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How to become aligned or change your alignment.


Alignments are chosen by those who wish to follow various aspects of life within the lands. Depending on which Alignment you pick, your life can take a very different direction. Some Alignments will help you to focus your Ki (energy) more efficiently by reducing aethers of your spells. There are three different Alignments to chose from:

Kwi-Sin - Death and darkness: Kwi-Sin is the alignment of those who have passed beyond. They are not necessarily evil and gain their Ki (energy) from those who have gone on before them, typically from their ancestors. Warriors who follow the Kwi-Sin alignment will have a superior whirlwind attack but there is a great price to pay for such power. Upon execution of the attack, the user is brought down to just 10 vitality and sits on the brink of death. The sacrifice for this is the great healing powers of the Ming-Ken as well as the ability that Ohaeng and Ming-Ken share to be more secure in regards to remaining alive after devastating attacks. To become a follower of Kwi-Sin go to the temple in the Arctic Village (0056, 0021).

Ming-Ken - Life: The Ming-ken alignment is followed by those who cherish life in all forms and seek to protect it. Warriors who follow the way of Ming-ken are given a weaker whirlwind which brings their vitality down to 10% of its base when the attack is executed. To become a follower of Ming-ken go to the temple in Islets (0030, 0084).

Ohaeng - Balance: The Ohaeng alignment is followed by those who wish to find a greater sense of peace within; a great balance between Life and Death. Those who follow Ohaeng get the benefit of both Ming-ken (altered Whirlwind) and of Kwi-Sin but the benefits from each are not as powerful as those of the other alignments. To become a follower of Ohaeng go to the temple in the Wilderness (0078, 0184).

Changing Alignment

When you chose your alignment, were you sure of what you wanted to be? Did you overlook the power of a five-way resurrect, or can't stand that silly purple heal ball? Or what if you've recently had a change of interests and now wish to walk a more dark, balanced, or light path? Perhaps you want to submit to the chaos and have no alignment at all! Now there is a way to change your alignment although it is a difficult, trying and expensive process. You will lose all current spells and have to sacrifice vitality and mana!

-No spells
-Level 99
-At least 20001 Vitality
-At least 10001 Mana
-Trigram Keyset

1) Clear your mind of all the impure thoughts of your old alignment. [Forget ALL your spells.]

2) Go to the Tiger Palace found in the Arctic Lands. Speak with the Shaman. Hand her the keys in this order, reading everything she says as you go: Pond, Heaven, Fire, Wind, Thunder, Water, Earth, Mountain. Your spirit will be unlocked so that you may enter.

TIP: This part of the quest can be done while dead, without the assistance of others. Enter the Tiger Palace as described above and then permit the tigers to kill you (bring a Seraph pendant if you already accumulated enough experience to relearn your respective Cunning or Rage spells and bring no BODs or valuable items). Avoid being surrounded before you die, as the tigers will continue to attack you after death thus trapping you and you MUST be free to move. After you are dead move quickly to the second room as described in the next room. The tigers won't chase ghosts. After this you are free to move throughout the palace uninterrupted.

You can buy a Seraph Pendant using from KRU's Kruna page. You have to use it before you die. It will keep you from losing your stats when you die.

3) Journey to the second to last room, Sun Hearth. Here is a set of directions with coordinates between rooms:

Earth Palace --> Sea Palace 0,11
Sea Palace --> Labryinth 0,17
Labryinth --> Sun Palace 15,0
Sun Palace --> Earth Stripes 18,0
Earth Stripes --> Sun Splash 0,13
Sun splash --> Elancia 0,19
Elancia --> Cross Palace 10,23
Cross Palace --> Rose Palace 13,0
Rose Palace --> *Sun Heart* 15,0
Sun heart --> Last Remorse 28,9


When you reach this room float around until you see Summit or shout "Cleanse Curse".
TIP: You can use (/s or shift+1) to say "Cleanse Curse"
You will be confronted with the following information. Reveal that you need help.

Yes, I need help
No, I need no help

You will get the following pop-ups:
1. "Hahaha... so the great one returns to me, does he master?"
2. "Got yourself into a spot of trouble, so you come running back to me?"
3. "Yes, from this level of "life" I can see into your soul, I can see your soul is not pure."
4. "I take it you want me to help you again, after what you did to me?"
5. "Well, do you really want me to help you? You know it will cost you greatly."

Choose "YES". Your old alignment will be removed and you will permanently lose 10,000 vita, 5,000 mana and ALL spells.

5) Now you can get a new Alignment at any of the Shrines and relearn your spells or you can choose to stay unaligned.