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Buya: The Shining Jewel of the East
Who lead the kingdom of Buya during the past years?

The Leaders List

This is a complete list of the people who served as part of the Buya kingdom's government. Royals, Ministers, Generals and Primogens who shared their knowledge and time to lead others and make Buya grow into the most populated kingdom of Nexus. This list goes from back when Nexus story began up until Nexus 6.84.

  • Position Description

    Royal - A monarch figure who represents the goverment of the kingdom

    Minister - A person who is chosen by the Royal to lead the ministry group of the kingdom

    Ambassador - A person who is chosen by the Royal to represent the kingdom in affairs with neigbour nations

    General - A leader of the official army that defends the kingdom

    Primogen - A leader of an official clan affiliated to the kingdom

    • Legend Mark
      Mark given to those nominated by Primogens of Buyan clans, General of the Army and Subpath elders that have shown outstanding devotion to the kingdom; citizens who bear this mark are called "Buya Defenders" and they can be noticed by their Buya gold-yellow dye
      Mark given to community members who have proven assistance to the Imperial goverment through a ministry quest

      1st: Prince Beanbag
      2nd: King Aino Senshi
      3rd: Princess Lasahn

      Buya Ministry
      Buya Ambassador
      Buya Imperial Army
      1st: Castaspella 1st: Jentar 1st: Crovax
      2nd: Guerrund 2nd: Jesuil 2nd: Wildz
      3rd: Sebelle 3rd: MickeyLady 3rd: NightRaven
      4th: Jolie 4th: Songa 4th: Chronno
      5th: Castaspella 5th: Tzara 5th: Aceostar
      6th: Sebelle 6th: Roryian 6th: Bullmunk
      7th: Jolie N/A 7th: Erucolindo
      8th: NyteBeauti N/A 8th: Kirikka
      9th: RebelMagic N/A 9th: MisterMage
      10th: SoulGuard N/A 10th: Killeh
      11th: Sheilala N/A 11th: Lindy
      12th: Maevalia N/A 12th: Aurons
      13th: Biondeu N/A 13th: TinaDragon
      14th: Jolie N/A 14th: Janken
      N/A N/A 15th: Dekato
      N/A N/A 16th: HakuDoushi
      N/A N/A 17th: Tradita
      N/A N/A 18th: Reon

      Heavens Clan
      Phoenix Clan
      Lost Kingdom Clan
      1st: Beanbag 1st: xDaSteihlx 1st: Casandra
      2nd: Neurosis 2nd: Wildhair 2nd: Glee
      3rd: Wasse 3rd: Cassie 3rd: Kimba
      4th: Shinz 4th: Kimpo 4th: Hagalaz
      5th: EnderWiggin 5th: Mythril 5th: Elysse
      6th: Lentall 6th: Liatris 6th: LadyFallon
      7th: Valerian 7th: Araias 7th: Yari
      8th: Kristen 8th: TinaDragon 8th: Katia
      9th: Sinsation 9th: Vano 9th: Neuro
      10th: Reenee 10th: Kyas 10th: Gnoff
      11th: Lentall 11th: Guerrund 11th: Arionchui
      12th: Tali 12th: Kyas 12th: Warik
      13th: Twinkletoes 13th: TGuerrund 13th: BellaTiAmo
      14th: Kristie 14th: Kyas 14th: Warik
      15th: Selkie 15th: Calhon 15th: Sparkyd
      16th: Bingo 16th: Vano N/A
      17th: Zarkh 17th: Cascade N/A
      18th: Raushawna 18th: Vano N/A
      19th: Whiteheart 19th: Cascade N/A
      20th: Killashandra 20th: Aubrey N/A
      21st: rosalie 21st: Kyas N/A
      N/A N/A N/A

      Dharma Clan
      Elendhirin Clan
      SanSin Clan
      1st: NinaP 1st: Rhianwyn 1st: MythicKnight
      2nd: Forcer 2nd: Daggda N/A
      3rd: HumaofLance 3rd: Rhianwyn N/A
      4th: Forcer 4th: PesmergaXV N/A
      5th: JerzeyKat 5th: Charity N/A
      6th: CloverLeaf 6th: PesmergaXV N/A
      N/A 7th: Artemus N/A
      N/A 8th: PesmergaXV N/A
      N/A 9th: Rhianwyn N/A
      N/A 10th: Charity N/A
      N/A 11th: MickeyLady N/A
      N/A 12th: Charity N/A
      N/A 13th: PesmergaXV N/A
      N/A 14th: Chantrea N/A
      N/A 15th: TygraStarr N/A