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  Subpaths | Diviner


 Oracle  Prophet  Clairvoyant  Visionary

A Diviner is someone who forsees the future through prophecy or through various forms of Divinations. A Diviner is known by many names including Oracle, Prophet, Soothsayer, Clairvoyant or even a Psychic. The truth is, is that we all have psychic experiences daily. Some people describe these experiences having a moment of intuition, as an impression or even a gut feeling. Others write them off as a weird happenstance or coincidence. When we receive psychic information, it can be experienced in a number of different ways - a thought, a feeling or even knowingness. By paying attention to sensations in our physical bodies, to changes in our emotions or to what we are thinking, we can "tune in" on psychic levels. This is the experience. A trained Diviner knows how to use this information and can help you solve any of a variety of problems or find answers to your questions.


Elder’s Chronology



History of the Path

Diviner Definition: In ancient times the "Diviner" used mysterious psychic powers to find water, the source of life. A deep understanding of nature's ways also allowed insights into the future. A diviner is one that sees, one that predicts events or developments, a person credited with extraordinary moral and spiritual insight, one that practices divination especially by concentrating on a glass or crystal globe, water or fire, or other tools (cards, bone, runes, etc.).

Types of Diviners: Besides being either Light, Gray or Dark we have time Alignments.

1. Gwa-gu (The Past): Diviner that are from the past now in the present. This leaves options for the diviner to role-play as he/she chooses; with imagination one can do many different things.

2. Mi-rae (The Future): Diviners that are here from the future. Again imagination will make this alignment very exciting.

3. Hyun-jae (The Present): Of course diviners from the present will continue to use our original role-play.

Subpath Gathering

Diviners (127,169 Koguryo)

Subpath Services

Karma Readings: Most Diviners will assess your Karma if you ask politely. Often Diviners will sage that they are giving free Karma readings. If you see this sage, go to the location given and wait in line. They will tend to all.

Purify Marriage: Given to players that have been married for quite some time.

Reveal Alignment: Given to players who have shown through rp his or her alignment (Light, dark or Gray).

I-Ching: Requires a roleplay request along with a set of trigram keys (Guide spell).

Subpath Events

Diviner's common events here

Subpath Items Image Information
Diviner Chronicles Board item Diviner's scroll
Augury staff Subpath only Subpath only hand item
Hsiao Chu staff Subpath only Subpath only weapon
Chung-Fu Subpath only Subpath only Helmet
Crystal ball Subpath only Subpath only Hand item

Subpath Marks
Reveal alignment: Yang
Reveal alignment: Yin
Blessed Oath
Blessing on the joining between blood sisters and brothers.
Contributor of Joy: Given to players that hold community events
Fortune revealed
Has Forsaken Tao
Enemy of Diviner subpath.
Mark for subpath guides
See services above.
See services above.
Mark given after undertaking a quest to understand the Tao. See any Diviner for understanding.
Honor mark given to upstanding members of the community who have recognized by the Diviners for this service.

Additional Info

Official path website: Diviner