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Minor Quest Locations

Nightmareland Walk-Through!!! -- IcePixy -- 7:42 AM, January 19
New Event - Nightmareland -- Vini -- 4:40 PM, January 18
Wonderland Food Items -- Vini -- 8:15 PM, January 11

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    Friday, January 19, 2018

Nightmareland Walk-Through!!!
Posted by: IcePixy -- 7:42 AM EST
The twisted and turning of a terrible nightmare at any inn bed takes us to the Nightmareland we could barely have imagined!

With many new creatures around, one must be very careful as death in Nightmareland is very real and you will damage/break items as well as lose experience.

As you wake up in this new and terrifying land, you realize quite quickly that things are definitely not as safe as they are in Wonderland, so BEWARE as you fall asleep at an inn!!

So far people have received the following legend marks/rewards:



PART ONE: Restoring Spring

You enter Nightmareland and find yourself besieged by Cold Twisters, Snow Furrys and Blasts. You mix some of them together and watch the Blasts evaporate and receive a new legend mark! ((To Evaporate Blasts: mix 2 Cold Twisters to create a Snow Furry, mix 2 Snow Furries to create a Blast, Mix 2 Blasts to evaporate them!))

PART TWO: Palace of the Seasons

As you wind your way through these you happen upon a beautiful Palace of the Seasons (93,15). Inside you find Lunghee , she tells you that Spring has been frozen by the Frost Witch and that the lands are in peril, she asks for your aid in restoring Spring and of course you agree to help!

PART THREE: the Scared Elf

Leaving the Palace of the Seasons, you head west and run across Scared Elf outside of the Toy Factory (49,27). You ask him about the Frost Witch, He tells you that the elves are being over-worked by Mr.FrostBite and that they cannot stop making toys until Spring returns!

PART FOUR: The Rat King

You continue to head west after speaking with the Scared Elf, and find yourself entering the Deepground Tunnels (3,38).

As you make your way through the Deepground Tunnels you happen across a beautifully decorated tree with a Rat King (70,62) enjoying the feast, as he attacks you, you slay him and are rewarded with a new legend mark!

PART FIVE: Fires of Below

You continue to investigate the tunnels and find an entrance that leads to the Fires of Below (48,66) where the FlameKeeper awaits you.

Flamekeeper asks for the following items to help in feeding the Eternal fire that has become dangerously weak:

- 20 Red Stardrops (found at Dragons in Wonderland; 114,60)
- 5 Coal (found in Wonderland Caverns; 20,43)
- 1 Pickled Lemonade (found in Toasty Eats in Wonderland; 53,49)

Once he receives these items you will receive a Flicker of Flame as well as a new legend mark!

PART SIX: Friend or Foe?

You wonder what to do with this new Flicker of Flame and head to the Home of the Frost Witch (46,5), there you find two trolls Frostbelly and Frostbrow they seem hungry:

Frostbelly would like A large piece of pie (found in Tasty Eats in Wonderland; 53,49)
Frostbrow would like a Sprucecone Pie (found in Tasty Eats in Wonderland; 53,49)

After they are happily full, they tell you that the Frost Witch has dipped spring in very cold Ice! Off you go to collect some Snowangels (found in Wonderland all over).

'U'sing the Flicker of Flame you begin to melt the Snowangel's one by one until you finally find Sleepy Spring!

PART SEVEN: Awakening Spring

You quickly return to Lungheein the Palace of the Seasons (93,15) and find out you need a flower to awaken her! A Daffodil works wonderfully and thaws Spring . As a reward you receive a Spring Bouquet ((This is a weapon skin, equip to any weapon to continue walk-thru)).

PART EIGHT: Rescuing the Elves

You are bound and determined to save the elves from their enslavement by Mr.Frostbite . You head to Mistletoe's Tavern (29,55) to see what you can find out there. Mistletoe tells you all about her poor husband, the Head Elf Acto and asks if you would bring him Mistletoe's Note . She asks you about Signs of Spring and also warns you that in order to speak with Mr.Frostbite you will have to distract him. Knowing that the evil Mr.Frostbite loves gift but hates rats, you hurry off to gather:

- 1 Green Wrapping Paper (any kingdom messenger)

Then you run back to Deepground Tunnels to wrap one of the Fast mice! (('u'se the Green Wrapping Paper when facing a Fast mouse to 'wrap it'.))

PART NINE: Frostbeard and his Vicious Pets

Having your distraction in hand, you make your way to the Toy Factory (46,23). However,you realize there is a guard with two Vicious Bunnies, but the bunnies look hungry and you seen some carrots outside:

- 15 Snow Carrots (from Hippy, Bashful, Grumpy, Moody Carrots)

You head back in and feed the bunnies who proceed to ignore you and speak to Mr.Frostbeard , you tell him you have a present for Mr.FrostBite and he happily lets you by!

PART TEN: Final Acto?!

You see Mr.Frostbite greedily guarding his workers and gifts and quickly offer him the gift you had wrapped, once he faints from fear you speak to Acto ((you MUST have Spring Bouquet equipped to prove Spring has returned! He thanks you and invites you back to Mistletoe's Tavern (29,55).

Once you have returned to Mistletoe she offer's you a reward for all your help: Mistletoe's Gift which turns out to be a lovely Nightmare Shroud and a bit of experiance!

SIDE QUEST: Da Needs Help Decorating!:

Now, you explore the village and find yourself in Da's House, it seems quiet but when you say 'Hello',

Da quickly responds with a plea for help in decorating her tree! She requires the following items to complete her decorations:

- 10 Red Stardrops (found at Dragons in Wonderland; 114,60)
- 10 Green Ambers (gathered from Snow Bunnies)
- 1 Candy Cane (gathered from Humanoids in Wonderland)
- 3 Holiday Stockings (gathered from Humanoids in Wonderland)
- 10 White Ambers (gathered in Wonderland Caverns; 20,43)

For helping her you will receive Da's Gift , which contains some karma and experience!

Enjoy the Nightmarish Adventure and all its fun!

***Thank you to all who contributed for walk-thrus/items/etc***

Hyul 93, 6th Moon, 10th Sun

    Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Event - Nightmareland
Posted by: Vini -- 4:40 PM EST
A server reset introduced a new event last Monday and went unreported by our staff. It replaced Winter Wonderland and introduced Nightmareland, which can be accessed the same way as Wonderland was, by sleeping at the inns. Here is a copy of the Dream weavers post made 3 days ago:

BOARD TITLE: Dream Weaver
FROM: NexusTK DATE: 1/15
SUBJECT: Server Reset - Jan. 15th, 2018
Winter Dreams and Nightmare

We sincerely apologize for the delay. Updates and patches may follow

We'll be working on providing a full walkthrough to the event with description, coordinates, images and map as soon as possible.

((Once again I apologize for 3 days dark on news. I was/am out of town, 8 hours ahead of my usual timezone, so haven't had time to log on since weekend))

~Vini Normad'or~
~Hyul 93, Moon 6~

    Thursday, January 11, 2018

Wonderland Food Items
Posted by: Vini -- 8:15 PM EST
While we wait for the Winter wonderlands quests expansion, there are a few items that caught our attention being sold by Canolly at Toasty Eats shop (051,051).

Here is a list of all the food that Canolly sells and their known effects:

  • Hot cocoa (500 coins) -> Gives a scourge graphic on your head
  • Pickled lemonade (1,000 coins)-> Morphs into snowman*
  • Crunchy eggnog (1,500 coins) -> gives message , but does no damage
  • Snowbunny float (2,500 coins)-> Temporary increases mana by 10K on each use, works cumulative, but is affected by regen, therefore bonus doesn't last long
  • A very large piece of pie (5,000 coins) -> Unknown effect - "You feel happy and warm inside"?
  • Holly lolly (1,000 coins) -> If you use in front of someone forces them to say "That looks yummy!", no other effect known
  • Ice on the Rocks -> Makes you say "BRAINFREEZE!!!", no other effect known
  • Sprucecone pie (10,000 coins) -> Temporary increases vita by 10K on each use, works cumulative and isn't affected by regen
  • Nutcracker's fancy (3,000 coins) -> Morphs into Sugarplum faerie*


    If you know the effects of any of these items share with the community! A special thanks to Lancin and Ruse for helping out with the current effects information.

    ~Vini Normad'or~
    ~Hyul 93, Moon 4~

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