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Shifting Snows

The Yon and Tae families have long had problems with Mupa and Sagu. For many years, no citizens knew they existed - so well did they hide themselves away! Eventually their plight became so severe they could no longer hide away. They sought our help... on more than one occasion. Molested graves, horrible visions, children wakened from terrific nightmares... read about it here. After that disaster was overcome, a family feud broke out over a cold blooded murder. Read who the murderer was here. Now it seems these peaceful villagers have once again fallen prey to Mupa's fury.

GM Mug sent out a warning:

Barging into a witch's lair is not as simple as one may think. Brute force is effective against the elements in their neutral state, but when magic is as wicked and as dark as a serpent's heart, not even the greatest warrior can break the infernal barriers protecting Mupa's Ice Dungeon. Mupa anticipated the community's arrival and was not sitting dormant within the Arctic's sullen state.

Tabae's death may have been Mupa's error, for her limits are no longer barred by mortal flesh. She sees beyond the Dungeon walls and witnesses her failure as the YuRang villlage's protector -- the Yon and Tae families are held captive and held against their will, fulfilling Mupa's wishes to build a kingdom that will one day suppress her enemies. Mystics of surreal beauty guard the witch's lair with a front that deceive their enemy, and demons of the snow showcase a strength that is demonic and overwhelming in entirety - the dark arts that only Sagu would have mastered.

The Haggard Witch and Tabae urge the community to save the families for the sake of the entire Nexus, as it is guaranteed that if Sagu's Kingdom is built, no mastery of weaponry, armory, and architecture can surpass the works of those who would build such a warehouse of power - the Yon and Tae.

The barriers that protect the Ice Dungeon will falter on the New Moon. History revisits us in an encased vessel of time, seemingly puppeteering the silver threads of mortal souls...

[Wednesday, July 1st through Wednesday, July 15th]

Mupa Attacks Again!

Ice Dungeon


Before we take down Mupa, saving the Yon and Tae families is first priority. They are held captive in the Ice Dungeon, forced to abide by Mupa's malicious wishes. Be sure to gather any and all information once you rescue each family member. Be on your guard, Conro. When you have restored the families' hope, return to me and we'll see what we can do about bringing them back into the world of the living.

Sagu's name is renowed but his story is often untold. Where to begin... Sagu is the brother of the late King Yuri. He was an honorable man whose word was trusted and valued by the Kogoryian people. Despite this, however, his entire perspective quickly changed when Mupa made her entrance into the Kingdom. Mupa went to Koguryo with the intention to slay the financee of young Pring M'hul. Her plan failed, but during this attack Sagu became entranced by beauty and power (or so the story goes). ...and when the King banished Mupa from the kingdoms, Sagu was outraged! Sagu made dire efforts to keep Mupa the the Kingdom, but, of course the Koguryian body would not permit such a request given the circumstances. Blinded by the darkness that enveloped him, he cursed his family's name and set out to find his fleeing lover. ...but nevermind all this right now.

Cold Case Room

Sun Hi

Thank you so much for coming!! This place is a lot more heavily guarded than you may think. In fact, just speaking to me puts you in grave danger. You should go and find the rest of the Yon and Tae families: they will have more information. On no! They're here! Brace yourself!

After you killed 30 Sun Hi captors:

How can I ever repay you? You certainly have my gratitude. Go quickly, find the rest of the Yon and Tae families.


Carefree days, yesterdays... *she hums* Until someone can free all of the captives, we'll never get out. So Conro, I recall you being able to sing. Can you fight as well as keep a tune!? Round 1, Fight!

After you kill 30 AeChe captors:


Oh! I am so glad you are here! Monkey see, Monkey do. Huh?! Hwahah! *suddenly and abruptly becomes serious* Mupa. Well, she's lost it. *shakes his head, pouting* When we first met Mupa, she had come to Koguryo to slay Yun, MuHyul's betrothed. Back then she was soOooO powerful, but a daring prince MuHyul rushed into the room just before Mupa took Yun's life. *his eyes sparkle* MuHyul was furious and banished Mupa from the Kingdom. Sagu, for whatever reason, became infatuated with Mupa's powr, direction, and beauty. He tried convincing the crown to keep her in the Koguryian vicinity, but such a request would not be met. Blinded by the trance Mupa had on him, Sagu cursed his family and the entire Koguryian Kingdom. He fled after Mupa. ...but, y'know, I personally don't see what Sagu sees in her - she's not that pretty in my opinion!!!! Hwaha! Ahh!! They've heard me! Here come her guardians!

After you kill 30 Cheyn captors:

How can I ever repay you? You certainly have my gratitude. Go quickly, find the rest of the Yon and Tae families!


Despite the efforts of the citizens to try and find a way to prevent it, Mupa's curse on the Kingdoms, Mupa cast her curse upon the merchants. The curse caused the merchants to fall silent. One by one Mupa summoned the merchants to her side and transformed them into hideous creatures. The merchants turned serpents began to attack everyone and everything in sight. Behind you!!!

After you kill 30 Jung-su captors:

Your reputation as a true hero is building Conro. Find the others, I'm sure they have a bit of gossip as well.

Eo Mo

Yep. Would y'like to hear more about Mupa? I'll tell ya anyway. After Mupa was banished from the kingdoms, Sagu finally caught to her. Yep. They fell more madly in love as they plotted their revenge against King Yuri. Yep... Night and day, Mupa trained Sagu in the dark arts. They know your're here. Yep.

After you kill 30 Eo Mo captors:

Yep. I'll give that witch credit for one thing - she doesn't give up. Find my friends and family and put a stop to her!

Soo Jin

Once Mupa was sure that Sagu was ready the evil lovers returned to Koguryo. Mupa announced that she had placed a curse upon Koguryo, which would only be lifted by paying a ransom of a million coins. You may laugh at this nominal amount now, but one million coins went a very long way in that time. The King sent a message to Prince MuHyul who was fighting in a skirmish to the west. He sent word back to offer a reward of fifty thousand coins to anyone who could find a way to break this curse- LOOK OUT!

After you kill 30 Soo Jin captors:

I admire your strength and dedication in helping us. Please, save the others.

Jin Ae

Sagu, once a member of the Royal family, had a relentless look in his eyes. The man once closely trusted by King Yuri and Prince MuHyul was barely recognizable. There was an air of darkness that surrounded him, almost as if he was daring you to attack him. Sagu had three priorities: revenge, Mupa, and power. Them again...

After you kill 30 Jin Ae captors:

What are your priorities, Conro? Go and make a name for yourself that will live on long after you are gone.

Hyun Ae

Once Prince MuHyul finished the battle, he quickly returned home to Koguryo to help deal with Mupa once again. On his journey home, he sought out the wondrous Sea Nymph. The Sea Nymph, old and wise, listened to MuHyul as he explained the situation. It didn't take long before the Sea Nymph knew exactly what had to be done. She told MuHyul that the curse will turn mortals into wicked beasts with a heart of stone. She instructed the young Prince to collect these stone hearts and return to her. *her eyes widen* L-look out!!

After you kill 30 Hyun Ae captors:

*bows* You have my blessing. Now go! Seek out the rest of us.


Muhyul and Yuri called the kingdom to arms! Led by pring Muhyul, the Kogugrians led a vicious assault against Mupa and her new found familiars. The battle raged on, bloody and violent, yet the assault pressed forward. With help from the attacking force, MuHyul was able to recover the stone hearts and lift Mupa's curse! Ahh!!!

After you kill 30 EunHee captors:

You are as wise as the Sea Nymph and as valiant as MuHyul. *bows* You have my blessing. Kindly seek out the rest of my family.

Chin Ho

Mupa realized that she had been taken. The Sea Nymph's knowledge and the courage and power of the kinship of the winds sent Mupa into hiding. She must have been humiliated, for it was some time until we saw her again... I'll continue my story another time! Brace yourself!

After you kill 30 Chen Ho captors:

Oh what I wouldn't give to be there when you send Mupa packing this time. Get moving!


Sagu resurfaced, this time without Mupa. He took a much more sinister role on this trip. Many were surprised at the level of power he had acquired. Sagu had become greatly injured obtaining the Key to mountain, but discovered four noble hearts were spread across the hidden Vale. Obtaining two of these hearts would heal Sagu and restore his full power. Obtaining two of these hearts would give Sagu the power he needed to finish out his evil plot. Each of the four clans at that time -- Bear, Heavens, SunMoon Sect, and the Holy Dragon Order -- were entrusted with the task of protecting one of the hearts. *gasps* Speaking of protection, watch your back!

After you kill 30 Kang-Dae captors:

In Ho

The War of the Hearts began. Each clan was to protect their heart, while preventing Sagu or other clans from acquiring it. Sagu lured the clans to help him in promise of giving a key to mountain to the first clan to bring him two hearts. The clans fought ferociously, but SunMoon was the first to obtain two hearts and, so, they rushed to Sagu to claim their reward. But SunMoon quickly realized the error of their ways... Sagu took the hearts and, once healed, created the DarkChild, a creature of tremendous power. It's him!! Here comes DarkChild! ...Made you look! Hah! But seriously, protect me from those foes!!

After you kill 30 In Ho captors:

Marvelous! Please continue on!

Dark Child

Cryophobia Room


During the 17th year of Yuri's reign, after a decree of action, MuHyul entered into the shadows to put a stop to Sagu once and for all. One of his spies had found a stone to contain Sagu's soul, if only Sagu were killed. The battle raged on for hours, and the soldiers and volunteers had grown weary. Mountains of Sagu's fallen creations were piled up all around citizens but there seemed to be no end to the waves pouring in. MuHyul looked across the foul creatures, when suddenly he saw two eyes staring right at him, burning with hatred. The Prince screamed out, alerting everyone to Sagu's presence and they descended on him. Men and women were being vaporized before they even got close to Sagu, but eventually the overwhelming numbers of the force of Koguryo began to close in of Sagu. MuHyul gathered all of his strength and drove his blade deep into Sagu's black heart. His sword, still affixed in Sagu, began to glow and immediately shattered. Sagu's lifeless corpse hit the ground and MuHyul quickly captured his soul in the Onyx stone, forming an onyx stone. MuHyul went straight to the Sea Nymph and asked her to keep the Onyx from the grips of evil. Every step of the way, MuHyul was looking over his shoulder, hoping that Mupa would remain far, far away. ...Ugh! Here they come!

After you kill 30 Dong-Jung captors:

I shuddered just thinking about the Onyx, but somehow, watching you defeat those guardians puts me at rest.

Sang Ki

In Yuri 20, a mysterious man showed up. He claimed to hold the secrets to the subpaths, but later disclosed that the only way to bring them forth would be by using the power of the onyx. This man, Eldridge, convinced the citizens to retrieve the stone if they wished to see these secrets. The onyx was retrieved and many stood around to watch the subpath secrets unfold. Eldridge shattered the onyx and the subpath circles were filled with power. Before the onlookers even had a chance to rejoice, Sagu appeared in full battle regalia and began an attack. Sagu, as we know by now, had become more vicious and cunning, now wielding the fabled DarkStaff. Eeep! Mupa's guardians are coming!

After you kill 30 Sang Ki captors:

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words of a witch can completely destory us. Heh. Focus, young one. Restore our hearts. I have nothing further to say, go quickly!



DarkChild and Sagu laid devastation to the Kingdom of Koguryo. There was no glimpse of humanity left in Sagu. He enjoyed the misery he was causing for his former kingdom. There were even reports of seeing him talk to trees as if they were Mupa. This was a troubling time for King Yuri and Prince MuHyul. Several citizens had taken Sagu's side and fought along side him. Yuri was starting to doubt that there would be a way to prevail, as Sagu mocked his futile efforts. They've spotted you! Protect yourself!!

After you kill 30 Tinn captors:

Well, at least Sagu won't be mocking your efforts. You put on quite a show. Continue on your journey.

Kwang Ho

Prince MuHyul decided to meet with the strongest in Koguryo to organize a final attack. DarkChild was caught off guard by the comraderie between the Koguryians. He had never experienced anything like it, and as he briefly paused to ponder it, he was struck down by the valiant force. Sagu was once again outraged at his nephew's actions, and retreated to the shadows roaring. MuHyul returned to the palace, and while the others were rejoicing over their victory, his heart was heavy with shame and guilt. The Prince decided that they must take the battle to Sagu instead of waiting for him to return again on his own terms. Quickly now! Stand guard!

After you kill 30 Kwang Ho captors:

To the brave goes the glory, how will you live your life? Continue on, you are not done yet.


The evil staff radiated darkness and seemed to be getting stronger with every kill. Thriving on the chaos, Sagu attacked the carnage event where he slew everyone in sight. Covered in blood, Sagu stood among the dead with a menacing grin. The DarkStaff, however, was glowing darker than ever. A bit confused, Sagu took it to the Vale to contemplate his next move. When he arrived, the DarkStaff grew darker and darker, and Sagu began to howl in pain. At his most proud moment, Sagu had been betrayed. It wasn't long before Sagu was completely drained of all power and was easily vanquished by the kingdoms, unable to revive himself, Sagu had finally been defeated and Mupa remained silent. Put a stop to our enemies!

After you kill 30 Aafke captors:

Hey Su

The story goes on to say that the power of the DarkStaff lived on and was passed to Orb, but we'll save that for another time. Our story continues on with Mupa. She must have been watching the events, I mean, she was madly in love with Sagu! How could she just stand by and watch? Anywho, 61 years later, Mupa returned bearing her fallen lover's name as her title. This time, she had a new friend with her. Quick they are about to ...

After you kill 30 Hey Su captors:

Very well done, Conro. You have made quite an impression. I will speak well of you. Go and seek out the others.

Joo Chan

Bitu, Conro! Such an interesting language, is it not? The Triiofa, or 'living trees' are friendly creatures that live beneath the earth. These wooden beings surfaced when the trees of the Nexus began to die and ravens dominated our lands. The Triiofa, not adept in our language, attempted to teach us theirs so that we could understand their warning. Some were skeptical of the Triiofa, thinking the creatures were to bring harm. A threat much bigger was among us, however -- the evil sorceress Yieta. Prince Kija's former lover and con artist! ...Seems I have said way too much!

After you kill 30 Joo Chan captors:

Will Mupa ever leaf the kingdoms alone? Sorry bad pun. I promised Kimoni I wood not do that anymore. Ooops, there I go again. Continue onward!


The Triiofa's underground caverns were being affected by the taint that Yieta had supposedly brought upon them. Kingdom scholars were baffled at Yieta's supposed attack, for she was only an amateur sorceress. Someone bigger was behind this, and the kingdoms soon faced the wrath of Mupa yet again, with Yieta as her protege. Mupa took on a new guise as a tree creature and terrorized the kingdoms with the help of her ravens and apprentice. When HaggardWitch broke the seal to the Triiofian caverns, Mupa's grand scheme was revealed. Evil saplings soon took over the roots of the Tree of Reflections, and these saplings, Mupa's children, began to flourish... Eeek!!! Mupa's guardians!!

After you kill 30 Kimoni captors:

Thank you for your efforts. You truly are a hero.


Tension began to grow between Mupa and Yieta as HaggardWitch concocted a potion to aid the valiant heroes of the winds. Soon, Mupa's forest creatures were destroyed before they had the chance to fully develop. Mupa, furious, stormed the kingdoms and sought out Yieta. Bickering between the two sorceresses was witnessed, and Mupa bestowed Yieta with a gift: eternal life. Yieta was transformed into a ghastly tree, rooted into the grounds of Eastern Koguryo. Mupa soon fled and HaggardWitcyh performed a ceremony to replace the Tree of Reflections. Each year it grew, and eventually became much stronger. Since then, the Triiofa have often visited the surface and bestowed thanks upon the community. Oh my! Our enemy is persistent! Be careful!!

After you kill 30 Xiali captors:

Mupa's spite grows stronger with every passing moment. You must put a stop to it!

I guess the moral of the story is: don't let your power consume you. Keep up the race. You're doing great.


It was Mupa's vision to create a Kingdom of Sagu, the supposed 'true' ruler of the Nations. She knows that the Yon and Tae families are the most skilled in all the lands - out talents in weaponry, armory, and architecture are unmatched. Grraah!! Here they come again!!!

After you kill 30 Yuangao captors:

Whether you believe it or not, King MuHyul is not your enemy. He is destined to be great - a man for the people. I guarantee you...


Around ten years after King Yuri's death, a few years before we first met again in the haunted woods, Mupa decided to slay both the Yon and Tae families.

She crept into our hidden village in the haunted woods, then disguised herself as Xiali, where she murdered Cheyn in his house. When the others found out, accusations of murder were being tossed about! Mupa's lips began to move quickly but silently as she murmured a spell. She played upon our suspicions. Horrific nightmares filled our minds. Then we took one another's lives until no one was left! Please protect this old soul...

After you kill 30 Teikari captors:


This whole bit of history brings us, finally, to the Yon and Tae families. As you should remember, Mupa was found to be the fiend behind the death of our families. She claims that we were once loyal followers of Sagu. Which isn't true! She coaxed us into serving as his personal crafters for years before we managed to escape their grasp. Sagu was once a gental man, but grew violent very soon after meeting Mupa. We turned our back on Sagu long ago, and Mupa never forgave us for it. Watch your head!

After you kill 30 Namit captors:

Vile woman. Her time will come.

Ice Dungeon


You have done a great deed in saving the families. To have truly seen the value in their lives, you will come to understand that the families serve a greater purpose, one that only Heaven can change. No witch has the right to play Fate's role. The restoration process will require the HaggardWitch's aid, but first there is one final task you must complete... *her eyes pierce into yours* Mupa is to defeated. You will end this fight. Only if you are sure, and only if you are ready both in mind and body will you succeed. Your spirit must not waiver in this battle. My blessings upon you, hero. May your thoughts stay focused and your heart stay true. The Haggard Witch awaits you once you have slain the Mupa's minions! Only if you are sure, and only if you are ready both in mind and body will you succeed. Your spirit must not waiver in this battle. My blessings upon you, hero. May your thought stay focused and your heart stay true. The Haggard Witch awaits you once you have slain the Mupa's minions!

Don't forget to visit HaggardWitch if you have killed the bosses.

(she sends your body to Mupa's Lair!)

Mupa's Lair

Invisible traps spawn Nyalmot and Dzuteh, huge bears - blue and white, along with a slew of captors. You had to slay the bears to defeat Mupa.

Lover's Lake


After defeating Mupa's minions repeating the names Nyalmot and Dzuteh moved HaggardWitch to respond.

Conro we couldn't have asked for a more vailant hero. The souls of the Yon and Tae families have escaped thanks to you. Mupa may have fled, but she now knows that the people of the Kingdom of the Winds are not so easily defeated. Now, do you happen to still have an Immortal Gem or a Vacant Soul to help complete the restoration process?

Thank you for saving the families! Now we must restore them back to life. Now, do you happen to still have an Immortal Gem or a Vacant Soul to help complete the restoration process?

As a token of her gratitude, HaggardWitch offered to transform items received when we battled for the Yon and Tae families in the Haunted Woods.

She asked, "Do you wish to part with your Immortal gem?"


Wonderful! I am so very glad that you kept an Immortal Gem. This treasure is key for reviving the families. For your efforts, please that this small token of appreciation.

You received a lovely new out custom made for the male or female form.

She then asked, "Do you wish to part with your Vacant Soul?"

*She look deep into the Vacant Soul : thread of light begin to manifect within it* These are life's silver threads, one's destiy bound to Fate.

You received 50 pirate coins redeemable in any town library.