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The Cataclysm - July 1, 1998
Legends remembered of Heroes lost.

The Day Beta Came to an End

For those who are relatively new to the Nexus, and were not around for Beta, the Cataclysm may not seem like much. From older posts and such, people give vague descriptions of what it was really like to be there for the day of the Cataclysm. Let me your guide through time.

Imagine a world of Nexus Beta. In the kingdom of Kugnae you stand by the haunted house talking a friend after a hunt. That is how I recall it.. We knew the cataclysm was coming, and we also knew the change would be huge.

July 1, 1998

It began on the 22nd of June. With Nexon taking certain items from players at 2 am. They had announced it, but nothing could prepare us for it. Two Beta Clans, known as the Legends of the Winds and the Holy Dragon Order, organized giving 1000 coins to everyone, and 1000 coins to the clans for each member they had.. The following items met their demise :

Sevenleaf sword Heavy dragon spear Chillblane Holy sword Darkstaff
Hunang's axe Blue dragon longsword Electra Light sword Goblin's club
Flameblade Faerie light Dragonclaw Moonblade Trident
Military fork Death's head Bekyun's spear Star-staff Titanium lance
Steelthorn Dragon tongue Wicked staff Maxcaliber Sen glove
Titanium gloves Whisper bracelet Holy ring Sun armor Sun armor dress
Sun blouse Sun clothes Sun dress Sun garb Sun gown
Sun helm Sun helmet Sun mail dress Sun robes Sun scale mail
Sun skirt Sun waistcoat Sun war dress Sun war platemail Moon armor
Moon armor dress Moon blouse Moon clothes Moon dress Moon garb
Moon gown Moon helm Moon helmet Moon mail dress Moon robes
Moon skirt Moon waistcoat Moon war dress Moon war platemail Star armor
Star armor dress Star blouse Star clothes Star dress Star garb
Star gown Star mail dress Star robes Star scale mail Star skirt
Star waistcoat Star war dress Star war platemail Key to Earth Key to Fire
Key to Heaven Key to Mountain Key to Pond Key to Spirit Key to Thunder
Key to Water Key to Wind Bone Gold ring Crap
Raptor's egg Dinosaur egg Angel's tear Heartstone Rose
Mountain ginseng

Some of which... Will never be seen again.

All Sun, Moon, and Star Items were removed from stores. Everyone's money was reduced to 1000 coins.

Dragons filled the kingdoms. There was no escape. People stood strongly together. They knew their death was coming, and this death would surely be the end. Others knew they would live on the legacy of those who fought bravely that day. And the war began.

The losses were devastating.

The items weren't the loss. The friends lost. Before the cataclysm, people gave their characters to their friends because they had no intention of subscribing. Everyone lost friends that day. Some of those people will remain as legends forever.

The survivors found ways of coming back to life. They invested in items that would not be taken with the cataclysm and made lots of money that way. Some people went and hunted bosses for hours, restoring circulation to boss drops.

All in all, the Nexus survived, and the survivors built the new Nexus community.