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Life Begins
How to do what you must do before you know how to do it.

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Level Required : 0
Prerequisite : None
Karma Needed : Not applicable

How to Begin : Create a new character from the sign on screen.

Steps :

This area is for training. The winds quickly whip away any sound of your voice and you cannot speak.

1. Welcome!

"A child of destiny is born today. Opening your eyes, you find yourself at the edge of a path. You are clothed in rags and know nothing of this strange world. As you stand bewildered, you notice that the path leads off into the distance. You feel the urge to follow this path, to see what adventures await you."

As you start to get an understanding of what this strange new world is, you realize you are about to start the greatest journey of your life.

"On all of the windows that follow remember to press Next to get all the information offered to you."

"Now use the arrow keys to move your character to the other end of the path. ((Click the quit button to continue))."
Many times the close button is the same as quit.

2. Clothing, Weapons, Hunting and Navigation

You walk along the path and come across a merchant in a field. To talk to merchants in Nexus you must click on them with your mouse pointer. Talk to this merchant to continue your training.

'Tis a good thing that this area is relatively safe to explore. Within this kingdom roam many beasts that could kill you with nothing more than a glance. In these fields, however, you will find little that could kill you quickly. . .but that is not to say that can't kill you.

You should prepare yourself well for all adventures, with any of hundreds of armors, weapons, and items available to you on your way through life. Let me see what I have that I may spare you right now. Ah, yes, take these items. . .

To see the items in your inventory press the 'i'. To use a weapon or item in your inventory double-click it with your mouse. Once you are wearing your items use \< space \> to attack what is in front of you.

Then he gives you a blade and some clothing [gender based]. You glance at your inventory then quickly scramble into your new clothing and grab your blade.

Kill some of the rabbits around here, you can pick up the things they drop by standing on top of the item and pressing the ',' key, or click on the item with your mouse.

When you get to town make sure to seek out a blacksmith to keep your weapons in top condition. As you use them they can grow dull and eventually break if not repaired in time.

Looking at the animals in this glade you set off after some rabbits, perhaps a squirrel or two, but the deer might be a bit too dangerous now. You can pick up the items they drop by standing on them and pressing the [,] comma key. Collect as many as you can for later use.

It doesn't take long to become bored and then you remember the old man's words:
"To find your way out of here you need to find the exit, look at the bottom right of your screen. You can see your coordinates, as you move these numbers will change. Keep going until you reach 0021 0020, there you will find your way out of here."

3. Learn to Use Spells

"Welcome, child. You seem to be learning much, and I can sense your mind expanding in leaps and bounds. But are you ready for a test of your mental power? Magic, and its mastery, is the greatest challenge of the wind. Are you ready to face the challenge? Depending on which path you follow later in your life ((you will choose at level 5)) you will learn many different secrets. In the hut beside me you will find my sister, a novice magic teacher. If you go in I am sure she will teach you a secret. She may ask for items in exchange for teaching you. Return to me after she has taught you a spell."

"Another new student in my home? So you wish to learn the ways of magic do you? Citizens of all classes can learn various spells. Some are common to all, but most are unique to specific paths. When you talk to your Path's guild master, a option called Learn Secret will appear. When you select it you will be able to see what spells can be learned. Every spell will usually have a price associated with it. For example, I will be happy to teach you the spell Soothe - a healing spell. Here is your spell, Soothe. Go back and speak with my brother outside in order to learn how to use it."
Mignok does not take any of your items for this spell.

"Ah, you look eager to use your new spell. To see the list of spells you have, press the '+' key on the keypad on the right of your keyboard. To cast a spell just double-click it. If the spell can be cast on others, a target box will appear that you can move with your arrow keys. You can also use "Macros" to speed up the spell casting process, so you only have to use a number between 0 and 9 without pressing Z or the spell's letter. You can set your own macros by pressing F11, just enter the spell letter next to the number you want to use, then you only need press that number to cast the spell."
To use your spells without using a macro, press [shift] + [z] and then press the letter associated with the spell from your spell list. Try your new spell then head east.

- Soothe, a self healing spell
- 60 points of experience

4. Justice: The Law of the Land

The Woodland Guard stops you before you can enter the city gates. He gives you a very stern warning about breaking the laws, treating others with respect and the punishments that can fall upon you. He tests your knowledge by asking the following questions. His responses are given to both Yes and No.

1. Do you know that the use of bad language is prohibited in Nexus?
Yes - Correct! Bad language is not allowed in Nexus, and will land you in jail if used.
No - Wrong! Nexus is a community of people of all ages, and the use of adult language is not permitted. Characters who use bad words, either directly or indirectly, will be placed in the game's jail. Repeatedly breaking this law can lead to your character being banned from Nexus.
2. Are you allowed to harass other players?
Yes - Wrong! Harassing other members of the community is illegal. If you are bothering their players, they will let you know to stop bothering them. If you continue to annoy players, then your character can be jailed or banished.
No - Correct! Respect other players and treat them in the same manner you would like to be treated.
3. Are you allowed to steal other players' items?
Yes - Wrong! Stealing is not permitted in Nexus. You should not take items that do not belong to you. If you see an item on the ground that is not yours, do not take it. If you are caught stealing, your character may be jailed or banished.
No - Correct! Respect other players' items in the same way you would like them to respect yours.
4. Will KRU or Nexus ever ask for your password for any reason?
Yes - Wrong! KRU will *NEVER* ask for your character password for any reason. We do not need your password, and we will never ask for it. If another person asks for your character password he or she is trying to steal your character and your items.
No - Correct! KRU has no need for your character password for anything we do. So we will never ask you for your character password inside or outside of the game for ANY reason.

It doesn't matter if you are correct or wrong, you will see the following message;
"You have done well. I can now permit you to enter the city, go on your way, and keep on the right side of the law."

"To help you defend against the lawless and some of those tougher critters, here's a sword that will hit a little harder than that stick you're carrying."
Reward: - Novice sword
5. Angel's Blessing

The Woodland Angel greets you:
"There you are at last. This marks the end of your training with us. The great tutors of the cities will now continue your training. Remember that there is a great deal more that you have yet to learn. Make sure you read the laws of this land and follow them. Also learn all that the tutors have to offer you. Before you invest too much time into developing your character, make sure that you have selected an appropriate name for the ancient setting of Nexus. Some player run groups may not accept you if you don't! If you should die out there press <F1> and selecting 'Silver Thread' you can choose to travel to one of the Shamans that shall give life once more. Should you need any other help use <F1> and then pick 'Nexus for Novices' ".

"The last thing I have to teach you is how to talk and whisper to other people. To talk to all of the people around you type ' (that is the " key without pressing shift). To whisper to another person, press " and type in that person's name. To exit this area, use the ' key and say the word 'Finish'. Good luck, I now leave you in the hands of the tutor from the town you have picked as your home. Farewell."

When you say the word finish you are whisked away to your town's tutor; JadeSpear in Buya or IronHeart in Koguryo.

Many people choose to skip all of the teaching from the tutor. This will not harm you but you may take a long time to learn some very simple tasks. You can choose to exit the tutor's hut and begin your great adventure or stay to learn as much as you can.

Reward: None
If you want to learn more about training with the Tutor click here.


Items Lost to Sacrifice :

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice :

Rewards :
See above