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  Quests | Gogoon Island - NPC Quests


Halia: 35,138
Teach her to dance! Quest
Halia wants to learn to dance, and you have to teach her! Right nearby is a circle of women surrounding Maataliki, the large statue. Each will teach you a dance move, so start from Iukika and click the women counter-clockwise.

1. Click Iukika (Blue dress)
2. Click Ruihi (Black dress)
3. Click Doreka (Light blue dress)
3. Click Kauna (Green dress)
4. Click Mere (Pink dress)
5. Click Nyree (Purple dress)
6. Click Ulana (Light green dress)

Talk to Halia again, and give her the dancing steps in this order (if you were up, you will have to wait a couple hours before trying again):

1. Step right once!
2. Clap twice!
3. Jump up once and step left!
4. Turn around in a circle to your left!
5. Take a step to the right and wave feather!
6. Clap once!
7. Jump up in the air, smile, and wave feather!

Reward: Plume feather, 1 pirate coin, minor quest experience

Okhee: 38,131 (11,11 inside Aiata's Tavern)
Aiata's Birthday Cake Quest

Okhee wants you to bake a cake for Aiata's birthday that is coming up. It's a surprise, so she wants you to be quiet about it.

Head over to the mansion (133,104), and to the upper right room at Otando's Pantry. There is a stove in the room, but you'll need the following ingredients in order to make the cake:
4 Brown rice flour (Made from Brown rice)
2x Clear water (Found by dropping a Water jug in the Imp cave)
2x Large bird egg (Found in the Bird cave)
4x Raw honey (Drops from bees in Bee cave)
1x Lemon grass (Drops from the Takrai plant that's all around the island)

When you have these ingredients ready, click the stove and select 'Cake for Aiata II'. These ingredients will be combined to make a Warm cake!

Take the Warm cake back to Okhee, and she'll ask you to combine it (using the Creation system, shift+I), with 4 raw honey, and make a Birthday cake.

Okhee thanks you and rewards you with 1 pirate coin and 1 gold brick and asks you to give the cake to Aiata.

Go to Aiata and say "Happy birthday Aiata". You'll receive 1 pirate coin and some karma!

Puaura: 133,104 (Mansion, bottom left)
(1) Fan Maker's Quest

Fire Opal - rare drop in the Bird Cave.
12 Feathers - Drops from Bird Cave, must all be the same color. (This will determine the color of your fan)
5 brown coir yarn made by someone who weaves. (requires 3 coconut coir to make 1 brown coir yarn)
[Requires: - 15 coconut coir made by someone who does carpentry. (takes 1 coconut to make 3 coconut coir, bring at least 5 coconuts, more if the carpenter fails at making coif)]

10 Strawberries - Kill strawberry plants (at the Temple, past the large boulders) for these.

- 1 gold wire made by someone who someone who smelts. (requires 1 gold brick to make 3 gold wire)

To start this quest you MUST go see Puaura's husband Saulo at 22, 160 on the east side of the island just south of the town wall. She won't talk to you unless you see him first!

Within the mansion in Puaura's Workshop, she first asks for 5 pieces of yarn. Well, you need coconut coif to get this yarn by using her table. So, give a carpenter coconuts and have 'em make you 15 coconut coifs. (It takes one coconut to make 3 coif.) Next, have a weaver turn that coif into brown coif yarn! (Takes 3 coif to make one piece of yarn. That's ironic!) Give these to Puaura and she'll say that she needs 10 strawberries. Gather those and come back to her (Remember to SHOW her the Brown Coir Yarn before dying the yarn!!). Then..she'll say that the yarn needs to be red. Here's the tricky part. Combine one brown yarn with 2 strawberries to make one red coif yarn! Do this until you have 5 and come back to her. She'll then ask for one gold wire. Gather some gold bricks from the foxes roaming around and get a smelter to smelt it into gold wire for you. Come back and she'll then ask for a fire opal. Get these from the birds and give her this. Finally, she'll need 12 feathers of one color. Do note that this will determine the color fan you have. Give her these and enjoy your new fan!!!

Reward: Color fan of your choice (Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Green, Light blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow. Plume feathers do NOT work!!)

(2) Puaura's Task

20 Black feather
20 Brown feather
20 Dark blue feather
20 Dark green feather
20 Light blue feather
20 Orange feather
20 Purple feather
20 Red feather
20 Yellow feather

Please, I need you to gather the feathers for me. I will reward you greatly if you bring me twenty from each!

Oh thank you so much! Lady Gogoon will be so pleased, she will be the envy of women everywhere! I am but a poor seamstress, but I promised you a great reward. I have found some pretty coins while wandering the beach... perhaps they will be of use to you. Thank you again for the feathers! Perhaps someday you can visit me again. (The quest may be repeatable.)

List of items consumed:
20 black feather
20 purple feather

Reward: 5 pirate coins

Yuujin: 133,104 (Mansion 1st room)
Mansion Key Quest
The majority of this quest involves going to the mansion on Gogoon Island and helping nearly the entire household with their different problems. This is mostly a delivery and foraging quest. The last two steps will be very testing of your patience.
You will get 1 pirate coin after every completed delivery or favor.

Coconut oils require many different skills in order to make, and they have a fail rate as well. The gogoon family delimma quest requires 5 coconut oils.

skills required:

to gather kapur branches from shipwreck island

to gather coconuts from gogoon coconut trees, They're not stakable

The tree will have a Green coconut on it.

crafts kupar branches into coconut milk containers (requires 4 branches per attempt) this is done in top left room in mansion

crafts coconuts into coconut coirs (one coconut can yield 3 coirs upon success) this is done in top left room in mansion

crafts coir nets (requires 10 coconut coirs per attempt) this is done in bottom left room in mansion

crafts a mortar and pestle from Large rocks (found near strawberry field) this is done in jewelry shop south gate gogoon and left

Food preparer
crafts coconut meat from coconuts (one per success) this is done in top right room in mansion

Food preparer
crafts coconut milk: each attempt requires 1 coir net, 1 coconut meat, 1 coconut milk contanier, and a mortar and pestle (takes all items except the mortar with each attempt) this is done in top right room in mansion

crafts coconut oil from coconut meat this is done in top right room in mansion

List of items consumed:
1 Mango
2 Strawberries
4 Oranges
5 Coconut oil
12 Small black pearls

First things first, go to North Gogoon and head into Chief Tahaki's hut and listen to Tahaki's Welcome. Your next task is to head inside the mansion at 132,104 Gogoon Island. Speak first with butler Yuujin and ask him about The Mansion Key. He wants you to speak with the master Rahiti, located in the Master's Shipping room (top left room in mansion).

Rahiti will give you a Box of Deliveries and a Statement. Take the first box back to Chief Tahaki (38,112) at North gate Gogoon. Speak with him about Delievery to Tahaki until you get Half box of deliveries and One Signature Statement. Take the half box to Naravas (60,145) at south gate. Speak to him about Delivery to Naravas until you get Two Signature Statement. Take the two-signature statement back to Rahiti, in Master's Shipping Room.

Next, find his son Eumolpus in the center most room of the mansion and ask him about Eumolpus' Hunger. You'll need to bring (1) Mango, (2) Strawberries, and (4) Oranges to Otando, in the top right mansion room for this special dish.

Bring Eumolpus' Meal back to the boy, then speak to their mother Orama, who you passed in The Master's Parlor. She will reward you with Left mansion key.

Now, head to the west corridor of the mansion and speak with grandmother HuangQi. She will request that you bring her (5) Coconut Oils*.

Return with the precious oils and she will reward you with Middle mansion key.

The last dilemma is that of the smith, Tahitoa. He requests that you bring him (12) Small black pearls.

Small black pearls can be found mining the beach shore and some areas of the forest near the beach. You must dig them up directly, as I do not believe they are found inside clam shells. A good area to mine is the west beach, just above the Gogoon village.

After handing over the pearls, he will reward you with Right mansion key!

Combine all the keys in creation system (Shift+I) and give the newly formed Mansion key to Yuujin to collect your reward: Resolved the Gogoon Family's Dilemma legend mark.

Zuhair: 66,105

Important Letter Quest
Speak with Zuhair, the guard, at 66,105 on Gogoon Island. He asks if you have a few minutes to help him. Say yes, and he will hand you over an Important Letter.
You have to walk around the village and say 'Important letter' to the guards in order. The order is REVERSE alphabetical.
A good way to find the next guard is to keep saying 'What's your name?' (Or by right clicking them). Hope you bring something to read, each guard takes about 2 minutes to read the letter. Say 'Important letter' again to get the letter back, and move on to the next guard.
You will receive one pirate coin per guard, and 2 Gold bricks and a White feather when you complete the quest.

Follow the list from top to bottom -

Zuhair (66,105) - Gives you an Important Letter
Yaqub (34,114)
Xoneji (77,156 - Moves around a bit)
Wanaao (13,15 inside Aiata's Tavern at 38,130)
Vinikeneke (33,137)
Uleki (7,12 inside Jewels of JongSoo's at 27,147)
Timoteo (56,96)
Saulo (21,165 - Moves around a bit)
Rokeni (62,161 - Moves around a bit)
Quilber (26,154 - Moves around a bit)
Piankhu (45,155)
Oliwa (19,16 inside Aiata's tavern at 38,130)
Nanaeki (35, 159)
Mahal (2,8 inside Jalaharsa's Meat Hut at 52,130)
Leuga (63,161 - Moves around a bit)
Kalilinoe (22,147 - Moves around a bit)
Jawdat (82,171 - Moves around a bit)
Ianete (5,12 inside Naravas' Weapons at 60,144)
Hanauhou (6,15 inside Aiata's Tavern at 38,130)
Ghayth (81,99)
Fangatua (67,145 - Moves around a bit)
Eutakio (57,137 - Moves around a bit)
Duaita (65,172 - Moves around a bit)
Cani (38,100)
Bakile (6,10 inside Aiata's Tavern at 38,130)
Atiqu (49,155)