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  Subpaths | Chongun


 Sonbae  Kyshitra  Musadan  Samurang

The Chonguns are protectors of community, defenders of the kingdoms. They fight for what they believe is right and honor every action they do or every place they visit. They are masters of War as well as keepers of the peace. They work to improve their skills in martial arts in order to be able to perform their duties of protection better. They have a creed to follow and virtues to stand up for.


Elder’s Chronology


18-PyroAce -Current

History of the Path

Many years passed as the Chongun Circle remained it´s sealed stasis and almost all knowledge of the noble Chongun Warriors and Claw´s legacy was lost from the memory of the people. However, in the 20th year of King Yuri´s reign over the kingdom of Koguryo, the Spirit Guide Eldridge broke the Onyx stone which imprisoned an evil mage named Sagu. This shattering of unspeakable power dispelled the sealed locks over the various sub-path circles in nexus lands, allowing people to enter and re-discover the forgotten secrets of those paths.

The Chongun Circle was discovered by a great warrior named Madog. She had already founded the Bear Clan, but now she had discovered something that would forever change the future of the lands. Madog immediately began to research all she could about this long-lost path, but her studies would be disrupted by the appearance of Sagu who was freed from the Onyx stone by its shattering.

Sagu created a vile instrument called the Dark-staff, a conscious stave which was a tool of utter evil. He used the staff to relentlessly summon demons from the underworld and attacked the people of Koguryo without mercy. Many great heroes fell during his assault. However the Dark-staff eventually betrayed Sagu and consumed his power for its own. It then sought out and possessed the Dream Weaver Orb; giving it the infinite power of the mightiest of all Gods. It then began to attack the entire realm and even slew other Gods who attempted to resist it.

A meeting was held by the leaders of the Koguryo and Elders of the sub-paths. The Spirit Guide Eldridge had found a way to fashion a mighty weapon created from Sevenleaf swords which was constructed from the keys of the Eight Elemental Trigrams. Using the power of the elements to form the Element of Spirit, a divine arrow was created. The "Spirit Arrow" had the power to smite even the mightiest of gods into oblivion and utterly destroy them. Madog was then entrusted with this mighty arrow and sent to slay Orb and the Dark-staff.

Standing before Orb with a bow in hand, Madog looked upon the possessed god as he cried out for the great warrior to slay him and end his nightmare. Realizing that Orb was resisting the Dark-staff´s influence so that she would be able to get a clear shot, Madog fired the Spirit arrow and slew both Orb and the vile Dark-staff into the abyss.

After the battle had been won, Madog began to teach warriors in the ways of Chongun as she began to rebuild it. However, before she could finish the resurrection of this path, she along with many other heroes of her time suddenly vanished from the world, leaving the Chonguns without a leader. Yuris passed as many Elders attempted to form the Chonguns once more, but because much of the history was lost, along with Madog´s research notes and journal, these efforts all proved futile.

In the 47th year of King Yuri´s reign over Koguryo, the Divine Tiger Claw was sought out for guidance in the ways of the ancient Chonguns. It was through him that the long lost history of the Chongun path was recovered and the true teachings of the Chonguns were restored back into circulation. He also explained about the mysterious energy field which flows around all members of the Chongun path and it´s proper usage. Because of such knowledge, they were able to better utilize their abilities and creatde new ones to aid in their cause.

Recently a map from the ship which disappeared with MaDog was found. Read about the search for her remains!

Subpath Gathering

Immortal´s Gateway (058 006 - Dae Shore)

Subpath Services

Bestow Titles: The Chongun Warriors are the most honorable warriors in the Kingdoms. Therefore, the Gods have given them the right to issue Titles of Nobility to citizens of the Kingdoms Koguryo, Buya, Nagnang and the neutral Villagers.To obtain a Chongun Title of Nobility you must seek a guide, writing him a story explaining why you deserve such title.

Pardon: The Chongun Warriors are Protectors of Community. Both law-abiding citizens and criminals are protected by them to ensure their rights, as human beings are not infringed apon. If they feel a criminal has been wrongfully convicted or has been rehabilited into a productive citizen, they can pardon them for their crimes to remove any criminal history they may have. To have the chance to be pardoned for your crimes you should seek the Chongun Tribunal and assure you have your Karma equal or higher to the Spirit of a Tiger.

War College: The Chongun War College is an institution, which dedicates their time to teach the Art of War to citizens. The War College Council, contrary to popular’s belief, does not like war but they study it in order to better keep the Peace. As they say "War is never necessary, but sometimes inevitable", our community must be prepared to defend itself in case a War starts. The Chongun War College teaches the Art of War based in Sun-Tzu studies in a total of 4 classes.

Chongun Kitchen:The Chonguns don’t have much experience with healing out themselves and others during battles, for that reason Suayan Li, their loyal helper, has started to aid the community with a few services. She’s the only worker open to public that can buy Boiled fish, Grilled beef and Roast Chicken.

Subpath Events

Chongun Tribunal: The Chongun Tribunal is where the people who were arrested have their chance to get Pardon. For the ones willing to get Pardon should get at least the Tiger Karma before going to the Tribunal and should read more about the Tribunal informations, which can be found on Kwanhonsagje.

War College Classes: Entering the War College is currectly the only way to be trained in the Arts of War. It consists in 4 classes, which are held weekly by each of the Teachers. There are a few War College teachers, which can be found either by checking their profile or contacting the guides to find the list.

Battle of Sonbae: A Battle game seasonaly done in Sacred Battlegrounds.

War of the Musadan: A Battle where only the survivors are considered winners.

Battle of the Generals: a strategy game where you command an army to deplete the health points of the enemy.

Survive the Subak: A battle game where only the fit survives the battle royale.

Subpath Items

Type of
board item
Chongun`s Scroll: Can be bought in any of the kingdom libraries.
Weapon (Path only)
Chongun’s weapon: An unique serie of swords forged by Chonguns that contain individual aspects to each owners. It may receive a special engraving.
Honor Shield
Shield item (Path only)
The Holy Shield of the Chonguns. It´s given to the walkers who have shown to have great honor.
War Helm
Head item (path only)
A powerful helm forged with the finest metals to assist in battles of the path recalling the valor of the the Great Generals.
Silver Glove
Hand item (path only)
A protective gauge that represents the Valor of the warriors.
Spirit Armlet
Hand item (path only)
An unique bracelet created with the shards of the Spirit Arrow shot by Madog on Orb. The shards can only be obtained by defeating the mightiest mythic leaders.
Medal of Honor
Hand item
Given by their Elder to the ones who have shown great honor in the Kingdoms. Together with it comes a mark.

Subpath Marks
Honorary Chongun
Granted by Chongun guides to the ones among the community that have shown to possess the virtues of a Chongun.
Trained in the Art of War
Mark to recognize those who have earned knowledge in the ancient teachings given by Sun-Tzu.
Awarded Chongun Medal of Honor
This mark denotes those in community who have been recognized by the chongun elder as one who has done some deed that demanded great honor.
Dishonored the Kingdoms
As the opposite of the medal mark, this one is given by guides to one who has done something that has greatly dishonored the kingdoms of winds.
Dishonored Citizen
Given to those who have harmed the chongunate or any other organization in a serious way.
Has Pardoned Criminals
Guide mark that shows how many times the one has blessed citizens with the service of pardoning crimes.
Special mark given as reward to certain Chongun events.
Triumphant Sonbae Battles
Reward mark to the winning team of the Battle of Sonbae.

Additional Info

Official path website: Chongun Haven

Chongun Hierarchy:
Walkers Ranks: Sentinel -> Contable -> Paladin
Guides Ranks: Magistrate -> Regent
Elder Rank:Avatar