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  Quests | Gogoon Island

Gogoon Island
Locations, Crafting, Items / NPCs with Quests / NPCs with Large Quests

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Hut Coordinates:
Aiata's Tavern - 038 131
Bocchus' Hut - 006 113
Chief Tahaki (Exp seller) - 038 112
Girdiya's Cloth Hut (Seamstress) - 055 119
Jalaharsa's Meat Hut (Butcher) - 052 131
Jewels of JongSoo (Gemcutter) - 028 148
Narava's Weapons (Smith) - 060 145
Shaman Heimana - 072 095
Temaru's Abode (Bank) - 070 127
Witch Doctor WenMu - 200 063
Gogoon Mansion - 132 104

Other interesting areas:
Eastern Overlook - 050 000
Center Overlook - 100 000
Western Overlook - 140 000
Sandy Cays (way to Kirriin's Island) - 218 004

Shipwrecked Island
More times than you can imagine, your trip to Gogoon Island is interrupted by a sea monster. You are shipwrecked while Carpenter Bartolomeo has to gather supplies to fix the ship. That's where you come in. Once Bartolomeo drags himself into the Kapur Hut, you can go in and talk to him. He will give you an assignment to chop some wood. Click the Locked Box to buy some Axes and get to work. The sooner you gather 30 kapur branches, the sooner you can get to Gogoon Island. But you may want to spent some time here. The Locked Box is a bank. You can stock up on Kapur branches because they will come in handy when you are crafting on the island. There are also some salt deposits on the island which are handy for crafting on Gogoon Island. If you plan on crafting with the new items, spend the extra time and stock up!

Fruit Groves: 068, 075
Walk north once into Orange orchard, then east to reach Lemon Orchard. Walk east again into Lime Orchard. Walk east once more and you're in Mango Orchard. You can walk south to exit from each section of the orchard.

Ship Information: Once The Hangseong leaves, the next boat will be empty for 12 minutes. A crew will appear at this point, and will prepare the boat for 2 minutes and 10 seconds. The boat will then bring up the dock, which takes 20 more seconds. Once at sea, you can expect to reach Gogoon Island or Shipwrecked Island in 4 minutes 30 seconds.


Cave Name   Co-ordinates   Cave Type  
Bees 084/160 Regular
Birds 209/163 Tiered
Crabs 037/197 Progressive
Flowers 098/116 Tiered
Gargoyles 142/028 Tiered
Imps 092/129 Progressive
Rhinos 213/152 Progressive
Turtles 100/033 Tiered

Progressive - levels go up the deeper you go
Regular - stays the same level
Tiered - multiple levels
1-4, with 4 being ee san+.


Farming -
Buy a Coconut stick from Naravas, the smith, and wield it while walking around the island. You must do this without a mount. You will receive pop-ups with any of the following:
1. Coconut is stuck = Swing high
2. Coconut sways to the left = Swing left
3. Coconut sways to the right = Swing right
4. Coconut is not ready yet = Swing at green coconut

Coconuts are NOT stackable!

Brown rice:
To the bottom right of the town (73,141), there is a small field to farm brown rice. Buy a Basic Sickle from Naravas, the smith, wield the sickle and walk around to find some brown rice. You will receive pop-ups with any of the following:
1. Brown rice blows towards the left = Swing left
2. Brown rice blows towards the right = Swing right
3. Brown rice doesn't seem very tall = Swing low
4. Brown rice is very tall = Swing high

Mining -
Buy a Mining shovel (if in Gogoon Island, from Naravas, the smith) and head to the northwest beach. This will require a bit of a walk. When you get there, start mining, and you will receive any of these options:
1. Clam shells (open them and you can receive: Seashells, Clam meat, Perfect white/black pearl).
2. Crabs
3. Island mud
4. Lobster claw (no use has been discovered for this item)
5. Island mud
6. Old boots
7. Small black pearl
8. Small white pearl
9. Large white pearl
10. Large black pearl
11. Perfect white pearl
12. Perfect black pearl

Woodcutting -
If you are shipwrecked, you can swing at Kapur trees and receive Kapur branches or Kapur seedlings. You need to bring 30 Kapur branches to the carpenter once a week. You'll receive 2 pirate coins and arrive on Gogoon Island.
If you are in the fruit groves of Gogoon, swing away at the fruit trees and you can receive the following:
1. Orange trees = Orange, orange blossom
2. Lemon trees = Lemon, lemon flower
3. Lime trees = Lime, lime thorn
4. Mango trees = Mango, mango floret

Here's a combination of items you make within the areas of Gogoon. It's been listed by the craft that you must be experienced in (even if you're a Novice). All of these can be made at the Mansion (132,104), except JongSoo's.

Carpentry -
Coconut Coir:
1 Coconut to make 3 Coconut Coir

Coconut Bowl:
1 Coconut

Coconut milk container:
4 Kapur branches

Wooden duck:
2 Kapur branches

Water jug:
1 Kapur branch

Food preparation -
Cake for Aiata:
4 Brown rice flour (made from the Stone pestle in Otando's pantry), 2 clear water (drop an Empty water jug in any pond in the Imp cave), 2 large bird egg (from Bird cave), 4 raw honey (from Bee cave), 1 lemon grass (from on Gogoon Island). You'll receive a Warm cake. Take the Warm cake back to Okhee in the tavern.

Coconut oil:
Coconut milk

Coconut meat:
1 Coconut

Boiled brown rice, clear water, roasted seaweed

Roasted Seaweed:
Salt water seaweed, clear water, gingerroot

Brown rice noodles:
Brown rice flour, clear water, rock salt

Meat and egg noodles (Makes Egg and Rhino noodles):
Brown rice flour, rhino meat, rock salt, large bird egg, roasted seaweed, lemon grass, gingerroot

Meat noodles (Makes Rhino meat noodles):
Brown rice flour, rhino meat, clear water, lemon grass, gingerroot

Turtle soup:
Large turtle meat, clear water, lemon grass, rock salt, gingerroot

There are pestles in the same room which allow you to turn your fruit into juices or zests. Mangoes are automatically turned into Mango Juice when selecting the top right pestle. By selecting 'Prepare [fruit]', a success will give you juice. By selecting 'Prepare [fruit] peel', a success will give you zest.

Lemon juice/zest (top left pestle):
1 lemon per attempt

Lime juice/zest (bottom right pestle):
1 lime per attempt

Mango juice (top right pestle):
1 Mango per attempt

Orange juice/zest (middle right pestle):
1 orange per attempt

Stone pestle:
Prepare brown rice -
Made from brown rice. Makes brown rice flour.

Prepare boiled brown rice -
Made from brown rice

Prepare Coconut meat -
1 Coconut per attempt

Prepare Coconut milk -
Coir Net (Made from a weaver, takes 10 Coconut Coir to make), Coconut meat (made from 1 Coconut), a Coconut Milk container (Carpenter makes this from 4 Kapur branches), and a Mortar and Pestal (made by a Gemcutter in JongSoo's hut). There is a chance of failing, and it does take everything but the Mortar and Pestal. This wasn't meant to be easy!. It's suggested you have a MINIMUM of 22 coconuts for all of this before attempting a net.

Gemcutting -
Mortar and pestal:
4 large rocks (found from killing the large boulders) at the table in Jeweler's hut (28,147).

Smelting -
Gold wire:
Smelt a Gold brick (by killing the fox-like creatures around the island) at Smith in mansion. If you succeed masterfully, you get a Perfect golden statue. (You will need 1 gold wire to make a fan.)

Fool's gold:
A result at failing to smelt Gold wire. Can also be used in attempt to smelt Gold wire.

Weaving -
Brown Coir yarn:
3 Coconut Coir per piece of Brown Coir yarn (You will need 5 brown coir yarn to make a fan.)

Coir net: 10 Coconut Coir to make 1 Coir net