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Diancecht's Follain -- Vini -- 11:30 PM, May 23
Roleplay Workshop Week begins today! -- Vini -- 1:50 AM, May 22
How to put your portrait back -- Vini -- 11:00 PM, May 20

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    Monday, May 23, 2016

Diancecht's Follain
Posted by: Vini -- 11:30 PM EST
The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

That's the basis of an eternal friendship.

Gratitude is an act love, a feeling of appreciation for the deeds done by another person towards you or others. Today the Nexus community has shown their endless gratitude for HealerofDoom, a person who dedicated 6 years of work to help the Destiny clan and 7 years teaching young poets as a Guide of the Druids.

A memorial which began at 9pm est started at Destiny's Garden. A huge group of HealerofDoom's friends and admirers marched together towards Druid's Sacred Grove carrying candles, praying and/or mourning the 1 year anniversary of the loss of a Nexus icon. A ceremony was held at Druid's Mystic Garden by Destiny Clan's Primarch RebelMagic and Druid's Elder FoxFire, with help of Shaman MistPrince all good friends of him. Over 60 people were present including Archons. People even said that Wony stopped by the Kingdom of Winds today as a sign of respect.

Click the image to expand it.

What was most remarkable of HealerofDoom was not only his sense of duty and generosity towards others, not only the countless hours, days or weeks he dedicated to helping people, but the fact that he did that all with a pure heart, amazing sense of humor and a genuine optimism that a better world starts with our own actions.

His devotion to Nexus will forever leave a positive mark in a realm without Price.


    Sunday, May 22, 2016

Roleplay Workshop Week begins today!
Posted by: Vini -- 1:50 AM EST
It seems this week will be a good week for young ones to learn the art of role-playing. Davie and Sidonie are hosting the Roleplay Workshop Week!

This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to breath Nexus air, listen to other people's voices and feel the breeze of the wind while you lay down at the grass. Learn how to think inside the realm and outside the box. Here's a copy of their post on community board:

May 22nd - 28th

Are you craving practice roleplaying? Do you want to learn how the pros of our kingdoms do it? Do you want to understand how ANYONE can host events, get the community involved, and ultimately help our kingdoms grow?

This week is for you!

Everyone is invited, regardless of skill, experience, or walk of life. We want to see everyone's face at the events that will be hosted all week long. They will not be located in any one place, everyone will be moving around and circulating through the kingdoms. Paths, clans, and neutral parties will all be calling you to join them in their stomping grounds.

Sharing knowledge, sharing skills, sharing techniques!

Together, we can all learn and grow as roleplayers, we can bring back large scale roleplay events, and we can help restore the most unique and beautiful part of our kingdoms!

Example classes:
  • Character building 101 (Sidonie)
  • What is Metagaming (Wildhair)
  • Techniques for Initiating RP (Davie)
  • Writing In Character (PlagueD)

    As if this amazing access to knowledge wasn't enough to entice even the most shy player, we will also be hosting raffles for fantastic rewards such as Kruna or cash! There is of course ALWAYS the potential for subpaths and clans to give rewards of their own for those who attend.

    Interested in hosting something? Contact Davie or Sidonie.

    There is also a current list of scheduled events that can be found on the CE board!

  • When you open the Community Events board look for {RPWW} Schedule of Events posted either by Sidonie or Davie.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 80, Moon 2~

        Friday, May 20, 2016

    How to put your portrait back
    Posted by: Vini -- 11:00 PM EST
    Have you noticed most Nexus profile Portraits are gone?

    It seems that when GMs updated Nexus software to start storing ScreenShots and Users in "Documents\NexusTK" folders a minor Nexus client edit was forgotten that basically removed everyone's profile picture. But worry not! You can manually correct this and get your portrait visible to everyone again.

    To re-add your portrait do the following:

    1. Access your new user lists folder at C:\Users\(vini)\Documents\NexusTK\users
    Of course in your case you need to replace (vini) with the correct name of your Windows user.

    2. Once in the new user folder copy the .jpf file which is your Portrait file. If you don't have a .jpf file there, then copy the .usr file.

    3. Access the folder where Nexus TK.exe is installed. Normally it should be - C:\Program Files (x86)\KRU\NexusTK and manually create a new folder there called: "users". Once done, basically all you need to do is paste the .jpf file there (or .usr in case you don't have a .jpf yet), log off and log back in in Nexus and your portrait shall be back!

    If you don't have a .jpf file and don't remember how to create your portrait, basically all you need to do is download the Nexus Portrait Maker, also known as "Facemaker". The FaceMaker is a very old executable file, created in 2001, but that still does the job in a not so perfect way.

    All profiles are 48 width x 56 height. Once you finish editing your profile portrait in photoshop or any similar image software you can save a .bmp or .png version of it and open it in FaceMaker 2. You'll only be able to choose the character to save that portrait into if you did the process of importing the .usr file listed above on step 3.

    If you want to have a portrait with corners cut to fit the profile perfectly, here is an image you can copy to be on top of your portrait picture. Remember it has to 48x56 pixels or else the frame won't fit well.

    Enjoy your portraits!

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 80, Moon 1~

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