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  Carnage Section | The Ultimate Gauntlet

Gauntlet Info / Advanced Information

Gauntlet Entrances:
62,172: Near the South gate. Head west, then north.
82,121: South of the Buyan Marketplace

60, 08: Visible from West Gate

05, 26: South of the Buyan edge of the Wilderness

Notes: All of these entrances lead to the same room: The Ultimate Gauntlet, which is located on the Carnage Server.

What is The Ultimate Gauntlet?

The Ultimate Gauntlet is an automated head-to-head footrace that involves player's skill, timing, luck, and speed. Players enter into large glowing arches in each kingdom that lead to room called "The Ultimate Gauntlet". There they must assemble wait among other players until the gauntlet begins. There's no cost to play, the game is free and there's no limit of how many you can participate or win per day. No mounts, spells, or scrolls are allowed. If you attempt to enter the glowing arches while riding a mount you'll be sent back to your home.

Exactly one minute before the Gauntlet begins, players are transported to one of the four Gauntlets. These four are North, South, East, and West Gauntlet. Each side of the Ultimate Gauntlet presents different challenges to the player, but the goal is always the same: Make it to the other side and reach the Gauntlet Generator and the center room.

When is the Gauntlet played?

The Gauntlet is played approximately every two hours, beginning about 30 minutes after a server reset. Players standing inside The Ultimate Gauntlet will hear yellow warning messages 10 and 5 minutes before each Gauntlet begins. Current times are often posted on the Community board. Since the Gauntlet warning messages are not visible except to those already in the Gauntlet, it is often necessary to leave the Ultimate Gauntlet to sage or world shout for additional players. Even if you have enough players, it is nice to let everyone know so that they have a chance to compete if they want to.

How many players are needed for the Gauntlet to work?

There must be at least 8 people in order for the Gauntlet to be run. If there are less than 8 players when the game is slated to begin, the Gauntlet will state that there are insufficient players to begin and give those present 10 minutes to get more players. If, after 10 minutes there are still less than 8 players, the Gauntlet is aborted and the game timer reset to 2 hours. However, once the 8th person arrives, the game will begin in 60 seconds.

How do you survive the Gauntlet?

Players start on the outside edge of the Gauntlet they are assigned to behind a starting line of barricades. Pinkish-red Field rifts dot the playing field, and represent safety from the surges of power that pass through the Gauntlet sending players back to start. On the opposite edge, if you can make it, is a doorway. Through this doorway is a room know as Ultimatum, which houses the Gauntlet Generator responsible for controlling the operation of the Ultimate Gauntlet.

These are Field rifts

In order to pass through the Gauntlet, players must avoid surges of power that will send them back to the starting line. These surges come exactly 10 seconds apart*, and are indicated by a message in your status box. If you are not standing next to a Field rift during one of these surges, you are sent back to the starting line of one of the four Gauntlets. (* When the game first begins, there is a period of 15-20 seconds before the first surge. After this, they come regularly)

Therefore, the goal is to move quickly from one Field rift to the next, while anticipating each surge of energy. Since these surges come very regularly, you can time them either by counting in your head (or outloud!), or by casting a spell with long aethers before entering the Gauntlet area and watching the numbers count down. Once you get the hang of moving between rifts when its safe, all you need to do is carefully make it all the way to the other side and through the door.

Here's an example of how a door to center room looks like. This one in the picture below is of East Gauntlet. Every other room has a same tile marking the door, but different location.

Once you reach the Ultimatum (center room) reach the brown crystal at the center and stand next to it. Click the crystal and wait until you receive the message saying you won. When winner is announced the game ends. Everyone is sent back to the room "The Ultimate Gauntlet" and the counter resets to 2 hours.

The Ultimatum
The first player to get close to this crystal in the center of the Gauntlet has survived the Gauntlet and is declared the winner.

What is the history of the Gauntlet?

The Gauntlet was created by the Dreamweaver mug, who retired in May 2010. It was released on Wednesday, April 28th with almost no warning or fanfare, just a simple entry in the reset notes. Many players were quickly hooked, and those that seemed to have an aptitude for it quickly racked up multiple wins. Even now, just one full month later, some players have amassed 10, 15, and even 40 wins. The Gauntlet really speaks to mug's dedication to encourage players to help one another. Players must relay the time warnings to one another, and since there are no "official" rules those who have discovered the secrets of the Gauntlet must help others to understand it.

What do I get for winning the Gauntlet?

Each time that you survive the Gauntlet it is marked on your legend, much in the same way as other carnage wins are. However, there are no marks given for participation. There's no item awarded either.

Good luck to all of you! Remember that it will take a few tries to get familiar with the twists, turns, and obstacles of the Gauntlet keep trying!