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The monster section of the website is the most complete monster atlas ever.. Covering not only experience in the normal caves, but data on multi-leveled caves and events as well.

Couple special things to remember in this section :
There is a clear difference between No experience and 0 Experience. No experience entails you got no credit for a kill. 0 Experience means you killed the target and recieved 0 experience. If you kill a target and get no notification of experience, that means you got No experience, and you will recieve no penalties towards any quests that require you not to kill other creatures. 0 experience does count against you as a tracked kill.

Nexus characters store approximately 200 monster kills in their databanks to track quest progress.. Which is how the NPCs know you killed the appropriate creatures for the quest.

An Overview :
Rabbit (Monster name)
5 Experience
Drop Information

Common Drop(s) :
Rabbit meat

Rare Drop(s) (Less than 5%)

Unconfirmed Drop(s) :
Creature Type : Animal

Monster Name - The Name of the Monster Goes Here.

Below that is a small, quick description of the monster.

Experience - Here, we will list the experience attained by killing the monster.

Common Drop(s)
- The most common drops of the animal.

Rare Drop(s) (Less than 5%)
- Rare drops are drops that occur less than 5% of normal (1 in 20 animals or less)

Unconfirmed Drop(s)
- These are drops that people have claimed to have recieved from the boss but have not yet been verified by the Nexus Atlas staff.

Creature Type - This is Nexus Atlas's way of classifying monsters to help people determine quickly which type of monster it is. Our classifications and short descriptions of them are :

Animal - Most abundant category. Contains all normal animals. ( Crow / Rabbit)
Boss - Boss of a Cave with Mythic Boss AI ( Mythic Rooster / Dragon Avenger )
Dragon - Dragons and their kin ( Wyrms / Dragons )
Human - A human monster. ( Nagnag Mercenary / Sonhi Swordsman )
Humanoid - Creatures with human qualities ( Ogre / )
Insect - Insect(like) animals ( Mantis / Scorpion)
Plant - Living plants ( Forever tree )
Quest - Quest only based animals ( Warrior Shield Quest Animals )
Sentry - Underlings of a Mythic Boss ( Rabbit Guardian / Cow Defender )
Shapeshifter - Creatures that morph when attacked or when attacking ( San-shin )
Undead - Living dead creatures ( Skeleton / Ghost )
Water - Creatures that normally reside in the water ( Lobsters)
Mineral - Rocks and Minerals ( Rock salt)