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The Reckoning - November 29, 1998
What would you do with 62 billion dollars?

Money Madness

It was like any other day in the Nexus. At this particular time it was Nexus 3.0. It was the day of November 29... A Sunday.. What happened the next few days would come to a shock to everyone, especially the staff of Nexon.

The possibility of bugs in real time online games is high. Even after testing, bugs can occur because of the volume of people interacting with stuff... A typical test group is nowhere near the size of the actual group using the new technologies in the Nexus world. But a bug like this should never occur.

Before I get into the history of the event, let me tell you how the bug occured.

As you can see from the bottom of the exchange screen above, there are two money slots.

What someone would do, is enter an amount on their money slot.. For example... An amount like 67,000,000 would be good. Now.. With the old exchange, it didn't take the money until you pressed OK... So if you pressed cancel, it would give you back any money you entered in the slot, thinking it already took 67,000,000 from you and was simply returning your money. Of course Nexon made that impossible now by making the money come DIRECTLY from you as you add it, and making it impossible to hit backspace to steal someone elses items for a discount.

People without money began saging they were buying high price items. Nothing new. People do it all the time to check the prices on high rares.. Or maybe one of their friends quit and left them a lot of money or an expensive item to trade. Then people started standing on astronomical amounts of money. Billions of coins began flooding into the kingdom. People who had sage saged they would buy anything. Eventually archons began saging not to sell any items. There was virtually no real money left in the kingdom.

People kept exchanging with other people, typing in huge amounts, then hitting cancel. For hours on end this occured. The greed was unparalled. People gathered in the taverns to do this.

Once Nexon found out, they tried extremely hard to fix the situation. They knew what they had to do. They warned the kingdom that they would fix the problem, and reset the server.

But this was not the end.. People left millions of coins on the ground. The piles remained on the ground after the reset. Despite the fact Nexon had fixed the exchange bug, the coins continued to flood in. There was only one option left, and noone wanted to do it.

When people logged back on they found this message :

And so began the economic restart for the Nexus. People rich in coins became less rich than those in items. This money loss was only second to that of the cataclysm.