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Welcome to the Royal Stables.

Current Division Head:


The object of the game is to capture the other team's captain or the fox that follows him around.

Two teams, with 6 players each. Each team attempts to "capture" the other team's fox. All players ride on horses during the event. You MUST stay on your horse at ALL times or you may be disqualified and removed from the event.

The teams are lined up on opposite walls of the arena they will compete in. The team captains step towards the center of the arena and summon foxes when the host asks them to, captains must NOT move after they summons until the hunt begins. When the host counts to three the players all rush towards the center and attempt to "capture" the fox of the OPPOSITE color.

To capture a fox the players must surround the oppositions fox, making it impossible for the fox to move. This can be done by surrounding the fox with four players, or having two players corner the fox, etc. The captain's job is to lead his fox away from danger. The fox will GENERALLY follow the teams captain, a little slower than him/her though. Any fox that remains still for more than 5 seconds is considered "captured" (Even if one of the people surrounding it is on that fox's team).

Capturing a fox can be done in several ways. The fox can be completly or partially surrounded, the team captain can be blocked from moving, the fox may be seperated from the captian. The latter often happens when a captain gets too far away from his fox. When this happens the fox will stand still, if the fox is still for five seconds, even if it is not surrounded by the other team it will count as a win for the opposite team.

The first team to "capture" the other teams fox wins one point. All rounds are won when one team has 2 points. The team winning the round then returns to the waiting area to wait for the next round, while the losing team returns to the Inn. The second matches begins when every team has played their first matches. The winners of the second matches will leave via the stable doors to receive their win brand.

In the event of an uneven number of teams a team may be required to play an additional round. If you win, this still counts toward your number of rounds won. If you've already won two rounds, you will receive a win brand regardless if you win or lose your third match. ((If you are on a team that wins your first match, you may be waiting for a while. Please make sure you only come to the fox hunts if you are sure you have time to see it all the way through. Showing up and screaming at the hosts to hurry because 'You have to go to dinner in 5 minutes!' is pointless))

============[[ Fox hunt theme list]]=============

These are the themes we are currently using, along with their descriptions:

I. Theme: Hectic horses

At the start of the match, there will be many unmanned horse summoned, spread out over the hall. Players will have to deal with these moving obstacles! N.B.: You still cannot dismount and/or re-mount another horse.

II. Theme: Luminous leaders

The room is set to total darkness. The captains will be given lanterns to light the way. Use their illuminating presence to find your way around!

III Theme: Recurring Eclipse

Every thirty or so seconds the room grows darker, until it reaches total darkness (5 stages of light intensity). After that, the room grows brighter in the same pace until it's totally bright again. The eclipses keep occuring until the match ends. Better familiarize yourself with your surroundings while it's light!

IV Theme: Equestrian equality

All players remove their clothing and wear uniform headgear (supplied by the hosts). You can no longer tell who is on which team, so you should determine the sides by their behaviour!

V Theme: Magnificent mounts

The mount-exclusion is negated. All players can use their own mounts to participate in the fox hunt. Be sure to train your beast properly, for this is some fast-paced action!

Note: People who do not possess a mount can use the FH horses as normal. There is no speed advantage for the players with mounts.

VI Theme: The great horse strike

The stable horses have had it with running around the halls day after day, not to mention getting manhandled by losing players. All horses went on strike, players will have to trap the captains on foot!

VII Theme: Conquering quantity

Players will play in much larger teams than normal, although each team will still have only one captain. The actual number of trappers on a team will be based on the attendance of the game. This theme will be played in the larger halls.

Fox Hunt Maps

Fox Hunt Stables (Buya - 121/106)

Price and Prizes:
Price: 1000 coins
Prizes: Riches type prizes.