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  Subpaths | Ranger


 Adventurer  Tracker  Survivalist  Marksman

Without much hesitation, normally you'd hear of the seven skills of a Ranger or some comment about protecting nature. The truth is not many people really understand what a Ranger lives for or the general attitude of the path. Perhaps with a bit of patience, should you have it, you might understand.

A Ranger, as a person, is generally somebody who understands the part the natural world plays and its effects on urbanization and civilization. Those you usually meet are likely the types that, though willing to live in cities, choose not to. Most of us have never really found ourselves in people throughout the cities, but living on what is and what has been given to us in the natural world.

Something that brings out this family is that we're not all the same. There are thinkers, the carefree, the loners, and tons of other kinds of people. We can be who we are; yet we all share one common belief: While civilization expands, we forget about what is not turned into roads and buildings. As people neglect the original poor places it can become agitated. Eventually, someone must appease it, or we would fall victim to it.

In defending nature we have sectored our skills into the seven. As much as we are defenders of nature, we are talented fighters and guardians. Our eyes are sharp in Archery, while you will never see us when we exercise Camoflague. When all seven are mastered, you essentially find the greatest strategist rogue. We can teach you, but only if you understand what these skills must be used for. Earn our respect, and we may be inclined to teach you, or even include you in our small family.

No matter how advanced we become, we need the natural world. Not most people realize this. We do, and we do what we can. Many see us as people who love animals and plants more than humanity. This is untrue. Simply put, we are misunderstood, and even with this, we will not be accepted. However, if you understand this... and you feel you might find peace away from most people... come to our home dubbed "Trapper's Paradise" and sit down with us.

It's funny how people who can't deal with people still need other people to deal with it. However, we can't change human habit; We still are as much people as anyone else. However, despite the truth placed before their eyes, people will be people and neglect the natural world as they always have.

But perhaps they just... don't... or can't understand.


Elderís Chronology



History of the Path

The Rangers have always subsisted in the outskirts of the kingdoms, never known by people, until one day, that bond was broken...

It was a vicious, stormy day in Koguryo as King Yuri was possessed with an execrable disease. Angelica (Foremost Ranger) discovered this information and quickly gathered her fellow Rangerd together. She told her brothers and sisters that King Yuri had come down with a deadly disease and that they should work to keep him alive. With his cure in mind, they put their minds together and came up with a solution using one of the skills they often practiced, foraging. With that in mind they traveled back to the wilderness. Each Ranger set off to gather a different type of herb found in a sacred herb field that very few knew about. After each Ranger returned home with their herbs, they started the ritual and then mixed the herbs together into one final herbal remedy.

The next day the Rangers journeyed to King Yuriís palace and presented him with the herbal remedy after a tad of persuading towards the guards. After the King consumed the herbs he fell into a deep sleep. After awaking the next day he awoke feeling rejuvenated, to his natural self again. With that being said he called for his guards to gather Angelica, along with the rest of the Rangers back to his throne room. As they arrived with their bows gripped firmly at their sides he explained to Angelica that he would like her and the rest of her kind to teach the ways of their path to the citizens of Koguryo. She quickly denied his offer as she was hesitant to leave the Wilderness. This time the King humored her and allowed them to keep their circle within nature.

She told King Yuri, "You canít teach people to act as a Ranger, you are born one. With that being said, the Rangers nudged her and spoke softly, they told her they would very much enjoy spreading their love for nature and wisdom throughout the lands. Angelica approved of their decision and she told King Yuri this, "The best thing I can do is, first meet the students, and if we decide they have potential, we will begin to enlighten their minds with the spirit of a true Ranger".

Subpath Gathering

Rangers (052/033 Wilderness)

Subpath Services

Scouting: Certain rangers hire themselves out as guides to teach more in-depth information about the lands.

Arrows: Recognized arrow cresters can provide arrows, these arrows are : Ranger arrows, Split head arrows, Steel tip arrows, Flame arrows, Cursed arrows, Sleep arrows, Explosive arrows and Dark arrows. Each arrow type causes its own special damage.

Subpath Events

Archery contest: Single or teams compete in matches with sleep arrows to show their skill. Archery Photo Report

Conquer & Defend: Four teams of three commanded by their captain fight a strategical battle with Ilbon knives.

Crossbow: Teams of two consisting of a thrower and a runner attempt to hit the enemy runner as much as possible.

Foraging contest (various forms): Participants are sent out to gather items in the fastest manner possible.

Ambuscade (Rogue only): Contestants attempt to eliminate their rivals by luring them into a flash trap or by hitting them with one of their special attacks.

Subpath Items Image Information
Bracer Path only hand item Protects the forehand from the lash of the bowstring.
Demon dagger Hand item A dagger forged from metals and infused with the powers of a Demon.
Fabled Trowel Hand item Created by guides - rumored to add a bonus to gathering skills.
Hooded cloak Path only helm item A cloak made to help it's bearer blend in and pass by unnoticed.
Honor metal Hand item Awarded by the elder for exceptional services rendered to the path.
Molghi Bow Weapon Fancy bow which can be purchased in the Ranger's Arena for 10,000 coins.
Wilderness Bow Path only weapon Mythical bow

Subpath Marks
Six levels of Camouflage range from Spring to Seasonal
Six levels of Cartography range from Spring to Seasonal
Six levels of Forager range from Spring to Seasonal
Six levels of Security range from Spring to Seasonal
Six levels of Tracking range from Spring to Seasonal
Six levels of Trapping range from Spring to Seasonal
Master Archer completes archery training.
Master Cartographer completes cartography training.
Master Camouflauger completes camouflauge training.
Master Forager completes foraging training.
Master Security completes security training.
Master Tracker completes tracking training.
Master Trapper completes trapping training.
Scorns those who have shown they lack respect for nature
Honors those who have shown their respect for nature
Taken a scouting trip with the Rangers

Additional Info

Official path website: Ranger's Lore