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Banned for Bad Code
No one can help you with this problem except KRU. Nexus Atlas has an explanation to help you understand the problem so you can work with KRU to remove your ban.

This information is primarily for players who do not have a credit card they can use. There are several ways to pay for your account but if you don't live in America or Canada it can be hard to find an easy way. In general using a credit card is the easiest way. I am going to explain this problem assuming you have bought a credit voucher from someone else.

    What does it mean when you get banned for "Bad Code"?

It simply means that KRU hasn't been paid for the code and they mark that code as "bad". If you use a bad code, then you are trying to steal from the company whether you know it or not.

When a credit card payment is refused, KRU marks the purchased code as bad. Totally fair since they haven't been paid. In addition the credit card companies can levy fines against KRU if they receive a lot of charge backs. Those fines can be as much as $100 for each chargeback! Obviously KRU does what it can to avoid charge backs and tries to recover the fines by charging a fee to unblock a banned account. Check the links below to learn more about this.

Charge back information

Charge back fee information

So how can you pay for your account without getting banned?

Make sure you only use codes that have actually been purchased. If you can't trust the person who gave you the code, then you are taking a gamble on their honesty and may pay for it with a banned account. You will then have to pay fine for costing KRU's time and money for handling a non-payment.

But I have already been banned! How can I fix this?

This is really bad news because it is going to cost you some cash to fix it. KRU will charge you a "handling fee" to remove the ban. That fee is 1 month for the first offense. So for your first ban it will be $9.98 US dollars!!! If you get banned again, it will be a 2 month "handling "fee" of $29.97! For 3 months... well you follow the fee rate. This "handling fee" is a way of getting back the penalty KRU has to pay for every charge back.

In addition, you will still have to pay $9.99 to register your account again! So you've got to cough up real cash just to get back into the game and it usually takes 1 month to get this done! You get stuck with the requirement to shell out more money and KRU gets stuck with a penalty fee they will never recover.

You can try purchasing a Virtual Credit Card, sending a money order or making payment some other way. Or you could have a trusted friend or family member pay for you.

That sucks! How can I avoid this problem?

KRU doesn't want to ban anyone for this but they have a responsibility to avoid credit card fraud. Some American companies may have other ways to handle this problem but KRU's solution is not unusual even if it does feel harsh. If you can find some other way to pay for an account without using a credit card or PayPal when you live outside the USA/Canadian area, you should contact KRU and try to setup up that method.