where he was once Primogen of for a brief period and then moved southeast reaching Dae Shore. From there people entered the Immortals Gateway's Chongun area and gathered at Heavens Ascent mountain. There, people gathered in circle to voice their appreciation for everything Logorin has done for the Nexus Community and remember the great moments of joy and wisdom, which they shared with our fallen friend.

The one-hour ceremony counted with deep meaning speeches from Astrael, Vini Guide, Loxie, King M'hul, Xalmen, Amatus, RebelMagic, Tyrra, Ferro, Pitseleh, Living and Lancin. Among many wonderful words and moments shared about the importance of Logorin to our community, the final message in King MuHyul's speech summarizes the wishes of everyone present: "As we walked here in procession, we followed a path of stars and memories. I hope that he finds his place among the stars, and I hope that each of you will cherish your memories of him".

Rest well Logorin, your beard will remain forever as a national treasure.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 84, Moon 6~

Logorin's Memorial Tonight - 8pm EST
Posted by: Vini -- 6:20 PM EST

Remembrance - Logorin with friends

As posted by Bear's Primogen Astrael, today is scheduled to occur the homage memorial for Logorin, who passed away on Nov. 18th. There cerimonial service will begin at 8:00pm EST starting from Bear Clan's Garden before a walk in vigil to the Immortal's Gateway in Dae Shore.

After then a Samurang Showdown, the Chongun's contest of Logorin's design. Any and all who have sentiments or memories to share are welcome to do so at the service, invited by Chonguns, Bear clan, Tiger clan and his closest friends.

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 84, Moon 6~

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